Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Defense Techniques in Advanced Boxing

Okay, we’re over here in Mendez’ Boxing
Gym. Brand new ring, Everlast Ring. We’re going to do step four, defense. Iran ‘Blade’
Barkley, five time World Champion, Juan ‘Magic’ Newbalt, future World Champion. Alright Blade,
what do we do next, defense. I want to you to get into a fight stance, now see, his style
– if I was the type of fighter to fight with him and he’s a tall lanky man, as I’m
boxing with him, he’s got the jab and everything, but now I can see right now, there’s a lot
of things that’s open on him that he don’t even no that it’s open. You know, so if
we’re jabbing, I’m jabbing with him, it’s going to be things like, I can show that he’s
going to miss, he’s jabbing, I’m jabbing, he’s catching, if I took away the jab and
just went like this and stepped over here, I take that little step over here, catch him
here, I catch him here. These are the things that he’s got to be aware of. So in order
to do that, he’ll tighten his defense. Yeah you’ll tighten, like I said you’re a tall,
lanky – like middler. As I’m doing those things, you’re going to jab, but watch the
focus – what your hands now. You see how he is, your defense is tight, which is good,
but you’ve got to still protect that – right. Protect that. So as you’re jabbing,
you’re catching, you’re catching, you’re catching. You know you got guys that are going
to throw things like that, you’ve got to be able to be ready to catch that, catch it,
catch it, catch it. Throw it off, you’ve got things that you’ve got to be ready for.
So if I come over here – boom, there you go. If I’m over there, if I come in there
again – now you can hook off of that, you know what I’m saying.

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