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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : Full Twist Practice Drills for Cheerleaders

Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : Full Twist Practice Drills for Cheerleaders

Hi my name is Hung. I am the tumbling coach
and the coach for the Cheer Odyssey Rockets Team. I’m going to be explaining body position
as far as tumbling in advanced cheerleading. 5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,Stay back to layouts.
This is going to be a layout. Alley is going to jump straight to a candle position. Go
straight in to a candle. Nice and tight all the way through. Okay I’m going to spot her
here by her hips and shoulders. When she flips around she is going to pull the arms down
by her chest. Holding her tight placing her down. That will be a layout position. Going
into the full twist. Once you get your cheerleader to preform a layout nice and consistently
getting it high and landing it all the time with a good rotation and body line all the
way through you can move on to a full twist with the cheerleader. We are going to do what
is called a superman drill. Alley is going to jump. Jump through she going to pull her
body into a candle position. Once she fills a nice candle position she is look over to
the side that she is going to twist through and she is going to land on her belly. It
is just like if she was flying. Here we go 1,2 good back down. You want to do a full
twist. Just jump into a candle to me.1,2 spin up,, pull her arms into her chest and I spot
her through. Let’s do it on more time. Let’s do it a little faster this time without stopping.
1,2 full twist and a layout position. Once again you spot the back. One two do a full twist.

42 thoughts on “Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : Full Twist Practice Drills for Cheerleaders”

  1. I can only do halves, I just can't rotate into a full…..
    but I find doing front flips with fulls easier cause I can actually go all the way through

  2. OMG! This girl is not fat by any means. Plus weight shouldn't be a factor in tumbling any ways. It's all about strenght and flexibility. I've seen a 200LB do a double full and it was pretty. Don't judge a book by its cover!

  3. omgee me too. im 14 and ive only been tumbling for 1 year but my coach says i cant move onto fulls cuz my layouts suck–i dnt know how to set any tumbling i just have natural power.

  4. im trying to say that even attmepting a full in my team is pretty cool and they dont care about technique… i think i honestly dont remember it was a long time ago

  5. any tips how to do it out of a round off back handspring? been working these 4 months still cant twist all the way.

  6. WORST. DRILL. EVER. This is why so many cheerleaders twist right off the ground – horrible technique. I guess that's that "grip it and rip it" mentality…

  7. @karmaa2468 just because he's there doesn't mean he will catch you. Trust me, i've seen it…and what the hell..chances of getting paralyzed are slim….maybe breaking for twisting something.

  8. @karmaa2468 Just because she got hurt doesn't mean everyone else will. I've had people break bones, fractures bones, get concussions just on my team…but I'm sure you know the statistics to a T…I'm sure you study up on them all the time right? no. If gymnastics is so extreme then why is Cheer 1 of the top most dangerous sports…& gymnastics isnt? Im a gymnast and a cheerleader, & i've never got hurt in gymnastics. Maybe she shouldn't have thrown a move she couldn't control then. Live &learn.

  9. This is the greatest tip technique(tutorial) on how the do the full twist yet for me. I am currently trying(attempting) to learn to perform and land the full twist.

  10. Why doesnt everybody just stop fighting and watch the video? They might as well call this drama tube…. because thats all people do, is waste their time fighting with people on here about OPINIONS. Everybody has a opinion, it doesnt mean its always right, but thats their way of thinking and seeing it. So just everybody except it and move on.

  11. Gymnasts never do standing fills on the floor-only running. and yes gymnasts do fills in the beam but thats barely ever and you are like a lvl 10 LOL. yes i was a gymnast

  12. In Reference to Chloe Dillingham's reply to josh bocas -"Gymnasts never do standing fills on the floor-only running…."  Reason being gymnast coaches learned decades ago that standing twisting encourages an early twist which is not effective for much of any kind of twisting but most of all cause WEAR AND TEAR INJURY to knees and mostly ankles. 

  13. 1. Spots like this are not healthy for coaches and severely shortens their career. 2. It does not help the athlete develop landing and air awareness very well. 3. The other flip sports like many of the different Gymnastic Sports use to use this spotting method but most have abandoned it due to number 1. and 2. Especially #2 cause this leads to higher rate of injury of athletes. Hmmm.. now what tumbling/acrobatic sport has highest rate of injury…. hmm Cheer… hmmm??? And what sport still mostly uses this teaching method primarily. hmmmm? 

    Granted though this spot used as "one of many" drills to teach the full is not so much an issue for athlete and coach.

  14. Worst technique ever! I'm so tired of seeing so called expert coaches using this technique. Pathetic. Coachgeo hit on just a few of the problems this technique results in.

  15. Incorrect. Superman drills will teach inproper technique and the twist during take-off can seriously injure knees. Back somersault-full twist should always be taught with the twist starting with the toes already well off the ground. Coaches who struggle with proper spotting technique use superman drills, and their athletes suffer because of it. The reason cheer produces more injuries than other sports is because:
    1. Coaches teach improper techniques.
    2. Cheer tends to "rush" to getting new skills and proper technique and repetitions are skipped. Also the reason cheerleaders are more prone to "losing" a skill.

    Lastly, every standing full I have ever seen a cheerleader do is not a full, it has been a standing half twist-barani/aerial. But since cheerleading judges twists based on foot placement and not body placement, cheerleaders are allowed to cheat half of the twist.

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