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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Back Handspring

Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Back Handspring

On behalf of my name is
Hung. I’m the cheerleader coach for the Cheer Odyssey Rockets Team. We are going to be going
over some stand up tumbling, back hand spring from the front. This is one of the basic skills
for advanced cheerleading. This is a stand back hand spring. 5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,Up
1.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8up 1. Amanda is going to stand up nice and tall. She is going to clap
on 1, 2 she is going to swing and sit on 3,4; when she sits her chest is going to be up.
Her hips are going to be pulled back, and her toes are going to be flat on the floor.
Okay. With counts she is going to flip on 5,6. On 5,6 she is going to explode through
her legs extending her arms all the way up above her ears and stretching for the ceiling.
She is taking a nice deep sit and she exploding through her legs as fast as she can. Ready
here we go. 5,6,7,8,1,2,,3,4,5,6,7,8, up1.

100 thoughts on “Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Back Handspring”

  1. @skglilcuty i agree that cheer is not easy at all but i think that you cant just say that football is sth easy either.i mean you cant just flatten everyhing…always with respect (:

  2. @camdenmrh ya i havent been on in a while…but i get scared of falling on my head or neck
    even when i tell myself that im not gonna fall, i still get scared. its just a completely mental thing

  3. @eog0314 hi i really don't mean to be rude or anything and like i kinda don't like haveing these comments sent to me, but i just wanted to let you know that she is a cheerleader… look at the title of the video. but im a cheerleader too so ik what its like… sorry if that sounded rude. byebye(:

  4. @eog0314 gymnastics is just as hard i broke my collar bone jaw ankles and left arm just from landing an arial the wrong way and ive done cheerleading and its a cake walk compared to gymnastics

  5. Can you guys stfu? Cheerleading and gymnastics is just as hard one another, for real. First of all, this is a cheer video, don't come one here talking about how gymnastics is harder. Cheer you have to shout, dance, and stunt. Not many gymnast do that. Gymnastics, you have to tumble go one bars, beam and vault. I would like to see a cheerleader do bars or beam. Oh yeah, she probably can't. Either way, it is equal when it comes to difficulty level, just different executions.

  6. @eog0314 i'm both a cheerleader, and a gymnast. a back handspring really isn't "advanced" for either. but don't try and say that gymnastics isn't hard. let's see you try to tumble on a four-inch wide beam without falling off. that enough says a lot for gymnasts over cheerleaders.

  7. @ItsChloeDarlin
    maybe if you learned to spell " isn't " properly or better yet, eliminated contractions from your typing altogether than maybe you could realize that cheerleading ISN'T (see how it's done?) a sport.

    it's entertaining and requires a TREMENDOUS amount of skill but a sport it is not.

    also, if the "star football player" you are referring to is the QB than you probably can outrun him but if you can outrun the WR or RB than you have a crappy football team

  8. @sabbithcullen14
    did you even read my comment or is the fact that I use complete sentences and proper grammar too confusing for you?

    I do know how much time and effort it takes, that's why I said, "[it] requires a TREMENDOUS amount of skill…"

  9. im learning my backhandsprind and with spot i do it well but everytime the person spotting me leaves, and i try it by myself i just end up jumping upward and not back. I think my mind is making me so hesitant. How do i get over the fear of doing a back handspring by myself?

  10. omg i have to learn that!… She makes it look so easy… jealous! I wish I could be a cheerleader but they don't have cheerleaders where I come from… 🙁

  11. i have the worst time locking my arms…..I have good front handsprings and handstands and i cannot do this!!! ugh! i try almost everyday!

  12. to people that dislike cheerleading and think it is not a sport…

    try doing a full to backhandsping to double twisting full…

  13. I can do this when i practice with a spotter, But i have no confidence to jump back and iv'e tried it hundreds of times with a spotter.. :/

  14. @xxchrissyxx74
    what the fuck are you talking about you stupid bitch

    I have nothing against cheerleading, I was stating the fact that ItsChloeDarlin is retarded and that though difficult, cheerleading is not a sport.

    Also, participation in something is not a requirement to be critical of it.

    I can see how a peers criticism would mean more, but a non-peer's criticism is not invalid.

    Cheerleading ISN'T a sport, you are a dumb bitch and demonstrating proper grammar is never a bad thing.

  15. @xxchrissyxx74
    well can you do me a favor and convey my general message to her?

    I'll understand if you don't want to call your friend a dumb bitch so feel free to substitute whatever pejorative you deem appropriate, but it would mean a lot to me if the dumb bitch part stayed.

    Also, make sure to relay the parts (verbatim preferably, but I won't hold it against you if you paraphrase) about proper grammar and cheerleading not being a sport.

    <3<3<3 kthxbai <3<3<3

  16. @msfattytroll. To be a sport you have to have a coach, practices and competitions. Which cheerleading does. So yes it IS A SPORT. You are probably just jealous that your fat butt can't do a back handspring. Let alone a tuck, layout, full, or double. So get a life, if cheer isn't a sport to you then why watch this video?

  17. im not a cheerleader but i do gymnastics and i think u start too far down. that makes it harder. good job though..

  18. i thought your not supose to squad more then 90 degrees… that last flip was done by NO expert…

  19. @competitivegymnast1 you DO realize playing dumb dosnt make you forget right? XDDD
    OMG why am i wasting time here, i h8 u!!! T-T''

  20. @hottyhood yeah gymnastics is hard because i am crap and it took me 2 years to do a good cartwheel :L but cheerleading has gymnastics aswell but without bars or anythin

  21. @octoberbabycheer
    Lol, yes. And I bet you have better form than most cheerleaders, amirite?
    because, I hate to be bogus, but gymnast usually have better form than cheerleaders…

  22. @hottyhood even though im just a competitive tumbler and trampoline i used to be a gymnast and if you're a guy you have highbar rings vault floor pallmahourse and p bars its not just four

  23. No offence, but this is NOT an 'advanced' move, it's actually should be a beginner skill. IMO, a standing full is an advanced move :P. Plus the example girl's backhandspring is VERY VERY slow. Other than that, pretty ite tutorial. 🙂

  24. FACT : Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport out there it very physical challenging & intimidating it teaches leadership courage & respect ..if you can survive cheerleading you can survive anything.

  25. I think cheerleading isn't a sport, but it doesn't mean it's easy. And of course, you can like cheerleading but saying that is the most dangerous sport… nope.

  26. I can do a Front handspring with no problem but i broke my arm and had to have surgery and now im scared to do my back handspring! Any tips?

  27. @chapitrilfo I agree, cheer leading is actually a group activity, when people say that it is not a sport , cheerleaders get sooo offended. If you think about it this way. there Are no cheerleaders in the olympics.

  28. @TheLilswagga1 i disagree. i do cheerleading, with the tumbling and the lifts and all, and i agree that it is a very athletic activity, but i think using the term "sport" to describe it is a bit degrading. i mean, do you really want to be classified in the same category as people who throw balls around and run after each other?

  29. I new help with y back handspring. I use to r able to do it on floor but now I can only do it on tramp. I have the throwing motion but when you bounce back I always hit my head. I keep my arms straight, so I dont know what I'm doing. Sometimes I'll even land on my back (but that's just fear) so someone help please. Thanks.

  30. excuse me im a level platnum gymnast about to be level 7 and we yell to cheer our team mates like crazy gymnastics is definetley a time consuming sport i go15 hours a week cheerleeding is a sport but gymnastics takes time effort skill strength and flexibility

  31. I've done them both since I was 3 and when you on the air doing a stunt it's hard but some gymnasts don't relies that and gymnastics is more like yeh go who ever and just leave the rest out when ur a cheerleader you like in a family I addmit being a Gymnastic takes alot of time and and effort and quite risky but so is cheerleedinglike doing back flips in the air what about if someone drops you you could die never manage to do it again if ur lucky to surve what if you turned no right in the hea

  32. WTF!!! Cheerleading is a sport: we condition(exercise), do gymnastics, have comps, practice (all most everyday) people who say cheerleading isn't a sport need to go find a brain

  33. Kiss hand twice
    Say crushes name fifteen
    Post on to other names
    And ur crush will ask u out tomorrow

  34. cheerleading and gymnastics are similar, but not the same. they both take a great amount of skill. they ARE BOTH a sport

  35. Sooo I'm a new freshman cheerleader at East Tech (best high school in Vegas!) and well I am not that flexible. I can't tumble for my LIFE I am a base and all I need to know do Bases have to do those too. If you have any advice for becoming flexible (I already stretch everyday) so please help.

  36. Cheerleading is a sport!!!!!!!!! Anything your body moves is basically a sport!!!!! Oh and not every sport is in the olympics and it doesn't have to be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. You don't need to clap you hands together to do everything. We clap because it's a way to get sound out and it looks cleaner. The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. That is what cheerleading is. Cheerleaders do conditioning, we train, and we work our asses off!! there are competitions, trophies, and awards!
    we practice just as much as other sports do! If not MORE!!!

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