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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Tuck

Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Tuck

On behalf of my name is
Hung. I am the cheer coach for the Cheer Odyssey Rockets Team. We are going to be going over
forming a standing tuck, a very elite skill in cheerleading. Here we go 5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
once again standing tumbling you have to have counts for this. Leprea is going to be clapping
on 1,2 she is going to low V on 3,4 this her prep for her standing tuck. Okay on 5,6 she
going to swing taking a big dip all the way through keeping her chest straight up in the
air, she going to leap as hard as she can with her arms and her legs is what we call
spotting. Spotting the wall or spotting something that is in front of her. She is going to explode
through as she gets onto the top she is going to tuck her knees in. so lay down for me.
As far as knee position goes it is the same thing for running tumbling. Arms are going
to be up in the air just like she stretching for the ceiling. Legs are going to come up.
She is going to tuck her thigh into her chest keeping chins perpendicular to her chest when
she flips over. She is going to tuck in right their and she is going to wrap her arm around,
grabbing the back of her legs or the front, keeping her legs pointed and she is going
to spot to the ground. Stand up. One more time here we go. Tuck here we go 5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,
up 1.

37 thoughts on “Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do a Standing Tuck”

  1. work on backhandsprings first and learn to ride those and try with a spot before doing it on your own! you'll get!:)

  2. thnx cuz that really gets in my nerves when ppl get tips for tumbling and they have never tumbled they think that they can just get out there and do it!!!!

  3. She does back tucks like I do her arms only get about as high as her head before she tucks. If she rode it longer she would go a lot higher

  4. Pause it as she oes for her last one, and hear head whips back as soon as her feet leave the floor there was no set while in the air.

  5. I know what a set is, that is when you are in the air and looking at something, yes she put her arms up an yes her head was up when she was still in the ground, but she could ride that set in the air longer and be able to stand up her tuck instead of landing looking at the ground (as i know is for cheer) but not good for the reg gymnast.

  6. i cant do them. i get round n get good height but i just fall straight onto my knees. i dont know why this is happening to me. i got standing tucks for 1 day and i kept doing them n then the next day i did the same thing i was doing and i kept falling on my knees like i do now. i need help n i do wat im doing here but it doesnt work….any one know why?

  7. 1.copy and paste
    2.send this to 2 other videos
    3.hold your breath for 10 seconds refresh twice

  8. I guess its just a matter of perspective, it doesn't seem elite to me, because its easy for me, but I guess for some people it can seem quite hard.

  9. hey, i just got my standing tuck a couple weeks ago and i always land on my tose and fall forward. do you have any good advise that could help me?

  10. @morganlovesglittah I dont belive Gymnastics is harder gymnast learn skills that dont apply to cheerleaders and cheerleaders learn skills that dont apply to gymnasts however i believe it takes alot of skill to be able to be thrown 20 feet in the air kick twist and craddle out, both sports take an extreme amount of core stregnth and trust

  11. @brazeda1967 thats all about the coaching anyone can learn to be anything it takes time and not all squads do the same work outs or have the same work ethic gymnastic and cheer hav 2 totally different end products where as gymnastics focuses on tumbling cheer focuses on tumbling cheering dancing and stuntin

  12. @JohnTraceur Well u hav to consider that this is for cheerleaders cheerleadrs spend more time on jumps dance cheer and stuntin than the do for tumbling becuz u can be a good tumbler but if u cant dance or pump up a crowd ur not a cheerleadr. I agree somethings that he says r elite lik the toe touch r not elite howevr for the cheerleaders just startin out who dont kno how to tumble this is pretty elite

  13. cheer is harder but there alike and different in so many ways soo its hard im also an all star cher leader and gymnast

  14. i only do cheer dance now, not cheer stunt and tumble anymore.. but im a gymnast. personally, i much prefer watching gymnastic tumbles.. but yeaa. my standing tuck is awful.. its too long and i land on my knees, if not my face . ahaa.

  15. I think cheer and gymnastics r both pretty hard in cheer u get like kicked and punched in stunts and in gymnastics u get lots of ingurys! their both hard in their own way and awesome cuz i doo both XD

  16. For a standing tuck for cheer i pull it around from the back of my thighs because ive gotten lazy đŸ˜€ .
    But when i was in gymnastics i didnt .
    Its alot easier to pull it around and see the ground when you land :] <33
    [ Just A Tip Of Advice ]

  17. Not to toot my own horn *toot tolt* but Mmne is pretty good and I don't pull go CHECK IT OUT on my channel !

  18. gynmastics is more for the tumbling and jumps maybe. but in cheer we do stunting. which btw is 10000x harder than a back tuck. compare that.

  19. Everyone should shut up, no one cares which one is harder. They're both really challenging sports and both require tumbling skills, which was the main point of this video. Not to see if cheerleading or gymnastics is harder.

  20. i dont care wich is harder ive done both since i was 3 and that girl jumps apart before she does her tuck and she could rip a ligement if she keeps it up trust me dont copy her i used to have that problem and i stopped right before it became a possible injury

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