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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : The Liberty Lift in Cheerleading

Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : The Liberty Lift in Cheerleading

On behalf of my name is
Hung. I am the coach for the coach for Cheer Odyssey Rockets Team, and I’m going to be
going into a sequence of an individual stunting. This is part of advanced cheerleading. In
advanced cheerleading, most of the stunts that you would be preforming or doing is going
to be with one leg and one leg only. We tend to have three of four people underneath one
flier. Your flier is usually flexible and the most flexible in the team. We are going
to do a liberty right now. Sam the flier is going to be standing on one leg for this.
She is going to be hitching her right left leg next to Sam. Sam come forward. Hit a liberty
for me. Good. She is going to hitch her left leg to her right knee pulling her arms up
high shotting for a high V. here we go. Going to clap on 1,2 going to set for me on 3,4
there is a primary base (Jana set a side for a moment step all the way over)Cory is the
primary base (Cory wave your hand)Cory has both arms or both hands on the fliers feet.
Laprea is now consider secondary (Laprea wave secondary)she has her right arm underneath
the foot and her left arm on top to stable the foot from rolling around. Back side she
has ankles and has one arm underneath her both getting ready to shove the flier up in
the air. Flier is going to have both arms on the bases shoulders getting ready to push
off there shoulder. Ready! Here we go! Dip on 5,6 for me guys. Ready! 1,2,3,4,5,6 and
stay up there holding Sam is going to pull her toes, squeezing through pulling her, high
V up and tight. All bases are going to be underneath and watching the whole entire time.
Front spot why don’t you go ahead and step on in there and help insist. Normally there
is a front spot she is going to grab wrist and support the bases wrist. Here we go cradling
on 1,2,5,6,7,8 dip 1,2 ,pop 3,4 good. Here we go. Good job!

99 thoughts on “Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : The Liberty Lift in Cheerleading”

  1. These are tips and techniques. It's for people who are interested in learning. Like me. So keep the comments to yourselves!

  2. this is bad…you dont shoot straight up…u need to hold ur balance then stick it. it looks better cuz if u dont do it ur mor likly to fall and front spotter are dangerous and u dont hold a dip for two count then throw its 1 2 down up…very quik

  3. actually most of the time stunts come down is because of the bases so don't blame on what you don't know. I've been dropped many a time because bases are talking and laughing,

  4. As a gymnast of 10 years, and a cheerleader of 7, i can say that although on a high school team, cheerleading is easiest but once you get to all stars cheerleading is far harder. because you are doing all the same tubling that i did in gymnastics but i also stuned and stuff

  5. Her High-V is JACKED!
    and the front spot is suppose to move out the way (to the side) to catch the Flyer's feet. If not – she would get kicked!

  6. i guess so, because on my team (i also live in Canada) we call it a third πŸ™‚ and sometimes "front spot" but thats it

  7. oh right! we've done things like that in prep just not from extension.. i'm having trouble with the lib so i think i'll try it like that! πŸ™‚ we did a lib pull up though! we're working on it from ground up! its so tough to straighten my leg and stay balanced..

  8. the girlls definitely look like they don't care or want to be there.
    its annoying that the guy just keeps talking and talking and talking.
    it gets kinda boring lol.
    but that was really clean stunting :))

  9. thats good, you guys get up easy !
    but the flyers wrist are not right and
    her arms as like floppy, go back to
    the basics !

  10. Don't worry bout being dropped, if you have good bases they'd catch you and not back away. Buh you should have like..spotters to just in case if you'd like(:
    Just stay tight&&keep flexing, dont bend your knees when your going down.


  11. umm..if their is a front spot is actually better for the front spot to quikly move a side when craddeling because she can get kicked in the face,im have been a flyer allready 4 years and trust me its safer that way.thank you.,

  12. Ok?
    1. You're 9 and I don't listen to what 9 year olds have to say in cheerleading-I listen to what my coaches and advanced cheerleaders have to say.
    2. It is a lib.


  13. wow being a flyer looks extremely scary and difficult! i'd fall down! anyone whose a cheerleader plz write back and tell me what it was like when u first flew in the air like that! thanks πŸ™‚ bye

  14. lol im a 8th grade male cheerleader at my school and a 7th grade flyer wo neer did it before as dropped today it was bad iv ben told it isnt hard just there has to be a lot of trust there

  15. iv'e been Cheerleading for 5 years (almost 6) And all iv'e done was Fly until this past year. i have now Backed, Based (1,2) and Frounted. But Flying in Libs are quite Simple. Make your Tight, and lock your knee (make sure your shoes are TIGHT) Bases, Dont let her go. Make Your Hands Go Around her foot as Tight as they can, Back, Squeez her ankle, front Grab the Wrists and Pull Up! (haha flyer It is really Fun to Pull a Scale OR a Bow & arrow!)

  16. my group we dont hve a front spot only 3 of us and i can be main and second base but you would you need a front spot??

  17. we did tht in one of our stunts it was a walk in up to a elevator come down tap into a liberty it was our first stunt n our routine

  18. @coleyoko94 yeah thts too late to have no experience at all….sorry πŸ™ maybe if u take hard core tumbling nonstop you'll be ready! hah

  19. @coleyoko94 you can always join an AllStar Squd. Its great because you get training, experience and you'll be ready to go next time school auditions begin

  20. when they started they were way to far arpart.
    there backs should be straight up and down. not leaning.
    thats why they wobled when they put her up.

  21. @ForeverOurWorld Same for me, except I am flyer, I cannot be the base because I get blisters and then I can't base

  22. @ForeverOurWorld poor you, I'm 5'3 and about the same weigh as you, but I am a flyer. I can base only flyers who are smaller than me.

  23. eww hamburger grips do nothing -__- & honestly a lib is not advanced stunting at all… my team which is a high school varsity team does 360 one man libs & thats more advanced then that -.-

  24. Advanced ………Really?????? NOT!!!!!! She did a liberty and when she did it on floor she almost fell

  25. Advanced…I just started cheerleading 3 weeks ago and for the first time last night I tried doing a liberty and I got up on my first try. I'm 19.

  26. how are these "tips"? it's just telling you the very basics of how to do this….the things that everyone already knows….

  27. no? i didnt say that. they should in the air and pul what ever they need to pull. the bases need to balance the flyer. thats why its hard for most gymnasts to fly because theyre so used to balancing themselves. dont try to bitch me out when you obviously dont know much.

  28. They did pretty good if you ask me. Advance cheerleading? Uhm debate able,but they're just as good as my competitive high school team… Great job.

  29. "High school cheer sucks" coming from a level 2 umm hahahaha I do all starcheer and I'm level 4 an I do high school but this isn't advanced

  30. This is like our third practice stunting for high school cheer and were already doing libs my biggest problem is getting under the flyer when we go up (I'm a secondary base and a freshman)

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