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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : Tumbling Practice Drills for Cheerleading

Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : Tumbling Practice Drills for Cheerleading

On behalf of my name is
Hung. I am the tumbling coach and the coach for the Cheer Odyssey Rocket Team. I’m going
to be explaining body positions as far as tumbling and cheerleading goes. Alley is on
the ground right now, and she is in a nice laid out position. Arms are going to be above
her head. In cheerleading, you must have a nice tight line in order to tumble. So this
is what I do with some of the kids before I teach them how to do a back tuck up in the
air or a lay out or a pull twist. I check there body position, making sure they are
nice and tight all the way through from there chest to there hips to there toes. I also
lift them up by the toes making sure there body are nice and tight. This is what we call
a candle position. In cheerleading, in gymnastics it may be called the same way too. Up a little
bit more. Good. So in order to do a back tuck you have to use your hips, keeping your body
nice and tight all the way through. So once the cheerleader understand how to do a nice
tight line we do a jump back drill. I’m going to count 2 move slowly jump 2 in a diagonal
position keeping a nice tight body position. Just jump straight to me kinda tilt your back
a little bit. This is called the jump back drill. One two there you go. Good. Once the
cheerleader understands that keeping a nice straight body line all the way through from
here finger tips all the way down to her toes. We can move on to the candle drill. Same thing
what we did on the floor but this time we are actually preforming it in the air with
a spotter. Jump. This is called a camel drill she is nice and tight all the way through.
Okay that is one of the progression steps in order to get to a back tuck or a back layout.
This is what is called a standing back tuck. Once you understand the candle position then
you can start bending your knees and steps for the back tuck. For a back tuck you what
to keep your arms up nice and tight pretending that the cheerleader is jumping off the ground
right now. She is going to pick up her legs and knee she is going to tuck her knees to
her chest as hard as she can keeping the legs nice and tight perpendicular to her chest
and face. Toes are going to be pointed. Head is going to be looking up at the ceiling or
at the wall in front of her. She is going to wrap her arms around grabbing the back
of her knees and pushing into her chest.

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  1. tumbling and gymnastics are actually different , not only because different movements, but in tumbling, you only use the floor exercises while in gymnastics you use the floor , beams , and bars .

  2. i would just like to know.

    what is cheerleading FUNNILY enough?

    cheerleading takes hard training, and muscle. its a sport, so please, i respect your opinion; but if your gonna say anything about it not being a sport, im going to go off on you.
    (cheerleader of 8 years duh)

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  6. exactly.
    I've been a gymnast for 8 years and thats true.
    Gymnasts flip with mostly their heads than contour their bodies next.
    thanks for the explanation to all these idiots

  7. cheerleaders flip with their heads too…its whether the coaches are teaching you correctly or not. ive always thought cheerleaders were more likely to throw tumbling incorrectly

  8. some do that because they don't have the ab muscle and they can't catch their legs on time but your right it is dangerous to do that.

  9. personally i dont like spotters cuz i already know how to fall if i do bail!! but they starts getting helpful when it comes down to standing fulls (;

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