After “Defying Gravity,” Josh Marsh Is Ready for Life After Graduation

I’m Joshua Marsh. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, and I am graduating with
a Animal Science degree. Cheerleading is something
that I’ve always loved, the acrobatics, like tumbling
and stunting and stuff, has obviously been a
big passion of mine. Some people call
me like the Gravity Defier, the Tumbling Guy. Like the video, some of
the videos have gone viral. You’re flipping your body
and trusting yourself to do something on a really
crazy surface and land on your feet without
hurting yourself. It comes with a lot
of mental toughness. During my time here,
I have been a part of a national championship
team four different times. For me to showcase my skills
in front of a lot of people has always been something
that I wanted to do. I wanted people to really
look at cheerleading other than just a sideline rah-rah. It is actually athleticism
that goes a part of it. After graduation, I plan
on moving back to Atlanta. My mom and my brother
are running the gym that trained me when I was younger. And I will be a part of
running that second location. I want to make sure that
the kids that I’m mentoring, I’m making sure
that they can become the best that they can be. I will always love
this university. This university has helped
me accomplish a lot. They have set me up with a lot
of the knowledge and experience that I will now bring
into the real world. UK is awesome. I would not want to
graduate from anywhere else.

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