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Airine Palsyte (LTU) 2020 Cottbus Meeting

Airine Palsyte (LTU) 2020 Cottbus Meeting

Hello my friends We gonna watch Airine Palsyte In Cottbus 2020 Indoor Meeting At the commentary your Global Friend Icon Mike This is her first attempt at 1.80 meters She clear it Very easy rim pulsatile Airine Palsyte… Ready for her first attempt at 1.85 meters Unsuccessful jump this time for Airine Let’s see her Second attempt now at 1.85 m The first was unsuccessful But the second was successful She clear it Easy actually Let’s go to see now her first attempt at 1.89 meters Nice clearance there from Airine She clear it Also easy Very nice jump The height bar is on 1.92 meters let’s see her at her first attempt It’s a void Jump Unsuccessful this time for Airine She have to try again at 1.92 meters So… Second attempt at 1.92 m for the Lithuanian High Jumper Also Unsuccessful jump She will have one more try to succeed Or she have to stop here We see here the replay So… Third and last attempt at 1.92 meters for Airine Palsyte Successful Jump She cleared this time Airine Palsyte…. that in 2016 and 2017 Was the Winner of the Cottbus Meeting First attempt at 1.94 meters Unsuccessful She don’t clear it We see here the replay of her first attempt at 1.94 meters This is her second attempt at 1.94 meters Second failure for a Airine Palsyte She will have ne more attempt One more try She is ready for her third and last attempt at 1.94 meters OK, let’s see her last attempt at 1.94 meters NO She don’t make it It’s a void jump That’s it for Airine Palsyte The event finish here And she will take the Fifth Place At the Competition of 2020 Cottbus Springer-Meeting That’s it my Friend’s, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL For More Videos! Bye! Bye!

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