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Alexandra’s 5-Year Journey Comes to an End 😢 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Alexandra’s 5-Year Journey Comes to an End 😢 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat rock music) – Woo! – Rehearsal time! – Ooh, yeah! – [Kelli] Tonight is the end of week four, there are 41 ladies in training camp now, and we still need to
get to a roster of 36. – I don’t know if tonight
will be a cut night. I just have to stay focused
and I can’t just think, what if, what if, what if. What if I make this team? That’s the what if that I’m gonna go with. – I hope it’s not a cut night. Definitely hope it’s not gonna be me. I just really, really want this. It’s been a dream of mine for so long. It’s been a long week, but you know, you gotta take it a day at a time. – [Woman] Jalyn. – [Kelli] I’m calling
Jalyn into the office. Jalyn was upset from
not making show group, and walked out of rehearsals. Hello, how are you tonight? – Good. – Did we get passed last night? – Yes, ma’am. – Last night, I tried to kind of give you the benefit of the doubt that you needed to process and decompress. But, to stay inside the locker room, when we were starting to start the routine is, frankly, unprofessional. – Yes, ma’am. – If you let this really
crawl in your head, then I think we’ve got a problem. – Last night, I was more… Concerned, if y’all
thought I had gotten worse. And then I was upset
if I had done something outside of the show group audition. I just didn’t want you guys
to think any less of me. I was more worried that my
uniform was in jeopardy. – Well, I appreciate
that ’cause your uniform is valuable and it’s not
a shoe-in for anybody. You know… – Yes, ma’am. – Only you know if you’ve
still got the energy, the passion, and the
enthusiasm, but I hope you do. – I definitely have it in me. Gonna keep showing you more.
– Okay good, then maybe just let this
be a moment to dial up. – Yes, ma’am. – [Kelli] And appreciate. Okay. – Thank you so much. – [Kelli] Thank you, goodnight. – Goodnight. – I think that went as
well as it could go. – I do. – [Jalyn] That was scary. I was a veteran. You’re always wondering,
what are they thinking? Maybe they didn’t put me on show group ’cause they don’t even
know if they’re gonna give me a uniform back this year. My goal now is just to
keep up in the game. Just hoping that I can
put those boots on again and, you know, be back out on the turf. – [Woman] Lily, come with me. – Last year when I was
cut, it was my first time talking to them in this office, but I’m excited to see
what they have to say. Hello! How are you guys? – [Judy] Good, how are you? – Good. – Last year, when we met and
had the unfortunate release. I remember one thing that seemed to really bother you was that we hadn’t had a conversation prior to that and I think we really surprised you. – Yes, ma’am. – This year, the judges felt stronger about your dance, and your technique, and just, your overall. But, the comment that
we’ve heard more than once, you don’t look like you’re having fun. You seem, I’ve heard
the word frozen, vacant. Like you’re looking through,
you’re not connecting. – Okay. – And we’re concerned if you’re nervous, if you’re so scared, we’re
seeing fear in your face? But, we’re not seeing fun. – Okay. – So far, you’re down below 36. – I don’t wanna be in
the bottom 36 this year. – You felt a lot stronger than that. – Just don’t wanna be in
the place I was last year. – You need to bump up. And this showmanship could
make the difference for you. It’s really gonna come from a place that’s not as technical. – Yes, ma’am. – You’ve gotta have the
bright, competent face. – [Lily] Yes, ma’am. – So, you can bump up. – It needs to be effortless. – [Judy] Yes. – Okay. Well, I really appreciate the feedback. – [Kelli] All right, goodnight. – Have a goodnight! Thank you guys. – Uh huh. – At the end of the day, we’re all here ’cause we love to dance and the pressure of the situation can take control of that. So, we do just dig down deep, and block out everything else, and just remember that you’re here because you love to dance. And hopefully if I can find that again, that’ll portray to them. – [Woman] Alexandra. – [Alexandra] I’m gonna go
meet with Judy and Kelli. And so, we’re gonna have a chat. If it’s my last night or not,
you never know what to expect. So, I’m just trying to keep
cool, calm, and collected. – Hi, how are you guys? – [Judy] We’re okay, how are you? – I’m doing well, thank you. – Okay, here is where we are. I just want to remind you some of the good things that we’re seeing. I’ve commented on showmanship
twice, and style once. And what’s not happening in time, for you, is getting noticed by
our guest choreographers. We let them put colored stickers on the people they noticed, only 36. And this is what’s happened. (dramatic music) Your journey has been longer than some, – Yes, ma’am. – [Kelli] and I respect that. There’ve been a couple
people that have said, you know, this is your year. And unfortunately, I don’t
think it is your year. And the reason is because we’ve got so many stronger performers. – I promise if you give me
just a little bit more time I can definitely prove to you, and show you that I belong on this team because in my heart I believe I do. Really, truly, do. – I believe that, I see that. – If you give me a little more time I… I believe that you would see. – For you especially, I
don’t want to drag this on and have this conversation
later if we already see now what’s not happening soon enough. I know this is not what you wanna hear, and it’s not what I wanna say. – Not again. – With everything we’ve
talked about though, tonight will be your last night. (somber music) – I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I guess, I’m… I’m really grateful for
this experience and… Sorry I couldn’t show y’all more. – You don’t need to be sorry. – I know, I know, but it’s just… (somber music) I saw it this year, you know, but… I understand y’all have a hard job, so… Thank you so much. – [Kelli] Thank you. (sad pop music) – [Alexandra] This was super unexpected, this is the first time I
made it to training camp after five years of auditioning. Honestly, I think that this year I came in with a good attitude. I did my best, and so I can’t
be disappointed in myself. – [Interviewer] Do you
think you’ll try out again? – (laughs) That’s too soon to tell. (sad pop music) There’s just a lot of talent this year, and they’re gonna have a great team. I know it, for sure. Don’t be sad!

67 thoughts on “Alexandra’s 5-Year Journey Comes to an End 😢 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. I totally disagree with their decision. Alexandra was way way better than Meradith and Kat! They are getting special treatment because of their looks.

  2. This is ridiculous. Kat and Meredith have messed up way more and you can tell they aren't ready. Who cares if another choreography notices her? It's your team!

  3. How is Meredith still on the team???? She is very much mediocre compared to the rest of the girls!!! she is only staying because of her looks

  4. This isn’t fair. I can’t believe she tried and tried every single year, and for what? She couldn’t even get a warning.

  5. My main thing is I wish they would be more up front about what they want instead of letting some girls think they have a chance because they are great dancers and performers but have average beauty. If you want girls that are skinny, tall, beautiful and are okay at dancing but if they’re great it’s a plus just say that. Be real even though it’s not hard to figure out some people when they want this they’ll by pass all the signs thinking their qualified because of what you say you’re looking for

  6. Meredith is not pretty at all. She looks like a poor mans megan Fox. I might be in the minority but Alex is a lot prettier to me. She has a fresh, natural look. I hope she tries out again.

  7. These bitches are absolutely pathetic, they don't get paid shit. And they have the audacity to cry when they don't make the team. Its other professional cheerleaders out there, that will get paid way more then what these dcc hoes making. And they look sickly by them being so skinny

  8. How these dcc cheerleaders cry about how they are treated in a sexual manner, but look wtf they wearing. Them uniforms look like something a prostitute would wear could them shorts be any shorter, they damn near in they vaginas

  9. But meanwhile, Kat is sailing through. Big disappointment this year. Meredith is a complete mess. The black choreographer is completely "black biased," and it shows. It's too bad. This is my favorite past time and just not into it this year.

  10. i’m sorry but they’re always saying bad things about meridith and she keeps messing up, cannot get the routines down fast enough, and is not where she needs to be for this team yet they still keep her

  11. Not trying to be mean but I’m assuming she tried out for 5 years? I’m sorry but who tries out for 5 years straight? I think I would have given up after 2nd try, she’s beautiful if they didn’t want her move on! Don’t waste time on people who don’t want you in sorry not trying to be mean i just can’t believe she tried out for 5 years straight and never made the team in assuming? I was shocked seeing 5 year journey and seeing rookie candidate

  12. This show really is not enjoyable any more. Decisions made based on what will provide drama on TV ; favoritism ; really a cruel way they have when they cut someone. Several of them look like they have an eating disorder.

  13. how is meredith still here? the only thing she brings to the table is classical training but that won’t really be helpful on the floor … meredith only had ONE good day and has been noted so many times .. both kat and meridith were in the same boat … both started off strong then went down due to what they were accustomed to but kat has improved … meridith is still where she was at since week 1

  14. These two are just power mad, even the posture of the old blond one being seated higher than the candidate is invasive and commanding…these talk thru events are not conducted in a professional manner, their threats with caveats and these very talented gals don’t have the one to one skills to deal with these closed door threat events cloaked up as…..dear john chats. The two witches of east wick they need some very serious tutoring on corporate HR ethics protocols…..these poor kids having to listen to these two spout power over talent threats. I get it you don’t have to be there if you don’t want too…..

  15. Kelly and Judy are idiots. Meredith continuously messes up the choreography and is not a powerful dancer yet Alexandria tries out for the team for the 5th year and has more power and dedication. It’s disgusting they should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to that poor girl.

  16. aww this was so sad. poor baby. i lost it when she said, Oh no, not again….and then she sort of pleaded with them. whew, doing this to these young girls has to be beyond hard. when they leave the room, and Kelli is shown you can see that it hurts her heart to know what she just had to do. she has a daughter their age, and knows that young girls have very fragile hearts. i am so sorry Alexandra. i am. BUT pls know that u r amazing. having made it this far, and more than once, my gosh, that is amazing!

  17. This makes me so sad. She was so talented and then Kay and Meredith are still there, even though they continuously mess up. I feel like it’s starting to be just about looks and not all about the real talent.

  18. Kelli has never looked uglier than at 4:54. What the hell was that. She knew she was about to break Alex’s heart but made that ugly ass face to mock her. Gross gross gross. Alex, you didn’t realize it in the moment but this is a blessing in disguise. Seriously.

  19. Hasn’t Meredith been noticed by multiple guest choreographers for NEGATIVE reasons??? Ugh. Meredith is so awkward to watch. This style of dance is not her forte. She needs a year of classes. Send her bootleg ass home!

  20. People say that Alex is not DCC material?? HOW ?!?!? Meredith and kat are whole ass messes and real shit ARE NOT DCC material. People want to say that meredith has an eye catching appearance no fucking shit ??? She's pretty, and gives hella megan fox vibes, but she can't dance, she's sloppy and mediocre and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS struggling with the damn fucking routine. Kat too. Also how in the FUCK does jayln get away with being a whiner??????????????? Bc y'all know damn well if it was another vet, or rookie it would've been handled differently? The judges are real shit morons amd most definitely should retire and hand over their judgment stands bc they clearly have lost their damn minds.

  21. Ughhhh I wish they would’ve given Alexandra just a little more time. She has come back year after year you know she would’ve been such a dedicated DCC. Meredith is absolutely stunning but she is mediocre at best with the “DCC style”.

  22. Can someone explain what happened with Victoria and Jaylyn? Something about Jaylyn trying to help/correct Victoria and she took it the wrong way, and that's why Jaylyn was cut from Show Group? I didn't see this in the episode that aired…

  23. Really strick and competitive. It seems like one doesn't last that long. High standards set. Go to the Lions Alexander. All eyes will be on you especially the way the Lions play.

  24. So here’s the thing. We only see an hour a week of their 10-13 week process. We don’t know what’s really going on in practices in her personal life in the locker rooms. We only know what they show us. There’s more to this “job” and I use that term loosely. They are expecting so much out of these women from etiquette to technique to musicality to personality to great speaking skills. Their fitness stamina their willingness to learn more and do better. There is clearly something about her that they just can’t teach her and choose to cut her. Not being notice by the other choreographers is also like putting the icing on the cake it’s solidifies what they were already thinking but was maybe thinking they were overthinking it. Alex has spent her early 20’s going after something and this is the first time that’s she’s actually made it into training camp. Much like Amy did when she tried out and when she finally scored high enough to get in she fumbled her chance. Just because you’ve worked so hard at something doesn’t mean you should get it just because. Christina made it to training camp 4 times before she got to be a DCC. If you’re going to keep trying and not get any better then what’s the point.

    And to say that kat and Meredith only made it on their looks and then to say that Alex isn’t as pretty as them or whatever you’re saying about their looks. There have been some not so GORGEOUS girls make the team and have struggled.

  25. I cried watching this poor Alexandria i will try not too be sad I can't believe she Got cut keep practicing so you can come back much stronger and better then before

  26. 5 years, they could've at least given her a much longer chance! She deserves at least that. Plus she obviously very dedicated and passionate about it if she keeps coming back.

  27. So not fair how they treat these women. Some of them get talked to 4 or 5 times, and they just kick Alexandra off without talking to her once? Makes me totally dislike both Judy and Kelly.

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