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All hail UNSW’s robot soccer world champions!

All hail UNSW’s robot soccer world champions!

Australia welcomes home its back-to-back world
soccer champions. This team of UNSW Engineers – and their robot players – have brought home
the coveted World Robocup trophy for the second year in a row, beating their German
counterparts in a tense grand final. (APPLAUSE) This year was much harder because everyone
expected us to do well and had specifically targeted us and developed strategies to try
and beat us. (CROWD NOISE) One of the great things about Robocup is
it’s open source so you can’t just find some technology that keeps you winning year
after year after year. At the end of every year we release our code
for all the other teams so they have the opportunity to see what we did and they can also just
take modules straight out of that. They can make the whole thing if they want and start
from that. We were sitting a desk and we heard someone else turn on their robot and it said “Loaded Runswift” – which was our code! They hadn’t even changed the team name yet. One of our winning factors was our speed. We were able to walk quite fast and that gives us a little bit of extra time with the ball. (CROWD NOISE) We also were able to listen to the referee’s
whistle better than most other teams. (WHISTLE. ROBOT: “Ready”) So we were able to start as soon as the whistle blew, the whole team would start whereas some other teams struggled a little bit to work out if it was the right whistle or not and then weren’t necessarily playing straight away. But this technology has other goals apart
from the ones scored on the pitch. A couple of our alumni who were on the team
actually have their own start-up company and they use the application of the same software
that was used to find the ball to now track worker’s hands in a lumber mill and as soon as they go over a certain line the software detects that and pulls the hob away from the worker’s hands so it can never be pulled into the saw. It’d be great to in Sydney have big robotic companies building technology in Australia with Australian engineers. That’s definitely a dream of mine. Once the media frenzy has died down, the focus will shift to winning a third consecutive championship next year. We’re going to have a really big target on
our back next year after winning two years in a row. Everyone’s going to be coming for us. But they’re not getting ahead of themselves. (ROBOT:) I only take one game at a time. (APPLAUSE, WHISTLE)

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