All My Dolls March 2017

My first doll is Emma Kate. I got her on December 25th, 2004, 2 days before
I turned 8 years old. She’s my mini-me. She loves writing, and art, and reading, and
YouTube, and dolls, and being a professional fangirl. And she’s exactly like me in every single
way. My second doll is Marisol Brinn Luna. I got her for Christmas in 2005. Marisol loves to perform, and she’s all-around
great at every single thing she does. She’s an amazing dancer, and she also loves
musical theater. She loves listening to music, and is one of
those people who can become friends with everyone she meets. She’s also Emma’s best friend. My third doll is Emily Ryder Bennett. I got her on September 29th, 2006 at the American
Girl Place in Chicago at the original location. It was my first time on a train, and I took
the train to American Girl Place with my mom and my grandmother. Emily had just been released; she was a brand-new
character, and with my name being Emily, of course, they wanted to get me the doll that
has the same name as me. So we went up there and I picked her out at
American Girl Place, and it was the most amazing day ever. The following day, actually, my dad had planned
to surprise me by taking me back to Chicago, back to the American Girl Place, and they
were doing a, like, Emily birthday brunch that day, and they were having Valerie Tripp
come, and I got to meet Valerie Tripp three different times that day, and talk to her,
and she signed my Emily book, and it was so cool meeting the author of so many American
Girl books. And it was just an amazing day. So Emily was born in England, but when she
was in 4th grade, she moved to America, and since then she’s pretty much lost her accent
entirely. She’s very difficult to connect with, and
is very closed off. She’s an introvert, and she takes things very
seriously. She’s a hard worker, and she’s very quiet. Although it is difficult to bond with her,
though, she is a very caring, motherly soul. She’s an amazing poet and writes a lot of
poetry, but she keeps it a secret, and doesn’t let others read her work. In her writing, she developed a character
called Ryder. Ryder is adventurous, and outgoing, and confident. She wears a leather jacket, and doesn’t care
what people think. She breaks rules, and lives life exactly how
she wants. It’s everything that Emily dreams of being,
but might never be. My fourth doll is Hannah Mollie McIntire-Luna. Hannah is very loud and outspoken. She’s a little bit sporty and tomboy-like,
and is pretty talented in sports, especially swim team. She has really thick, poofy hair that’s pretty
representative of her untamed personality. She also doesn’t really know or care about
the future. Her motto is just live in the moment. Of all the girls, she’s likely one of the
most carefree spirits. She chose to be a part of this awkward group
of unpopular girls, and tries really hard to make them more outgoing, and is often the
most upbeat of the group. Her mother also married Marisol’s father,
and so they are step-sisters, and they’re very very close. My fifth doll is Josefina Maria Montoya. Josefina is a pretty quiet, hard-working girl. She’s really good at crafts, and likes weaving,
and knitting. She also used to be much more open before
her mother passed away, but, ever since then, she’s been much more withdrawn. Her mother always liked her hair long, so
she hasn’t cut it since her mother died. She’s Marisol’s cousin, and Hannah works so
hard to be her best friend. And she kind of finds it funny, and she tolerates
Hannah. My sixth doll is Margaret Mildred Kittredge,
also known as Kit. Kit is definitely a tomboy. She’s very competitive, and pretty sporty. She likes playing softball, and is a huge
baseball fan. However, she can also be known to be a little
bit stuck-up and a bit of a sore loser sometimes. My next doll is Nellie Abigail O’Malley. I got her for Christmas in 2008 as a gift
from my grandparents. Nellie and Kit are cousins, and she grew up
next door to Kit. When Nellie’s parents died in a car accident,
Kit’s family took her in and formally adopted her. Kit and Nellie are inseparable most of the
time, as they’re extremely close best friends. Nellie has a great sense of humor, and isn’t
afraid to be herself around Kit. But when she’s not around Kit, she tends to
get a little bit quiet and unsure of herself. She loves to read and is really, really fascinated
by animals. My eighth doll is Kirsten Larson. I got her for my birthday in 2009, which is
the year that she retired. Kirsten is my absolute favorite American Girl
character, and the first doll that I ever wanted. When they announced her retirement, I knew
that I absolutely had to get her. My Kirsten is exactly like her character from
the books. She’s 100% historical, and I use her for display
only, mostly because I didn’t want to mess up her hair. My ninth doll was Gemma Jasmine. I got her in March 2011 on a trip to American
Girl Place with my mom. She was the first doll that I ever saved up
and bought with my own money. I fell in love with #4 when I was a little
girl. Gemma is definitely very fashionable. She cares a lot about fashion, and makeup,
and all the latest trends. And she also enjoys mixing and matching different
pieces to create her own unique looks. She can be a little bit of a snob at times,
but her heart is always in the right place. My next doll is Ruby Olivia Bridges, and as
you can see, she’s definitely not an actual American Girl doll. I was garage sale-ing, and in a bin with a
whole bunch of stuffed animals, I saw this doll. I pulled her out, and she was only a quarter. I always jokingly say that Ruby was the best
quarter I ever spent. When I was in sixth grade, I heard the story
of Ruby Bridges, and I was so inspired by her that I decided to name this doll Ruby. My Ruby tends to be a pretty quiet girl who
is usually on the outskirts of any group, but she is actually a really talented tennis
player, and a really great, supportive friend. My eleventh doll is McKenna Canady Gardner-Brooks. McKenna is definitely a very popular girl. She’s both a cheerleader and a competitive
gymnast, and she takes both very seriously. She was raised by her mother, and began taking
gymnastics classes when she was two years old. She devotes most of her time to gymnastics,
and everyone knows that she’s really talented. Outside of gymnastics, she’s a fashionista
and a huge flirt. She spends a lot of time on her looks, and
making sure her outfits are always cute. If she’s not at the gym, you can often find
her at the mall. She’s also Gemma’s best friend. My twelfth doll is Addison Walker. I actually found her at an antique store for
eighty dollars, and she was in perfect condition. She’s an original 1993 Addy Walker. She was absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t
pass her up. Addy is a pretty sweet, hardworking girl who’s
really quiet and always turns her work in on time. She absolutely loves working with children,
and someday, she wants to be a kindergarten teacher. My thirteenth doll is Jess Akiko McConnell. I always refer to Jess as my miracle doll. I found her at a big church garage sale in
my town. At first, I didn’t even realize it was her,
but once I realized it was her, I was in shock. She came with a whole bunch of stuff. She came with most of her accessories, she
came with her full original meet outfit, the gala party dress, and she was in absolutely
amazing condition. I’ve always loved her because if she were
a real person, she and I would be the exact same age. Jess’s parents are archaeologists, and she’s
traveled with her parents to all kinds of different places. Growing up, she accompanied her parents during
their travels, and they decided to homeschool her with the idea in mind that she would get
a much more culturally enriching and hands-on education by traveling the world. Because of this, she loves the world and culture
more than anything else, and she can’t wait to someday be an archaeologist, too. My fourteenth doll is Lindsey Bergman. Lindsey is absolutely crazy. She’s constantly bouncing off the walls, and
always comes up with really out-of-the-box ideas. Sometimes her ideas are irrational, but sometimes,
they’re actually really creative and well-thought-out. She leads with her heart instead of her head,
which sometimes can get her in trouble, but you’ll never find someone more genuine than
she is. My fifteenth doll is Cicely Grace Baker. Cicely is a dancer, and she grew up at a boarding
school that was intended to raise professional dancers. While she’s definitely not the best, she’s
very talented and will go really far in her career, if she can manage to stay focused. However, Cicely’s pretty laid-back, and likes
to test the rules. She’s more concerned about having fun than
how well she does. She has a very loving family, and music is
a huge part of her life. She loves to sing, and she’s incredible at
it. My sixteenth doll is Natalie Annika Gardner-Brooks. Natalie is Mckenna’s fraternal twin. When the two were babies, their parents split
up, and the mother gained custody of McKenna, while the father gained custody of Nat. When she was old enough, her father sent her
to that same intense boarding school for dancers that Cicely went to, and he hasn’t made much
effort to spend time with her during breaks, so they’re not very close at all. When she was five years old, she met Cicely
at the school, and they became best friends. Around age 15, Natalie realized she’d started
developing feelings for Cicely, and she tried to hide them, because she didn’t want to ruin
her only friendship. Cicely, however, knows her better than anyone,
and figured it out herself. They did start dating, and now they’re actually
engaged. Unlike Cicely, Natalie is actually a really
serious ballerina, and is constantly working hard to become the best that she can be. She’s quite shy and insecure, and has severe
body image issues, though. My seventeenth doll is Carter Merlin Copeland. Carter is typically the odd girl out. While she’s beautiful and should get along
in society easily, she’s really awkward and doesn’t really fit in. Though people do try to be her friend, they
often fail miserably and give up on her. Her life revolves around filmography. She carries her camcorder around nonstop,
always ready to capture a moment. She loves putting together short films, montage
videos, and capturing beautiful moments in a really artistic way. My eighteenth doll is Wesley Nathaniel Copeland,
and he goes by Wes for short. He is my first boy doll. So, Wes is Jess’s best friend. Before either Wes or Jess were even born,
their two sets of parents were actually all best friends. They were all archaeologists, and would all
travel together to different sites. At the age of 7, though, Jess and Wes were
separated. Wes’s parents decided to send him to live
with relatives in the United States, and enroll him in public school in an attempt to let
him live a normal life. Wes hated the structured life, though, and
he actually became really rebellious as a result. He’d throw fits, and question everything,
causing his relatives to ship him off to different relatives because they couldn’t handle him
anymore. When he was 15 years old, his parents gave
up trying to find someone to raise him, and eventually just let him come back and travel
with them again. He became much happier and much more agreeable
with the travel lifestyle, and actually began making friends really easily, and was really
sociable. Jess and Wes are absolutely best friends,
practically inseparable, and they always have been. But now that they’re both older, their friendship
has turned into a little bit of a flirtmance, so we’ll have to see where it goes. He’s also Carter’s cousin. My next doll is Kaya. Kaya loves animals. Ever since she was a kid, she’s always had
like a knack for finding injured animals and nursing them back to health. She would love to become a veterinarian someday. She did deal with bullying as a kid, but she
survived, and because of it, she’s a much stronger person today. My twentieth doll is Permanent Rosemary Flood
Johnson. So, when I was growing up, there was this
book series that I read about this family, and every single child in the family was named
after a different paint color. And one of the characters was named Permanent
Rose. So I actually have dolls scattered throughout
my collection who all have pieces of the children in the book’s names. So, throughout my collection, you might see
references to Permanent Rose, Indigo, Saffron, and Cadmium. So Rosemary is typically pretty quiet and
soft-spoken, but she’s an amazing leader. When a task needs to get done, she’s always
the first to volunteer to lead the group, because she’s a perfectionist and knows how
to get things done efficiently. She also loves flowers, and has a total green
thumb, and loves working in her garden. Someday she hopes to become a florist. My next doll is Clayton Saffron Casson. She goes by Saffy for short. Contrary to what her gray vinyl may suggest,
Saffy is the loudest, most colorful, most definite wild child in the entire group. There’s never anything about Saffy that isn’t
interesting. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even though
sometimes, her mouth can get her in trouble. She’s very, very outgoing, and thrives on
the energy in places. She also tends to wear these little color
extensions that I got really cheaply, and she just likes them because they give her
personality. My twenty-second doll is Maddick Bree Baker. Maddick grew up in Brooklyn, and definitely
knows how to take care of herself. Because of her upbringing, she doesn’t really
have a lot of fears, and really likes to test limits. Her parents always took her to Pride, and
protests, and marches, so she was raised in a very open-minded, liberal environment. She was always encouraged to be herself, and
do whatever makes her happy, as well as to stand up for the people who don’t have the
ability to stand up for themselves. As a result, she doesn’t like to put labels
on herself, or put herself in boxes. She’s very passionate about equality, and
just lets life take her wherever it wants to. My twenty-third doll is Juliet Clarity Applegate. Juliet is a girly girl who absolutely loves
history and all things vintage. She spends a lot of time and money at antique
shops. She watches old films, listens to old records,
and just loves old Hollywood and everything vintage. My twenty-fourth doll is Lane Saoirse Holland. Lane is basically convinced that she is a
Disney princess. She’s very girly and fashion-forward, but
her favorite thing in the world is Disney. Her lifelong dream is to someday become a
cast member at Disney World. My twenty-fifth doll is Minnie Reagan Ling. Minnie’s story is that she was adopted by
an American family when she was a baby, and she grew up in sunny California. She loves to skateboard and hang out with
the guys, and is pretty much the polar opposite of her best friend, Lane. Still, the two balance each other out perfectly,
and just have this like perfect polar-opposite duo going on. My twenty-sixth doll is Mia Cherrie St. Clair. Mia comes across as a little quiet at first,
but once you start talking to her, she really opens up. She has a lot to say about the world, and
tries to make sure her opinions are well-thought-out and genuine, with evidence backing her reasoning. She cares a lot about her friends, and isn’t
afraid to do something crazy with them once in awhile. She’s living life to its fullest, and enjoying
every single moment just as it is. My twenty-seventh doll is Heather Feather
Chilton. Heather is a total go-getter. She’s an extrovert, and tries her best in
every single thing that she does. She’s good at most everything, too. She absolutely adores children, and they seem
to flock to her because they love her, too. She’s debating whether to become a social
worker, or a preschool teacher, but she knows that regardless, she wants to work with kids. My twenty-eighth doll is Rhydian Alexander
Chilton. Rhydian is Heather’s twin brother. He also happens to have his eye on Mia. He’s a really nice guy, and genuinely would
do anything for the people he loves. My twenty-ninth doll is Winifred Perry. She goes by Winnie. Winnie’s always had this magical air around
her. Growing up, it seemed that nobody could ever
leave her alone. There isn’t a line that a boy hasn’t used
on her, and for years, she was the target of ridicule from the girls in her grade, because
they were jealous of her. She seemed to have this kind of perfect life. She lived with her artist mother in a grand
studio in New York, and her wealthy French father flew her out to Europe two or three
times a year to spend the holidays with him. But Winnie’s never cared about attention from
other people. Being raised in New York, she knows her street
smarts, and the grimy streets of the city make the perfect place for someone with her
keen photographer’s eye. She’s been offered tons of modelling jobs,
but this talented girl prefers to spend her time behind the lens. Photography is her everything. She’ll do absolutely anything to get the perfect
shot. My thirtieth doll is Indigo Starr Blue. Indigo is super spunky, outgoing, and always
confident in herself. Nothing seems impossible for her, but there’s
one thing about her that’s a little different. Indigo is deaf. She began losing her hearing at the age of
three, and was completely deaf by the age of six. Though she kind of remembers sound, hearing
is not important to her in the slightest. She has hearing aids in both ears that kind
of help her gain a bit of an idea of what’s going on around her, but she still cannot
hear, which is fine with her. Indigo loves deaf culture and being a part
of it. Because she started losing her hearing at
the age of three, she’s known American Sign Language for as long as she can remember. Due to still being able to hear some when
she was first learning how to speak, not to mention tons and tons of speech therapy, she
doesn’t have much of a deaf accent at all. She can read lips, although lip-reading is
not a very accurate communication method, so she still prefers to sign. Maddick, who is her girlfriend, has also learned
sign language as well, and they can communicate really easily through that. Overall, Indigo doesn’t let her deafness hold
her back, and she sees it as a strength rather than a weakness. My thirty-first doll is Felicity Merriman,
who sometimes goes by Lissie. Felicity is very strong-willed and doesn’t
always think of the consequences of everything, but you’ll never meet someone who loves more
fiercely than she does. She’s very very passionate about many things,
especially horses, and doing the right thing, no matter what the cost is. My thirty-second doll is Kanani Alora Akina. Kanani is a pretty quiet girl from Hawaii. She likes to shop, and she just really hasn’t
found herself yet. She’s a little bit timid, but one thing that
she’s really really good at is cooking. My thirty-third doll is Eloise Larkin. Eloise is super bubbly and a total fangirl. She’s a fandom blogger, and has perfected
the art of binge-watching an entire season of a show in one night. She’s part of pretty much every fandom, and
she’s always looking for new recommendations to dive into. My thirty-fourth doll is Cadmium Park Casson,
and she goes by Caddy for short. And sometimes her friends call her Park. Caddy is usually a bit of a tomboy. She loves climbing trees, running around,
and isn’t afraid to get dirty. She’s a huge vehicle enthusiast, and loves
spending time with her uncle at car shows and in his auto-repair shop. She also likes to draw and paint sometimes
in her spare time, and she’s really really good at it. My thirty-fifth doll is Nora Honey Gooden. Something interesting about Nora: she actually
has cerebral palsy, so she uses forearm crutches. She’s a very very smart girl, and has an incredible
fascination with bees. She loves everything about them, from how
their society functions, to the delicious honey they produce. She’s a huge advocate for reducing pesticide
use, and saving the bees, and someday, she’d really like to be a beekeeper. My thirty-sixth doll is Rory. So, Rory is actually just a temporary doll. Last year, at the American Girl Benefit Sale,
I bought an extra Grace doll so I could take her wig and use that for Minnie. I was just gonna put a different wig on this
Grace doll and sell her. Then I got the idea for a custom that I needed
a Grace doll for, so I decided to keep this doll and use her for that. Her name and personality will probably change
once she’s customized, but for now, this is Rory. She’s your stereotypical hipster. She hangs out in coffee shops, listens to
obscure bands, runs a photography tumblr, has a cat. And she can definitely be a little bit ornery,
and a little bit blunt with what she’s saying, but she’s definitely not afraid of ever speaking
the truth. My thirty-seventh doll is Samantha Parkington,
and the interesting thing about this Samantha is, if you can see through the lace, she has
a white body. So this is my white body Samantha. For me, she’s pretty much just a display doll,
but I always dreamed of owning a white body Samantha, and I couldn’t be happier to have
this one. My thirty-eighth doll is Kailey Hopkins. Kailey is definitely my athletic girl. Her prime passion is surfing, but she also
really loves basketball and soccer. She grew up in a neighborhood of all boys,
and never once gave them a chance to go easy on her. She’s most comfortable hanging out with the
guys, and the closest she’ll ever come to doing her hair is throwing it up in a messy
ponytail. My last doll is Elizabeth Cole. Elizabeth is definitely a princess. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but
she always puts a lot of effort into making sure she’s looking presentable and coming
across as refined. She’s as sweet as can be, and the effort she
puts into her image isn’t with the intention of making herself look better, she just feels
more organized and more confident when she’s well-put-together. She does a lot of volunteer work for charity
on the weekends, and she recognizes that she was born into a life of privilege. Because of that, she really wants to give
back to the community. So I hope you enjoyed my All My Dolls video. If you did, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe
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of videos you’d like me to make, and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!

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