All-Star Cheerleading Routine : All-Star Cheerleading Routine: Circle for Jump

So I’m here. I’ve hit my high V on one. I’ve
nodded on two. I’m going to circle my arms one over the other crossed tightly in front
of my chest. Now, your all-star team may want to stay in fist when you jump or you may want
to go to blades. Whatever your squad does it needs to be uniform because there will
be point deductions for differences in choreography. I’m going to hit one, nod two. I’m going to
circle and get ready for my jump on three. Hit four. That’s going to be a toe touch.
Again, I’ve hit one, nod, two, circle three, four. Whenever you’re marking your jump you
want to make sure that your leg goes behind your arm rather than in front of it because
you can’t go as far when you do that. Whatever you mark you’re going to repeat in your actual
jump. Make sure to hold proper technique even though you’re not doing your jump full out.
I’m going to mark my toe touch and I’m going to kick my leg behind my T. Again, that’s
five, six, seven, eight, one, nod, two, circle, three, hit, four.

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