All-Star Cheerleading Routine : All-Star Cheerleading Routine: Overhead Grab

So you are here on four, we are going to roll
five, grab six. Now, I have got my left arm, or my left hand grabbing my right wrist, and
my right hand is in a fist. I am as if I was in a high V and I have just closed it that
way. So if you are wondering about your positioning, again, hit a high V and goes back to this
position. My elbows are not so relaxed that I am covering my face; I am nice and tight,
strong above my head in an O. So I am going to start at four, roll with my left arm first,
four, roll five, six. I am going to freeze on six so that the audience can see my face
and my shoulders are nice and square, and I have got a good body position. I will take
you one more time four, roll five, grab six. And I hit that sharp, it is not a sloppy,
I do not let my left hand push my right arm forward. It hits like this as opposed to this.
So stay nice and tight above your head.

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