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AMATEUR Official Trailer (2018) Basketball, Teenage Movie HD

AMATEUR Official Trailer (2018) Basketball, Teenage Movie HD

We big-time 50,000 views, huh Terron Forte the eighth-grader, love your motor young fella Odds of getting into the NBA Talent and hard work aren’t enough You also need someone in the corner who knows a system and how to play it for you Coach Gaines, Liberty prep We’re offering your son a full ride scholarship, and that’s how much we believe in his potential Promise me you’re gonna work just as hard off the court as you will on it? I promise Sup my name’s T. So ya’ll got a daycare team you ain’t told us about? Yo coach, am I starting tonight? Yeah you’re gonna be starting little man Minute after never You don’t need to go to class all the time You have practices, workouts, games I want you to bury your nose in this playbook. Good Come on Forte, you’re in Show us what you got You see that pass? He’s only fourteen years old You are now an official prospect in the eyes of the NCAA, and I alone handle the recruiting process These coaches, these agents they are gonna use you so we have got to figure out how to use them to get out What the hell do you think you’re doing meeting with him? You realize how involved you are? How much did you hear? I heard everything We don’t play for coaches, we don’t play for college, we don’t play for the NBA, we play for the brands Whole things rigged against the people it should be helping the most He’s the reason this all exists, and he can’t be paid one dollar You just got to keep putting in work alright? What if you don’t make it? Stay away from my player, Rob If your son is the player I believe he is, he’s gonna be making millions of dollars while he’s still a teenager You

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