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– Thank you Disney Channel
for your paid support for this video. Hi guys, it’s JustJordan33 and today I’m here with my sister, – Audrey from the channel AllAroundAudrey. – And we’re going to be making slime.
– Slime. – So I’m going to be
making green zombie slime. – And I’m going to be making
pink cheerleader slime. – So Disney Channel is hosting a contest for their new Disney Channel
original movie Zombies that comes out on Friday,
February 16th at 8:00 pm. (boy whistling) – Ready to break every rule in the book? Meet me at the Zombie party, 9 p.m., Zed. I could get in so much trouble. I’m in. (techno music) ♪ Hey, welcome to Zombie land ♪ ♪ It’s a party ♪ ♪ Go ahead everybody dance ♪ ♪ Do the draggy leg ♪ ♪ You surely can’t be a part of the team ♪ ♪ Gotta wave the flag ♪ ♪ Let your freak flag fly ♪ ♪ Gotta stare when we pass by ♪ ♪ I’m not your average guy ♪ ♪ But you know I’m fly ♪ ♪ I’m so alive just on a different side ♪ – So Disney’s Zombies is a
music and dance filled story that takes place during the first semester at Seabrook High School in a town with traditions such as
cheerleading championships and football pep rallies. Then the students from
Zombietown integrate into the school and
things get a little crazy because the Zombie students
and the humans don’t get along until a determined cheerleader Addison and a Zombie football star, Zed unite their high school
and their community. Okay, let’s start making our slime. While you’re making your slime, make sure you have a parent supervise you and a suitable work surface. So the first step I’m going to do in making my green zombie slime is I’m going to take some glue
and pour it into the bowl. Aaah, whoa. That’s gonna be a lot of slime. And then I think I’m going to add in some food coloring to
make it nice and green. Plop. – My slime’s gonna be fluffy. – Ooh, yes, I love fluffy slime. They’re amazing. – Ooh, I love how yours
is kind of tie-dye. – Yes. – Right now, in the beginning. – I love this color. So, I’m on team Zom. – I’m on team Pom. – What would you guys choose? I’m on team Zom because
I feel like zombies are super like fun and chill and just like they bring
a lot of entertainment and fun to the atmosphere. – Yeah? – So what would you guys choose? Would you be on team Zom or team Pom? Comment down below. – Team Pom, I feel like cheerleaders, they encompass the school spirit and they always make
things fun around them. They’re so upbeat and happy. I don’t know, I think it’d just
be fun to be a cheerleader. – It’s true, I like both teams. – Me, too. – Oh, I love this color. Look, perfect. Ooh, are you adding in glitter? – Yes. – Pretty, okay, I’m going
to add in some shaving cream to make my slime extra fluffy. I love these tiny spoons. Like, they’re so cute. Ah, plop. Oh, I’m so excited to
see how this turns out. So if we had Zombies at our school, what do you think it would be like? – Oh, I think it’d be like so awesome. I think it’d just be like crazy and like everyday would be like something new to look forward to. What’s gonna happen today? What are the zombies gonna do? I don’t know, I think it’d be fun. – I feel like they’re
just like so spontaneous and just really awesome. – They’re like wild. It’d be like a new adventure
everyday when you go to school. It’s be really cool to have em
like as one of your friends. – Yeah. – You could go on new adventures. – Okay, now I think I’m
going to add in some water to make my slime a little bit thinner, ’cause it’s a tiny bit
sticky, but not too much. Oh, yours is so pretty. – I really like yours, too. I’m excited to see how they turn out. – Yes, okay. So with my green slime,
I’m also going to be making a clear metallicy type of slime. So I think I’m gonna start on that. And I’m gonna bring in some clear glue. – Metallic, that should be fun. – Wow, that’s enough. – It’s kind of like the
edgy side of a zombie. – Yeah. – That cool factor. – Yes, and I think at the end, I’m going to mix these together, kind of, kind of like marble them almost, so it’s gonna look super awesome, kind of like rustic, I’m so excited. – Ooh, mine’s becoming a little bit slimy. – Whoa, oh are you activating? – Yup. – Yes, that’s like one
of my favorite parts, because then you can just
see everything come together. – Oh, you’re using clear slime. – Yes, clear slime is one of my favorites, although it’s really hard to make though, because I always seem to
either over activate it or under activate so
it’s either really sticky or likes to rip. I can never get it exactly right. Now I’m going to add in
the metallic pigment. This is gonna be awesome. I’ve never made a
metallic slime, actually, so this will be the first time and I’m really excited. Let’s stir that in, oh, oh
my gosh, oh this is pretty. Look at this, I hope you guys
can see how metallic this is. I’m in love with this. – Oh, it’s so shiny. – Look at that. – It kind of looks like lava
in a way, like from a volcano. – I think it’s gonna look really epic when it mixes with the green slime. _ It’ll be like a nice contrast. – Yeah, okay, I think I’m going to add in some activator now. So let’s activate my green slime, ooh. It’s some pink slime. I just saw that out of
the corner of my eye just go whee. – It matches your eyes. – Oh it does. – Oh, it’s going everywhere. I feel like I over activated mine, so I have to go in with the water. – Oh, save the slime. – Yeah. – I like how you added the
like sparkly stars to it. – Thanks, I still have to add in the clay. – Oh yeah, ’cause yours is
gonna be butter slime, isn’t it? Oh, butter slimes are amazing. I can’t decide (Jordan slurps). – Too much? – That was a lot of activator. Oh, no, oh, no. – You might have to add
yours in water, too. – Oh, yeah. Oh, I don’t even remember
what I was going to say. Oh yeah, I can’t decide what
type of slime is my favorite. I just love em all. I’m going to activate
my clear metallic slime that I love so much. So let’s do that. And then I think we can marble them. And I have some really
cool like metallicy beads. – Oh yes. – That I’m going to add to it to make it a tiny bit crunchy. It’s kind of cool ’cause it turned out almost like purpley slash maroon. – Yeah, but it’s still like. – Metallic. – Metallic. – And kind of gray. Okay, I think my metallicy
slime is basically done. I’m so excited for Disney’s
Zombies to come out. – I know, it’s coming our
really soon, actually. – And it’s on a Friday, too. – Which is like, the perfect
way to start off a weekend. – You can make like an
entire party out of it, too. I feel like that would be an epic party. – Yeah because we could plan
a sleepover with our friends. And then we can like
separate into two teams, like Team Pom and then Team
Zom, and like tell them to dress up beforehand. – Yeah. – And then watch it and pop popcorn, we can like dye the
popcorn green and stuff. Like have green and pink themed. That would be super cool. We should do that. – That would be an awesome party. These slimes are turning out so good. I love your slime. – I know, I like yours, too. I’m excited for when you
like mix it all together. – Yeah, see it’s kind of metallicy. If you hold it up to the light,
you can see it’s metallicy. It’s really pretty, I love it. I’m gonna loosen up this slime, and the same with this slime. And I’m gonna marble them together, add some of the little metallicy beads and then I think my
slime will be all done. What else do you have to do to your slime? – I’m just letting it
become like more stretchy. So I’m gonna just keep
adding in more water. – It looks really pretty, I love it. Okay, so we finished fixing our slimes and this is what my green
zombie slime looks like. – And this is what my
cheerleader slime looks like. – Whoa. – Can you see all the sparkles? – Ah, that’s pretty. And this is the metallic slime. – I love that one. That ones probably like my favorite. Are you gonna mix them together? – Yeah, but before I do, I want this to look a little bit more
like my hair or my nails so I’m gonna add in a bit
of green food coloring to make it more green. – Darker. – Yeah, two drops. How would you think zombies
would act in their daily lives, like at school and stuff? – I feel like many of them
would be the class clown. – Oh, yeah, ’cause they’re really goofy and they’re always out for an adventure. I feel like they would be
friends with a lot of people. Like they would just be
buddies with everybody. ‘Cause they’re always
looking for a good time. – Yeah. – And like they wouldn’t
be the zombies that go like I want to eat brains. Because they have like
the gadgets and stuff. – Oh, yeah. – To help ’em not eat brains. So they’re nice zombies. Okay, I think my slime is ready to mix with the metallic slime. – Whoa it has a bubble. – Bubbles. Okay, I don’t think I need that much. Okay, are you ready? – Yes. – To mix them? Let’s mix, mix. – When are you adding the beads in? – Oh, I gotta add the beads in. Look at this you guys. – Yes. – Oh, I’m ready for the swirl. – I think the swirl’s gonna look so cool. ‘Cause it’s like two colors. – Okay.
– Perfection. (Jordan screams) – Now I think I’m gonna add
in the little metallic beads on top of the swirl to
make it epic crunchy. Ooh, wow, these are really pretty. Now let’s mix it in. Oh, we can make slime bubbles. – Okay. – Oh, yes. – Whoa, oh I love this. (Jordan screams) That is so cool. Okay, let me try real quick. – Beads went flying but
I made the slime bubble. Yay, we both made a slime bubble. Slime five. Yeah. – Ah. – When the Zoms and the Poms mix. – Yeah, and they become like friends. – Tada, okay you guys,
here are our final slimes. I love these so much. I think they turned out great. – Me, too, I think we did
a good job, high five. – Yeah, so you guys can enter the contest by submitting your photo
showing your zombie spirit in the link in the description box. Here are some of the
challenges you could do to enter the contest and remember, be creative with your photos. Dare to wear green zombie hair. Get into the zombie style. Show your zombie squad cheer pose. You can do the draggy leg pose. Make green zombie slime. Eat something zombie green. And flash some zombie nails. All right guys, remember
to tune into Disney Channel on Friday, February 16th at 8:00 p.m. to see the premier of Zombies. Thank you Disney Channel
for your paid support for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video,
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turn from red to gray and we’ll see you all next time. Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)

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