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American Family Kenpo Karate Video.flv

American Family Kenpo Karate Video.flv

the family can authorize pardo to is a family focus martial arts school
offering a variety of classes for you in your family for children ages three to four we offer classes
in army rangers for ages five to seven we offer our temple
rangers and children eight up in July yeah each group leaders to the needs in learning
levels of our students of all the sports think that goldman this is the only place that he really says
that he likes to come to grips with the staff is very professional and I applaud and they
could be a really good job case and can anti American family compound writing a sense of
six results and entire rangers making king’s and you really interested in having inspectors
really great think it’s like it’s much more than just her I think the teach them commitment
families fact and want we also specialized classes for adults such
as temple karate and in a tactical next martial arts kick boxing fitness kick boxing and women’s self-defense an American family can hope for roddy will
gain confidence discipline coordination balance and teamwork but most of all we’ll have fun

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  1. ever since i started attending american family kenpo karate i have learned dicipline and grrrrreat self defense skills

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