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American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Twisted Rod Kenpo Karate Technique

American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Twisted Rod Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. The technique that I just demonstrated
is called twisted rod. It is a defense against a gun, but is the pistol, the barrel, the
bullet that we have to be concerned with. So the first thing we want to do if we are
forced to make this choice, is to move out of the line of fire and try to widen the gap
between us and the direction of the gun. At the same time we do not want him to be able
to change the direction of the gun so we have to secure it. So we are going to strike at
about the wrist as we move off line and then grab right at the gun, this way, hang on to
the wrist, I have this thumb and his index finger. As I step out and force it, perhaps
it will fire and hit him in the face or the guy next to him. This is a wrist lock. The
three elements here are the twisting of the wrist, firing the gun, stepping and striking
with the elbow and forcing a take down all in one motion and of course you will see that
my knee is checking here at this joint and my knee at this joint, then we do a two finger
split tongue of the snake, thrust to the eyes, which of course is pretty drastic. So we are
going to do this again for you in slow motion, off line and secure the weapon, snap the wrist
opening the fire, continue the forward motion of my body, planting my foot, so that he trips
over it, behind his leg and as I take him down using a bow, which is a lock leg stance
to position him below me and then striking to the eyes. This is called twisted rod.

30 thoughts on “American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Twisted Rod Kenpo Karate Technique”

  1. Mr. Smartypants is right. Does Mr. Palazo think slapping his pants before moving at a gun is a good idea? Isn't this technique actually very straightforward when done well? Wouldn't Mr. Palazo benefit from using a close kneel stance with that eye strike instead of bending over at the waist?

  2. see that twitch he does before he does the technique about 3 seconds in. If he does that while a man wants to shoot him… the man would shoot him hahah

  3. The problem with this is that no man is faster than gunpowder. Also, anyone who knows CQC would never allow a person in so close. Colt always wins.

  4. He is demonstrating entirely at a slow pace and reguardless of the speed of the bullet or the gunpowder as he says hes getting out of the line of fire. shot is shot but having something and practicing it as fast as you can is better than nothing in that situation. What are "YOU" going to do. cry talk the gunman to death if it work go for it. I'd rather die fighting.

  5. @clearcombat HAHA! "Kick the guy away" and keep the gun! I know it was a typo but still funny. And yes as a Kenpo practitioner myself I agree to kick him off YouTube. He missed a few vital points in the maneuvers for twisted rod. And by few…I counted at least 11 missed points.

  6. @katanaburner You always take the gun away, this is not going to work in real life. Kenpo is not a style that covers this very well like Krav Maga, Kapap and McMapp. I teach a system called Clear Combat, which is street combat with a military concept.

  7. @clearcombat I was making a comment about what you said about kicking the "guy" away and not the gun and I agreed with you. But clearly you didn't see that.

  8. LOL I find it weird how in kempo, they keep tapping their thighs. A split technique before he did his technique, he tapped his left thigh very quickly. I was like "Wut the shit?…"

  9. It really dose not matter if you research it you will find the Chinese Characters for "n" and "m" are interchangeable. I ounce asked the same question. some spell it how it sounds "KEMPO" and others how it is most commonly spelled "KENPO" hope this helps?

  10. Instructors usually form a habit of that as they are often stressing focus on parts of the body and also they some times go into a relaxed position to do the technique often tapping for the same reason….just a habit.

  11. At the onset of this maneuver, why does Sensei's left hand move (twitch)? I could have fired the entire chamber into his chest in the time it took Sensei to counter react. Nonetheless, this is an effective maneuver, when executed properly.

  12. I couldn't say if he's doing it on purpose, but he's leaving several moves out of the prescribed technique, to include taking away the weapon. Maybe he just doesn't want to give it away.

  13. Have actually taken a seminar ( a few actually) with Mr Palanzo ( Yea I'm one of "K's") he does the Technique little different , but does work

  14. This guy is an idiot. He knows nothing about guns. He is teaching to get your left blown off. This guy is going to get some one killed.

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