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An Excited Harvey’s Hundreds Contestant

An Excited Harvey’s Hundreds Contestant

(audience cheering) – What’s your name? – My name’s Mercedes. – Hey, Mercedes, where you from? – I’m originally from Cleveland! – [Steve] Shut up, girl! – Yeah! – My home girl! – Yes! – What part of Cleveland? – Elyria, which is about 45 minutes away. – [Steve] Yeah, I know
where it is, Elyria. – Right there off 57. – Yep, exactly. – Yeah, that’s good. – Whoa! I’m excited! So what are you doing out here? – Yeah, so I came to visit. I’ve never been to L.A. before. This is my first time. – [Steve] Really, first time? – Yes.
– You’re on TV? (audience cheering) – Yes, I can’t believe it! – Now let me ask you something. You wanna win some money? – I sure do! – Well, come on then, turn around! – Okay! (audience cheering) – All right, this is
how this is gonna work. I’m going to put 20
pictures up on the board. One of them pictures is you. Every time you match a picture, I’mma give you a hundred bucks. I got 60 seconds on the clock. You match all 10 of those pictures, you gonna walk outta here with $1000. – Whoo! (audience cheering) – Okay, so listen to me. I want you to memorize these pictures. Look at them, all right. Flip them over. Scramble them up. This is how it works. I want you call out two
numbers really fast. We flip them over and they match, I’ll give you the hundred
dollars instantly. If they don’t, remember where they are. Call out two other numbers really fast. The more pictures you get revealed, the more your chances of matching them up. Let’s win some money. You understand? – All right, let’s do it. – All right, your time will start after you pick the first two numbers. 15 and 20. – 15, 20. (buzz) – Go.
– 13 and nine. – 13, nine. (buzz)
– Three and seven. – Three and seven. – 12 and 10.
(buzz) – Hold on, let ’em turn over first. (buzz) – Five and nine. (buzz) – Seven and 15. (cash register sounds) – Six and 18! – Six and 18. (buzz) – 14 and 12! (cash register sounds) (audience cheering) – 15 and 10! 13! (buzz) – 18.
– 18 and 10! – Come on. – Eight and two! – Eight and two. (buzz) – One and 19! – One, 19. (buzz) – One, 20. – One and 20! – Boom, come on! – Six then and 16! – Six, 16. (buzz) – 13 and four! (buzz) – 13 and 19! (cash register sounds) – Come on.
– Five and six! – Five and six. (buzz) – 11 and 17! – (buzz)
– 11 and five! – 11 and five! – 11 and five, boom! (audience cheering) – You did pretty good! You got six matches! You just won yourself $600! – Whoo! – [Steve] There you go! – Thank you, thank you! – Thanks for playing, Cleveland! We’ll be out, Mercedes! We from Cleveland! We’ll be right back! (upbeat funk music)

26 thoughts on “An Excited Harvey’s Hundreds Contestant”

  1. First to watch and comment. I love Steve Harvey. Am glad i made a video about you on your visit in Ghana on my channel. Thank you for coming to my country .
    Nii Ayi , the Ghanaian story teller from Ghana

  2. It's all about the monayy! ^^


    👇🏼(But I'm sûbbìñg to everyonè who lîkes and sûbs to me)💖

  4. Hey Mr Steve I just love all of the clips that you bring here 4 us. You’ve always been 1 the most awesome guys I’ve never met. I pray that I can meet you some day. God Bless our family always & I love you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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