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An NFL Cheerleader’s Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Game Day | Allure

An NFL Cheerleader’s Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Game Day | Allure

100 thoughts on “An NFL Cheerleader’s Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Game Day | Allure”

  1. Girl, you don’t need no foundation! Your skin is FLAWLESS, wow. ?
    Imagine being able to forget if you put on makeup or not.

  2. This woman. Doesn’t hit snooze, eats breakfast, is vegetarian, is an nfl cheerleader, a full time nursing student, prays over her food, and volunteers just to do it. ladies we gotta step tf up.

  3. I completely adore this amazing, talented, smart, hardworking lady. Also not to mention whenever she talks about anyone else she has nothing but nice things to say, her voice too!!! She is so good at just talking she speaks really clear she vocalizes so beautifully I am on awe. Best of luck to her on finishing her BSN…. BNS? Go science

  4. Her attitude is contagious. I’m already feeling so motivated. Also her skin is just incredible! Beautiful girl inside and out

  5. Pretty sure that was her lip primer she lost in the car considering that's the item she couldn't find during the interview haha

  6. Oh nooooo she said they have to bring the energy to hype up the crowd when they’re losing… POOR SHAYLA she has to bring the energy every week ???

  7. this girl is the definition of a perfect human, I love her!! Even the dots of makeup she’d put on her face were perfect

  8. This video made me cry I am trying to be vegan and I am seventh day adventist Christian and I am a registered nurse. ? ❤️

  9. what an amazing woman!! I love everything about her, she really does it all ? I can only hope that I can become as powerful and inspiring as she is one day,,,, also the fact that she takes her breaks in her car is such a mood lmao my car is my House

  10. Legit the whole 'waking up to the first alarm', the 'going to the car to eat alone' and the 'forgetting important parts of the makeup routine' is LITERALLY ME

  11. 3 things my little 3 year old girl noticed
    1. She's beautiful
    2. She has brown hair, mine is blonde
    3. She has curly hair little me

  12. I- im in awe like her skin is actually so clear and buetiful, love how she feels comftarble and confident enough rock her own hair like ❤

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