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Angelina checks out Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area – On the go with EF #101

Angelina checks out Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area – On the go with EF #101

Hi everyone! I’m Angelina and if you
saw the last episode, you saw me enjoying the amazing architecture
and buildings here in Chicago. But today, I’m going to check out a really cool,
hip area called Wicker Park. Behind me is something called the L-Train,
which I’m super-excited to try out. Let’s go! We’re on the platform.
Now, I’m just going to wait for the train. Time to get on! We’ve got to wait
for the people to get off first. That’s very important. Here we go.
Yay! We are on the train. Let’s go! They have a really good map of all
the stations and all the lines, so if you don’t know where to go,
you can just look at the map and it will tell you. This is my first time riding the train,
so I definitely need to look at the maps. Oh, look! You can see the street right here.
That’s a cool view. I like that. It’s not too high above the ground either,
so it doesn’t feel scary, but it’s still pretty cool because you’re riding
above everything and there are cars underneath. I actually feel a little bit
like I’m on a roller coaster. I like this! This is fun.
On the train, riding the train …. I think we’re here. It’s time to get off! I just got off the Blue Line at the
Damen station and this is Wicker Park! Let’s go and explore! There are about 26,000 people
living here in Wicker Park. Back in the day, there were a lot of
Polish immigrants that moved here, so the area has kind of been
called the Polish downtown. But nowadays, it’s super diverse and there
are lots of different people living here. It’s super popular among hipsters because they have a lot of cool bars, restaurants
and, I’ve heard, a ton of good vintage stores. This looks like a cool store. Redrum.
That’s from “The Shining”. I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie,
but it’s really good. It’s scary, though! This is a store that I’m going to have to go into. They actually have some
really cool costumes here with lots of bling and glitter,
which is always fun. Let’s go through here. I love vintage jackets.
They’re a little bit baseball-inspired. They have a ton here. Lots and lots of fun stuff.
Oooh. How about that? It’s big, but it’s cute. I clearly have a thing for plaid shirts.
How cool is that? I mean, come on! Vintage stuff can be so much fun.
I love the idea of going vintage shopping. It’s so good for the environment, too. It’s also good because you can sell
your clothes and make some money. Oooh. I love these. Yes! This is actually a really cool store. They have a lot of vintage stuff,
but they also do new pieces. You’ve got the tutus.
You’ve got some fringe going on right here, and a little American theme going on.
Let’s see. Can I pull it off? I think so. Okay, this is seriously cool. It’s a leotard.
This part has sequence and this is fabric. Pretty awesome, I think.
I’m having so much fun in here. I got the jeans! I’m so excited.
They fit perfectly. I love shopping. All this shopping has made
me crave something sweet, so I think I’m going to head
inside here and get a cookie. I got a triple chocolate chunk cookie.
It’s warm, too. Mmmmm. This is so good. Wow. Delicious! What’s cool about this area is that
you get a lot of different stores. There are smaller stores, vintage stores, and then you have the big retailers
like Steve Madden, Dr. Martins, Levi’s, so you have a huge variety of stores,
which I really like. Here, we’ve got some really cool restaurants.
There’s some ramen right here. Over there is Umami Burger, which is a great
burger place that I can highly recommend. And I think that’s a taco truck. Yep! It’s a Mexican food truck.
Who doesn’t love tacos? So, here, you get a big
diversity of foods as well. There’s something for everyone. Look at all these flowers!
I think it’s actually a store. It’s called Asrai Garden.
I have to check it out. Wow. This is so nice.
They have so many cool little things. What are these? This smells super nice.
I love everything that’s scented. This is some kind of spray.
I don’t know what it’s for. Oh, it says spray over body or face.
I’m going to try some on my hand. That’s so refreshing. It smells like coconut.
It actually smells a little bit like the ocean. Yeah, this reminds me of a beach day. Earthy. I love flowers. They smell so nice. My favorite color is purple, so naturally,
this would be one of my favorite flowers. Look at that color! It’s so nice. I’m so happy I walked into this store. It’s so relaxing in here and
I feel really Zen ̶ very relaxed. I’ve had an amazing time here in Chicago
and I love the area Wicker Park, plus I got those really amazing
jeans that fit me perfectly. Since I love jeans, my question for you is,
what is your favorite item of clothing? Please comment below for a chance to
win this super nice scented travel candle. And don’t forget to watch the next episode
because we are going to reveal who the winner is of the
On the Go with EF competition. Please don’t miss that.
I’ll see you then. Bye bye!

31 thoughts on “Angelina checks out Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area – On the go with EF #101”

  1. Hallo! my name iras Gabriella. from Indonesia . my favorite clothes is dress. just like my feminine character. i feel pretty wearing dress. and dress have lots of motives that make me look beautiful and elegant.

  2. Well, my favourite item of clothing is headband. It is so boring to wear just T-shirt and jeans that's why I decided to choose headbands because they make my style unusual and fresh. Frankly speaking, I have lots of them: yellow, light-blue, grey and other. Sometimes they actually save me since my hair is too long. To sum up, headband has become a part of my style✨🖤

  3. I love Angelina speaking English with her super good voice ❗️
    I’m from Korea, but I’m living in Japan now.
    My favorite clothing item is blue jeans, too ! 👖
    They are so wearable!

  4. My favorite item of clothing are shorts and shirt. Because they are comfortable clothes to carry.

  5. I hope to meet Chicago soon! Angelina do you live in Chicago? I follow all your videos. I love it! It's like being There!

  6. 배우고싶은데 돈 학력 스펙등등 여러모로 부족하고 현실적으로 힘들고 난이도도 높고 어려워서 막막하네… 해외에서 생활하고 돈벌고 일하고 언어 배우고 그러고싶은데 ㄹㅇ ㅠㅠ 진짜 해외취업,이민,연수,인턴,유학,어학연수등등 너무 하고싶다 암울하고 암담하네… 월드잡 해외연수나 해외취업 고졸 너무 안뽑아주고 해외연수는 개인부담금이 너무 비싸 ㅜㅜ

  7. My favorite item of clothing is any item that make me feel like a diva on the mirror! I looove to produce myself, sometimes a set of sweatpants with tennis..sometimes a black dress with a amazing high heels! It depends of the day 😉

  8. My favorite clothing item is a hat wich I painted as a DIY. It combines with every casual look and I also use it in sunny days.

  9. My favorite item of clothing is snapback hat & football shirt..because it usually used by a young man.I feel cool when I wearing that hat.

  10. The Blue line goes to Wicker Park which is a subway downtown and northwest and does not elevate until you get to Damen

  11. Chicago is great in the winter. But dont come here during the summer like today its like 111 degrees and nobody is out and several events had to be canceled its always so bad!

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