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Angry Cheerleader Who Knelt For Anthem In Front Of Everyone Realizes Huge Mistake Too Late

Angry Cheerleader Who Knelt For Anthem In Front Of Everyone Realizes Huge Mistake Too Late

Angry Cheerleader Who Knelt For Anthem In
Front Of Everyone Realizes Huge Mistake Too Late This has to be the feel-good story of the
day! The former Kennesaw State University cheerleader
Toomia Dean told local media that she was cut from this year’s team because she made
a spectacle of herself by kneeling in protest during the National Anthem last year. Here is what one of the cut Cheerleaders had
to say via The Hill: “I think it played a role because I know
my skills, and I had the skills two years prior to that, so I know what I can do,”
Dean said. “I know the people who made it. I know their skills and I know my skills,”
Dean said. “But I don’t think it was a skills-based
thing. Not to say I’m amazing or anything, but
I know my skills and what I had.” The Hill reported that the five cheerleaders
drew praise and criticism for the September 30th demonstration. The girls took a knee after the Georgia state
attorney general said that students attending a public university could, in fact, kneel
during the National Anthem just as long as it was not in a disruptive manner, but the
university rightly banned the five cheerleaders from the pregame ceremonies although the university
did allow the cheerleaders to return to the field later in the season because they received
backlash for their ban of the girls. Here is more on this via The Kennesaw Patch: “The president of Kennesaw State University
announced Wednesday that he’s reversing a controversial policy involving cheerleaders
and the national anthem. The university had barred its cheerleading
squad from entering the field before the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at football
games after five African-American cheerleaders took a knee as the song was performed before
a Sept. 30 game, according to media reports. “The move drew national attention and criticism,
as some commentators said Kennesaw State violated the cheerleaders’ free speech rights under
the First Amendment. “Kneeling or not for the national anthem
has become a divisive issue across the country. It erupted after several National Football
League players this season, following the example of exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick,
chose to perform the silent protest to raise awareness of social injustice. “Via Twitter, President Donald Trump has
pressured the NFL and its team owners to punish players who choose to silently protest by
kneeling during the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before games. “In a letter to students, faculty, and staff
Wednesday, Kennesaw State President Samuel Olens said that at the university’s next
home game on Saturday, the cheerleaders will be allowed to enter the field before the singing
of the national anthem. “‘While I believe there are more effective
ways to initiate an exchange of ideas on issues of national concern, the right to exercise
one’s freedom of speech under the First Amendment must be protected,” he wrote. “When they protested earlier this season,
the KSU cheerleaders drew support but also criticism. One critic is Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren,
who said he was offended when he saw the five cheerleaders kneeling during the anthem before
a recent home football game. “State Sen. Earl Ehrhart, a Republican,
also criticized the cheerleaders. “A University student cannot demand a taxpayer-supported
platform, like a football field, for their political speech,” he wrote to Atlanta TV
station WXIA (11 Alive). “Leave the politics to the public square
paid for and shared by all…” “The Georgia Board of Regents, which oversees
KSU, is conducting a review of how the university responded to the cheerleaders’ protest,
the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday. “In his letter, Olens said he will stand
during the playing of the national anthem at Saturday’s game “to honor the women
and men who have served in our nation’s armed forces. “‘I do not believe that this debate has
to be a choice between honoring our veterans and protecting the freedom of speech,” he
added. “We must be able to do both.’” As you will recall, these ludicrous on-field
demonstrations all began back in 2016 when former Forty Niner player Colin Kaepernick
started to see that because of his laziness he was about to be cut from the team. So he decided to use this fake social justice
platform in order to call attention to himself after being replaced as the first string quarterback
so he could remain in the news. To date, these protests are still happening,
but interestingly enough they only happen on the field. Not one of these millionaires has been seen
protesting, volunteering or trying to make a positive difference when it comes to “social
justice” in the offseason. Interesting, don’t you agree?

10 thoughts on “Angry Cheerleader Who Knelt For Anthem In Front Of Everyone Realizes Huge Mistake Too Late”

  1. DAMN just to many black folk always on their knees what is up with so many black people that just don't respect America look at all the NFL mostly black to hell with all the people that hate this country so much they should all just leave and go somewhere they like because it not in America good riddance

  2. What I think about this……………………………….. I think the person who made and upload this video needs to have a good dose of reality and not bash something they don't understand.

    God Help You if I ever meet you on the streets here in Fort Walton Beach. I mean, its' like you don't realize there is the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. All you care about is what … kissing the ass of Tradition and Respect? Towards a fuckin Theme song?

    I don't agree with anyone who says they should get rid of her….. Quite frankly, I support the National Anthem too, but … I also know there are far more important matters in our Country than the Traditions and Respect towards the National Anthem.

    Simply saying, I'd rather make a Salute towards actions and beliefs made by brave souls that go against Brutality of ANY KIND, versus kissing the ass of tradition and respect to a fuckin Theme Song. Let us say there are many who have died in the line of Service to protect this Country….. At any event that sports the National Anthem before the event is underway, I guarantee you I will pay my respects to those who have fought and died in the line of Duty to this Country. This means that I will do what I deem appropriate in terms of displaying the respect and gratitude those folks deserve during any National Anthem, despite what people might believe as the proper way to stand, blink or breathe during such.

    Hate me all you like, or what I just said, but the National Anthem doesn't do shit for protecting the people of this Country. And I could care even less what the tradition is for any event when the National Anthem plays … I will practice my right to respect and honor those who've given more than the National Anthem ever has, regardless what the National Anthem represents.


  4. I think the world is stuck on the hate they have for the islamic 'allah' god … and forget that the Creator God of the Holy BIble ""IS"" to be worshiped.

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