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Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Husband’s Mistress– This Is Gold

Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Husband’s Mistress– This Is Gold

Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Husband’s
Mistress– This Is Gold Infidelity is not something you just laugh
away. It is extremely painful for the victims of
cheating partners. This woman found an absolutely brilliant way
to handle her situation when she discovered that her husband was being unfaithful. She decided to write a letter to her husband’s
mistress… pointing out in detail how his life was about to drastically change. I came across her letter online, and can not
verify its authenticity. However, it sounds pretty realistic to me. Either way — her vengeance was quite unique
so I wanted to share it along and see what people thought! Dear Carla,
Thanks so much for leaving those little bite marks all over my husband’s chest the other
night. I really appreciate it, girl! You have set me and my kids free! As a reward for your thoughtful services to
our family, I’m offering you my husband, for keeps! Should you choose to claim your prize, please
pay attention to the following rules: You must financially support him. He will be responsible for child support for
our two children, and alimony for me since I have spent the last 10 years of my life
raising these children. So forget about his money, honey, that’s
all mine! You will have to clothe him. See, this crazy thing happened! When he got out of the shower the other day,
and I saw all of those cute little “love bites,” a giant black hole appeared in our
bedroom. It was the craziest thing! All of his clothing got sucked in, so you
can outfit him any way you choose. Buy some leather pants, maybe a leash, whatever
you want, girlfriend. You will have to say goodbye to him every
other weekend. This time will be set aside for supervised
visits with his children. You must say goodbye to a proper sex life. You see, I know that you did not sleep with
him last night. Ever since his back injury five years ago,
his penis has not functioned properly. The only way for him to even attempt arousal
is with a little blue pill, and even with that, you get only two minutes, three minutes
tops. Most of the time he wo not even try. So stock up on those batteries, sweetheart! It’s nerve damage and cannot be fixed, so
you will have to deal with it just like I did. You will never return him to me. I will not take him back or let him in my
home. He had a great thing going here, and he threw
it all away with you. You can try, but I sincerely doubt that you
will ever live up to what we had. You must accept it when he blames you for
all of this. You see, he told me whilst begging for my
forgiveness with tears streaming down his face, that you giggled and said, “I hope
your wife sees my bites.” Well, your wish came true, honey, and he’s
pissed, severely pissed… at you. And last, but not least, this is more of a
friendly warning than a rule. I will make it my mission in life to take
up all of his time with the pettiest stuff I can think of just to spite you. I will work to hurt him and you to the degree
that my kids are hurting right now. He will smile and deal with it for me and
the kids, but then will spend hours every day complaining to you about it. And in case you were wondering, I feel completely
justified doing this. So thanks again, Carla! You have shown me that 13 years and two children
were no match for you and your adorable little bite marks. I accept defeat and applaud you on a man well
won… HE’S ALL YOURS! Woa! That’s one letter! Do you agree with this woman’s fury? Leave your comments on our Facebook page

100 thoughts on “Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Husband’s Mistress– This Is Gold”

  1. Good for her…I had a similar experience many years ago with this guy in my hometown he told me he had divorced his wife and he lived at a different address. Eventually I went to the address he had given me only to find out they had never heard of him. I looked up his name and phone number in the telephone directory and made a call…his wife answered. I sat down and on the spur of the moment wrote his wife a letter. Apparently I wasn't the first he had messed around with. I happened to see him in passing on the street and he blanked me! I bet he got sparks from his wife. If I'd know he was married I would have given him a wide berth.

  2. Wonderful. cheating on commitments is an internal fault of the person cheating. It has nothing to do with the quality of the original commitment. It has to do with the character faults of the cheater. And women who date married men? must be a special place in hell for these bimbos!

  3. If he cheated with you, he WILL cheat on you. A cheater will always cheat, and they rarely change. This is a change that only God can make happen.

  4. Like we girls say: "you lose your husband where you found him." Be warned cheaters… If he/she is such a prize, WHY would they be out prowling around?? There's a reason G-D said "let the marriage bed be UNDEFILED"… It was to protect your marriage & your family; NOT to make you miserable.

  5. i fought a custody battle with my exwife and won ,,,,she payed me support ,,,i built a pole barn in a small town turned it into a auto shop and she payed for it … are grown now ,,,,and i have a good little bussiness,,,so hey guys dont just think she automaticly gets the kids ,,,,,the courts are changing ,,,,thay know single moms cant raise a child ,,,,,take them to court and make them pay ……then go MGTOW……

  6. If it wasn’t Carla, it would have been someone else. The husband was looking for anyone else so her rage should be towards him.

  7. This shit really gets old after awhile. People cheat. Some get caught, some don't. Some divorce, some remain in the marriage. No big deal. Whether you have said "I Do" or not, if you are in a relationship you can expect some cheating. It isn't the end of the world. My suggestion is to shake it off and proceed with everyday life. It isn't worth being bitter the rest of your life.

  8. Marriage is for losers. To expect someone to be stuck with one person out of 7 billion people on the planet for the remainder of someone's life is the most self absorbed, prideful concept ever! What makes you think you're so great that this person should put all of their eggs in one basket????? No thanks.

  9. Such an inspiring letter 😄 If this is true, I already like her guts…! 😂😂😂 So mistresses out there, you might not know what you get later. Don't be so confident when you separate husband and wife. You might regret it 😄😄😄😄 To cheated husband or wife, be prepared to have your everlasting heartache and headache 😂😂😂😂

  10. Karma comes in many different ways to make room for new and better choices for people with good reasons for their lessons learned in their lives. 👍😇👏

  11. YUP been there and done that. Found me another man who after 32 years has still been faithful to me. The first one was traded in after he admitted to having an affair with his secretary. He told me that he chose me over her. I told him, I thought that our marriage already decided that! But he told me just to have an affair and we call it even….ROFL! I told him I do not play games like that with our marriage. I was in it for the rest of our life's until he changed the rules! Now I have a man who is truly my soul mate! Baby bye bye byyyee!

  12. Ahahaha put out he ass! Bite marks??? Real life goin on with kids n loving wife n ur piggy can't stand up n u HV bite marks??? I wuda cut he ass!

  13. What about the husband!? He is the one who stepped out and got greedy! Everyone is talking about the mistress being a bitch but the husband is the one who did the most damage. I wish married couples would work harder the longer they are married and make sure the partner is fully catered to in all ways. Long marriages make people complacent. Things become routine. People get restless, bored and comfortable. Everything takes work. That is the price anyone potentially pays for a long, routine marriage where children take up all time and attention. The wife is usually not fulfilling the husband in some way (and it works the other way). I am not condoning cheating at all but some cracks must be happening in the marriage for this to be happening. If the marriage was so fabulous he would have kept himself loyal to his wife. Nobody wins in this situation. The mistress feels used and manipulated and was probably minding her own business when a married man stepped into her life. Maybe he chased her. Marriages that spill out into other people's live's are dangerous and need some help. That is the risk you take and price you pay for being with someone so long that you get bored enough to seek joy elsewhere…These men are indeed gutless. People should work harder at things to realistically keep things as fresh as possible.

  14. If I was the mistress, i would send a letter back saying, sorry I don't claim scams, just came for the D Appointment, not the ring appointment.

  15. I am pretty sure if his wife was giving him what he wanted he wouldnt have needed a mistress. At least that is what all the articles written by woman say to when a woman cheats on her spouse. Good for this guy going and getting what he needed to make him happy.

  16. Yes the best revenge is empty his pocket and make him feels so guilty about what he has done to his kids! I’m smiling because I “ know “ it works.

  17. Why would that Asshole Eye Another Woman Despite having such a Caring Wife!?!

    I'm on the Wife's side on this one, this is probably the 5th time since I Never take a Woman's side….. Ever (Hurts my Male Pride)…

  18. Women fail to understand that if they don't take care of their men, they will stray! Women need to keep in mind there is always a woman out there to take your place

  19. Damn! She sounds like a shrew. I wonder if that had anything to do with him looking for a few minutes of joy somewhere else. Especially since she said that he wouldn't even try the little blue pills with her. Funny thing is that if the situation was reversed, she would be claiming psychological abuse.

  20. How all victims of adultery should handle it. Don't be a doormat take them to the cleaners😂 Let the person they betray you with become the one who gets betrayed. It'll be the same show different cast 🎡

  21. I applause her letter. But why tell the mistress the many ways she will make her pay for her getting in the way. He will be unfaithful to her too. What goes around comes back around.

  22. If she spends the rest of her life making her ex miserable, when does she free herself for a new relationship in her life. And, if she finds another man, how much of her anger will transfer to the new man? She vented her anger against the mistress. Okay. But she has created a lose-lose situation for everyone, including her children. So where is the win in this game?

  23. I don't like cheaters but something about this feels made up, it could be that the revenge seems petty, and not worth it.

  24. saying is women need to understand it's love that keeps us from messing around because we don't feel shame or we don't feel I'm not that type of man like women are talk to Phil and uncomfortable to let another man know that they think he's nice looking even if they're married we don't have that that shame I think that's why women are so much better when it happens to them just get what you can from the money just move on and make yourself a better life I don't think it was that witty or anything that much interesting just a woman that sells gone and she wrote a letter hope it works out for her

  25. People are always so quick to blame the man. The unhappy REALITY is that a man who is truly happy and fulfilled doesn't look for something more on the side. In fact, if you do him properly, he doesn't have anything LEFT for anybody else.

    It seems to me that far too many wives just lay claim to a guy, and then stop caring whether he's happy or not. What do they think is going to happen? If you send him out starving for love and affection, he'll just find it somewhere else.

  26. And to think that this woman now knows that her husband is screwing around some b***h Carla and that that Carla and the guy are free to be together? Relationship fizzles, goes flat, & now ex wife takes him on a ride on the alimony/child support train. Where this guy gets screwed in more ways than one. Good on ya ex wife!!

  27. Everybody's talkin about how great the (ex)wife was or how she should actually handle the situation yada yada… but what about the children???


  29. She just gave her husband all the ammo he needs to get out of the alimony. Lol. A good lawyer and he is alimony free not to mention all the petty things she brought up that she is going to do. Ladies please be smarter than this and just let your lawyer do the talking. Good letter though, just not wise from a legal standpoint.

  30. I divorced my exhusband in 3 months time he married the woman he cheated on me with. Three weeks after his marriage he comes back begging me to have sex with him. I called his (New) wife and told her to start feeding her dog at home before he leaves to keep his ass from knocking on my front door…. 😂 I have not had any problems since…..

  31. She should have added, P.S., I have been recently diagnosed with AIDS & it doesn't run in my side of the family. I tested the kids too but they are clear. I am taking every step to ban their diseased daddy & you from gaining custody when i'm 6 foot under.

  32. I am with the wife all the way, this cheap taudry mistress & cheating scumbag husband must remember what goes around, comes around.

  33. Genius!!! This is a now a
    thank you so much! Good Wives will now be EMPOWERED, justified with grace and gratification with this POWERFUL LETTER!

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