Annoying Orange – The Boxing Bird Challenge!

– Yo yo yo, what’s up, party foods? It’s ya boy Little Apple
with co-host Orange. – That’s me! – You guys asked for it, so here it is, the Bird Box Challenge! – Woohoo! I’m so excited, I don’t know
which way is up! (laughs) – All right! Let’s do this thang! – Sounds good! – Here we go! – Yep!
– So, are you gonna take us
through the rules or? – Nah, you go. You probably know a little more
about it than I do. (laughs) (scoffs) – Hold on a second. Do neither of us know what the Bird Box Challenge actually is? – (laughs) Don’t be ridiculous. Everybody knows what the
Bird Box Challenge is. – Okay, so what is it? – Say the first thing
that comes to your mind! – Toenail booger barf! – What? – Maybe the second thing
that comes to mind! – The Bird Box Challenge
is when you box a bird! – Oh okay, like, with boxing gloves? – Yup! So here we go, folks. Here’s how the Bird Box
Challenge is gonna go down! Each of us is gonna go
three rounds with a bird and whoever gets more punches in will be declared the winger! (laughs) Pear, you’re up first! – Huh? I’m in the video now? – Round one, fight! – I mean, I don’t really have
anything against this bird, but if it’s for a
challenge, I guess I can. (yelling) My eyes! (yelling) – Now that I think about it, that challenge was pretty
bird-brained. (laughs) – I’ll say. Good thing we tested it out on Pear! But the fans still need to see
a Bird Box Challenge video, what are we gonna do? – Oh, did someone say Bird Box Challenge? – All right! Grapefruit saves the day! – What a grape guy! (laughs) – (scoffs) So here’s how it works. Each of us gets a box to open. I’ll unbox my bird first. Aw, what a cute little hummingbird! – Ooh, ooh, I’ll go next! (bird squawks) – No way, a parrot? Well, that’s so cool! – Not for us it isn’t. – Stop copying me. – (squawks) Stop copying me. – (laughs) Stop copying me! – Stop copying me! – (laughs) Stop copying me. – [Parrot] Stop copying me. – This could be a while. Right, I’m gonna go ahead
and see what’s inside my. (yelling) – My eyes! (yelling) – On second thought, this may not be how you do the Bird Box Challenge. I know someone told me the rules, but it’s so hard to hear stuff correctly when you don’t have ears. – Or eyes, if you’re Pear! (laughing) (yelling) – Aw man, now we’ll never figure out how to do the Bird Box Challenge! – Did someone say Bird Box Challenge? I know how to do that, yay! – Whoa, really? – Oh yeah, I do it all the time. – Well, tell us, then! The fans wanna see a
Bird Box Challenge video! – Okay, here’s how you do it. First, you get a Bird scooter. – Oh, a Bird scooter. Yeah, should’ve known. – Second, you get a box of TNT. – I like it. (laughs) – I dunno, you guys. Does it have to be TNT in the box? – Yes, that’s very important. – Okay, fine. If Marshmallow says so. – Finally, you put the
box of TNT a ridiculous distance away from the jump,
a distance no one could ever, say, jump a scooter over. – Done and done! – And finally, you try to jump
your Bird scooter over it! – Wait a second. What the? No! Huh? Oh my gosh, a bird grabbed me in mid-air! I’m flying! The kitchen is saved from TNT! (laughs) Huh? (yelling) My eyes! (relaxing acoustic guitar music)

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