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Anthem Protest Nfl 2018 | 49er’s Cheerleader, Kayla Morris Takes a Knee and Didnt Get Much Press

Anthem Protest Nfl 2018 | 49er’s Cheerleader, Kayla Morris Takes a Knee and Didnt Get Much Press

just a few yards away Lenny Harold
spotted a 49er cheerleader kneel during the national anthem and decided to snap
a picture and post it on Twitter within minutes the snapshot of the cheerleader
taking Annie’s steps from police officers was retweeted and liked
hundreds of times getting so many retweets somebody replies it’s
interesting because some people think she’s really awesome the cheerleaders decision comes more
than two years after a former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during
the national anthem catapulting a storm of controversy that many times
overshadowed the game of football and made the NFL announced a policy to find
players who took an ease than backpedaled when challenged by the
Players Union the identity of the cheerleader tonight unknown but Iraq
should certainly gaining national attention I’m chief of the game and I
had no intention of doing anything divisive or doing anything you know
important but all I did was take a picture I thought it was a cool moment
and of course we reached out to the 49ers they have not said if they’ll be
releasing a statement what’s up YouTube we got another life
game world news topic that’s going on cheerleader took a knee didn’t get a lot
of coverage nationally by hell this getting coverage on his life games
channel we’re gonna talk about it but first y’all know we got to put on these
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check out that two week diet all in the video description so last week in the
football game a picture went viral a fan took a picture of the trillion you seen
in the very beginning of this video she took a knee and I want you guys to
take a look at some of the reactions on social media some were good but some of
them was bad you even got one guy here saying that she might as well take a
knee because that’s what they used to doing take a quick look so after seeing that guys leave me some
comments what you think about the situation so let’s just get down to the
meat and taters of it if you never followed the Kapernick thing a military
veteran told Kaepernick that the most respectful thing he can do is take a
knee during the ceremonies and calorie capping it was taking a knee because he
saw racial injustice going on in this country and a lot of people try to make
it seem like that by taking the knee you’re being disrespectful when you have
veterans quantifying what Kaepernick said that it’s not then you have people
saying you’re disrespecting the country to me it all just came down to political
point of view for some people and then just pure racism you know just because
you take a knee doesn’t mean you hate the country and Colin Kapernick
expressed that and this true leaders doing the same thing I would say she
didn’t get as much coverage because we don’t really know who she is she doesn’t
hold the clout as a football player they don’t get paid a whole lot of money it’s
not as prestigious of a job but what she did was just as courageous because
football teams they are still private entities and if they want to fire this
girl they could but it would probably lead to a firestorm if they decided to
fire her I’m proud that she’s willing to put up that $20,000 she’s making from
cheerleading to take a stand for what she believes in
I do think that at some point in time we do need to hear from her so we can
understand why is she taking the knee she might be taking the need for
something totally different nobody knows as at this moment 49ers
haven’t talked about it yet they haven’t released any statements on what they
think happened with her taking the knee but as you saw earlier the NFL tried to
say they was gonna find people for taking the knee the Players Association
fought that bad and now they’re doing something on TV where they don’t even
show the national anthem anymore because it causes so much controversy and again
we’re living in an era where logic and facts have just been
thrown out the window people don’t even care about that it’s all about fighting
from your side to make a point and if we claim we love the country the way we do
how is it wrong for someone to take a need for something that they feel is
unjust when that is a form of protest that is protect that some people would
say it’s protected under the Constitution now some of you will argue
it’s not protected because she works for a private industry and the private
industry does have a right to fire this girl if they want to so we’ll see what
happens with that I just want to know what you guys comments are how do you
feel about this girl do you think she was brave do you feel like she’s gonna
get backlash more than what she’s gotten should the 49ers fire her just let me
know what you think I commend her for whatever stance she’s taking about
taking the knee she did it on her own principle in the face of which she
probably did or did not know could be backlash and I’m proud of her for that
and she ain’t just taking a knee because she’s used to taking a knee for that one
smartass who has something to say in the social media description who knows why
she’s taking that knee hopefully we’ll find out soon that’s gonna do it for
this video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a
life game let me know what you think leave me comments in the video
description and leave me comments below and until the next sex is hell video
I’ll see you

14 thoughts on “Anthem Protest Nfl 2018 | 49er’s Cheerleader, Kayla Morris Takes a Knee and Didnt Get Much Press”

  1. 49ers Cheerleader takes a knee in protest and social media comments were rough. Some said she is always on her knees. #Wow!

  2. I feel bad for this world when people are going nuts over a song. Homeless people in the cold, children are eating out of the trash. Elderly people dying alone but oh don't kneel on the national anthem.

  3. We are in this country, because we are free. During the playing of the national anthem, some take a knee….others might eat a hot dog, talk on their cell phone, check out that lady two rows down, keep your hat on. Before we judge anyone, we have to ask ourselves one question. Do we want to be judged?
    I’m a veteran and I think people are blowing this up too much. Do we want to fight over standing over the national anthem, when there are so many other issues.
    We have choices, you can choose to be happy and be positive or be upset with this or the person cutting you off in traffic, not holding the door open as you approach the elevator, cut in line(oh, don’t do it at Starbucks….people need their morning coffee)…..see what I mean, a giggle is better than a middle finger!
    That’s my point, be blessed, love your videos!

  4. I as a Army Vet, as well as most Veterans I Know, Have no problem with anyone taking a knee during the Anthem to protest injustices in this country…

    I guarantee you, all those idiots complaining about it, NEVER served in the Military… Ignorance has become the Norm now on this very topic… Most of them dont even know that the Anthem has other verses that was racially charged… I'm quite sick of this crap…

  5. I'm glad she decided to take a knee and like Michael Sweeney said take a look at what others do while the National Anthem is being played and they want to penalize someone for expressing themselves in a non violent way, this world of hatred and the misinformed are coming out in full force. Thanks Donald Chump I'm still not sure why the racist
    ppl think that it is cool to just come out and be racist without consequences… Hmmmmm
    Thanks for the video Bro.

  6. Whatever her reasoning 'it's hers!' And if she's kneeling for that kudos and kneel/stand strong cheerleader! I do believe 'it's a free country' and freedom of expression isn't a crime so she's shouldn't get 'punished' for doing what she loves while believing in herself for whatever reason…last I checked! Stand TALL CHEERLEADER

  7. If her employer has rules against the employer has the right to terminate her. How many have the ability to protest the anthem at work. Where I worked the anthem was never played so isn't an issue. At worst she should have let her employer know she was going to do and if OKd she would be fine without asking she probably should be terminated. When representing a company what you do has an effect on the company

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