11 thoughts on “Antonio Brown’s trainer appears in court after arrest at athlete’s home”

  1. How you will come to arrest somebody but don't have a warrant but arrest the trainer with no warrant that sounds like kidnapping

  2. Antonio Brown from Superbowl to free falling disaster? Dude can't just exist and make millions we work 9 to 5 everyday mind boggling

  3. Bad timing… Movers and Moving companies are scumbags… Likely what happened. They deliver AB stuff. They broke something, messed something up. AB says hold on I'm not paying. Moving company holds his stuff for ransom. They drive down street. AB says ok I'll pay. They actually told AB to pay like 25% more because they went down the street. He said ok and we they got there he took his own stuff that they were holding for ransom and attempted to extort AB. Fuh those moving companies. More of them should get there a$$e$ kicked. I'm riding with AB on this one.

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