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Are Sun & Moon booster boxes still searchable? Let’s find out.

Are Sun & Moon booster boxes still searchable? Let’s find out.

Just got a 300 booster box restock of sun and Moon Let’s see if you can still search them hopefully it’s a new print wave and the problem is behind us Here’s the four boxes that I randomly took out of four different cases from the delivery now We’re going to see if these are still searchable first of all I ripped off and covered all the sensor information This was ordered 8 to 21 ship date to 22 [I] just got 300 more boxes of sun and moon the reason it’s relevant to try right now is because Distributors are running out of product meaning. They’re getting more products shipped to them from Pokemon We are hoping that this is a new print wave and they fixed the searching problem. So we’re going to test a couple boxes And we’re going to see now most of you know [that] you can search these boxes most people – no I have not did a video on [the] channel explaining how to do it I? have been talking about Twitter for the past week [-] I just morally don’t feel right teaching people how to Potentially scam others. I was hoping it’s been almost a month. I was hoping This would be fixed by now, but it’s time for me to start at least testing to see if it’s been Fixed so I apologize ever made a video for all of you that are wondering why I haven’t I’m just not the type [of] person that because all of my friends are [doing] bad behavior I feel that I have to do it as well. I’m I’m not like that and not something that just follows the [girl] the crowd so I’m gonna take these off camera for one second and I know. I always tell you if someone takes [Pax] off camera don’t trust them because it could switch it however again Don’t want to teach you how to do it okay? So we have a white code here and It is a hit. So that means this pack should be a holo rare, gx or better. Holo rare, gx or better. Holo Rare. Okay, so this was the next one Let’s see if this is in fact a white code. [oh] and it is a white code It’s a Holo rare That means this should be a white code and a Holo rare (God Damit said derium brain) Holo Rare, white code and Holo Rare Pokemon what!! this should be a gx or butter white code Gx or better. An upside down Umbreon and this should be a Gx or better white code, Incineroar GX (GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH) All right, let me get all this out of here Let me see where I got to go in this one. Is it green code or a white code. It is green code And this one green code this means the next pack has a white code Holo rare. That means gx or better, holo rare gx or better Holo Rare gx or better. I might actually just messed that one up on my own (you had one mission and u failed. how could you) So this should be white code holo Rare white code, holo rare white code Holo rare And 3g x’s or better spam or upside down which is kind of hilarious? But this is literally no laughing matter There we go. There’s the full art for g x’s which you get out of a box. This is pretty much always promised and One two three bonus cards as I always talk about Now I’m not going to do this with the other three boxes, but here’s the rest of the packs Make sure I didn’t Miss anything green code and for those of you that do not know green code means just rare White code is Hollow rare or better all the Gx is The four trainers the secret rares hyper is all come out of white codes There are no breaks in this set so [a] green code will always mean just a rare For those of you that do not [know] that so the rest of these Are going to be all? screen well Now we cannot say that Definitely, this is the next print run this could just be a restock from Pokemon to the distributors So basically by doing this we know The whole reason [of] doing this is this if I could not search these four boxes then we can say that the problem is fixed or becoming fixed and we are on to the next print run that would prove that we have a Reprint and [it] has been fixed or working on Now by this still working. It does not prove that we are on to a new print run it I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated here basically what it means is this what I’m proving right now is simply It’s still searchable this could still be the first print run this could be the second print run. We don’t [know] so basically to sum it up is The fact I’m still able to search it. It is either the first print run still or it is a second print run and they have not fixed it now if they have not fixed it and it is a second print Run This means that we are in for [another] approximate three to four weeks of packs being able to be searched Before the third print run happened typically print runs the way They work is they’ll happen a few weeks apart from each other depending [how] quick they pump it out now pokemon knows that sun and moon was going to be a massive success They knew it. I mean the set is good It brings a new pokemon it brings in the gx is it’s the first set of a new block is so they might have printed a Ton of sun and moon in the first print run and we could be seeing this the next three or four months So what I’m going to do from here on out is whenever I find Distributors are tapped out or they’re waiting for a new shipment [I] will buy a bunch from that new shipment I mean, we need a bunch of boxes because all of you all some people sending us 1,400 bulk four boxes 1,500 people by the way [almost] have Gotten Boxes from us for trading us [balkan], so we need a ton of boxes, and we knew them all the time I will keep doing this as time goes on now. Let’s sign any notice. I don’t even know what’s going on Let’s go to the next box if it works for the first one Probably going to work for this one. It’s so disappointing. There’s so many things I want to say it is I’m just mad literally just consistent same white Code [Holler] RGX alright the Gx that means [holo] rare Gx Holo Rare [both] [Gx] or better Hallo rare again human error might come into play and I might mess some of these up So yeah, what did I say this is gx, or better? I don’t remember. I actually don’t remember white code Okay, so it’s [y] extra butter. [so] this should be a gx or better [G] extra butter and holo rare, three holo Rares right here I’m just I don’t even Hello where this is defeating. This is actually defeating now. What caused this I have a couple Excuse me a couple theories and what caused this let me get through this other side real quick and Then I’ll talk more about it. Okay. So the next one All right, we have the Gx so that means Holo Rare Gx are better Holo Rare Gx are better. I’m I’m sorry. I’m not sleeping any of these and I literally just through a pack on a sigelei oh a piper Air it’s just I’m [just] a month spent a month Pokemon all over Hello, [Aragon] No, wait, I’m going to mess that up. [I] might have messed that up [I] Don’t know. I’m just not with it right now [wait] to this box produce to hyper Rares It did That’s weird okay – hi – hi perez. I had a hyper rare in The Gx or better slot actually and and [ticker] [Err] okay, so This box was strange I have to open our C’s packs actually because I have my 4g x’s which you get in a box [I] Did not hit a full art gx which you’re supposed to get one in every box and you get one two three of the bonus cards which is either a full art trainer a secret rare or a hyper rare we had two hyper Rares and a secret rare which is extremely Strange I don’t know if it happened. I don’t know if that’s happened So I have to crunch through these real quick just to see all right green code Okay, now my theory on what might have happened with this, so they’re trying to do the box with six to eight hits per box, and they’re trying to make [it] where you always get a 99.9% of the time for g x’s and a full rg x plus one two three bonus cards I mean, if you’ve seen me open a ton of packs which you’ve seen probably almost ten thousand packs Opened on this channel so far. [so] [no] moon That’s the way they want to do it. So I would just punch the team skull grunt. I’m so frustrated everyone So what has probably happened is this? now [Pro-kit], Pokemon doesn’t print the cards themselves they hire it out to different print companies and you can tell with evolution the current wave of Evolutions the cards are in pristine [condition]. That’s why you’ve seen a ton of my pSa greater returns It’s almost all evolutions now they are Pristine in this print run compared to the first print run and the reason being is because they’re going [through] a different print company That other print company has higher Paper Stock higher quality control they produce a better Higher-end product that is why evolutions is in much better condition Than for example these if you look, I just opened them out of the pack yes I’ve been punching things, but it was like a little white nick up there a white Nick up there a little bit of side damage right there so a light white nick right there these come out of the packs Damage because the print company. They’re using is a [lower-end] print company So my assumption of what happens is Pokemon says hey We need a massive amount of sun and moon print and more sun more of this set printed than any recent set in memory So they don’t go to their printing companies that have better paper stock better printing practices and better Quality control because those cost more money So they’ll go to a different print company who will who will bid a lower amount? To print that amount of money or amount of cars, so it saves Pokemon money So they agree cool. Let’s do it, but as you can tell so [many] these cards are coming out of the packs damaged There’s no good quality control this print company. So why does this print company care? That [they’re] seating all of the packs and making it searchable they’re not shuffling the packs as They should be the way when they print is they print in massive sheets that cut the sheets and then the cards get fed together conveyor belt style and then Every x gets this every x gets this so over the statistical long term You’ll get what you should get for example if you open a case you typically get [about] the same amount of each rare You know [you] dissin it [this] company what they’re doing is they’re not doing the final step Which the final step is the quality control [of] shuffling the packs before they’re placed into the box So they’re doing the correct numbers here that [Pokemon] wants when things are being fed into the pack but they’re not shuffling the [packs] of course You know they got paid why do they care? You know [they’re] paid to print they don’t care about Pokemon is a printing company They only care about their business which is printing Printing stuff on Dead Trees, and then tow C’mon. I’m sure they noticed it I’m actually sure they notice this almost right away, but after you spend Several Millions and millions of dollars on this printing Your backs against the wall, it’s not because of the money now. It’s Pokemon They tried to save money by going to a low-end print company, so they’re to blame they are – absolutely blame for this but they may they went cheap when you go cheap you get what you paid for simple as that, but the [problem] [is] this cards are printed weeks in sometimes months in Advance so when Pokemon Knew this problem existed the very highly Likelihood was it was too late for them to print more? So they had to roll with it That’s why I think four weeks out. We are four weeks out from release we’re a month after release sorry my my knuckles always crack when I do that um We’re still seeing this because of how massive amount Was printed all right green code? let me find a white code okay, so White code should be right okay, so we have a gx That box was weird by the way that was a weird box weird box. So that should be a hollow rare Should be a Gx Hollow rare? Gx Hollow Rare Gx are better I’m going to say I don’t even know what Stack is which I’m so frustrated in them. Okay. There’s our full art and 1g x out of this box There’s our one bonus card, so these are three hallows holo holo hallo, okay this box is falling in line with the other one the [next] row. I should be able to guess this actually when it is, but I’m still going to do it this way There we go Okay, so bonus card should be Hollow Rare G extra butter Hollow Rare g x or better Hollow Rare now we have hit our full [R] and one See this isn’t making any sense now this should be a jet in the stack because we are owed three more g x’s [alright], so something is something is slightly different. No hollow right no if this is a Gx nope not o Hoping it was going to play out [that] way There’s so much my mind right now hollow rare okay. This is three normal g x’s normal g x number one Normal g x number two. I’m just throwing cards everywhere Don’t worry if any of these get damaged during this I’m putting [them] my own personal collection So don’t worry about any of that and normal g x number three, so there we go For g x’s are full art and our one two three bonus cards Last box so we had a slight We had a weird thing happened with one of the boxes, but that’s an anomaly Scientifically speaking, we’re only doing this with four boxes. It’s not this is nowhere near large enough of a sample size To say that something is [different] with this wave of boxes because of what happened here Anomalies happened life is imperfect screws fall out all the time. Let’s put it that way So we basically can just ignore that Now if this box is off in any which way saying that half the boxes were then we might go to raise [suspicion] But we’re going to have to do more Work into it. So okay should be Hollow Road Gx [Hollow] Rare Gx Hollow Rare but it should be [so] this should be gx or better g extra butter. There’s our full art There’s a secret rare So it’s [going] to be hollow iron Holler air Hello, Air now based on how many packs. We have left. It looks like we’re going to get Just three. I think just three g x’s right. I don’t think we’re getting an extra bonus card [you’ll] see just [based] on the numbers of what we have left? which is Insane this is [actually] insane Okay, so there’s hollower Gx however Gx [holo] Rare Gx there should be three normal g x’s if it’s not Then that’s going to be I will be absolutely surprised if it’s not so hollow iron Hollow [Air] and three normal g x’s normal Gx number one normal Gx number two normal Gx number three so full art g x 4g x’s and our bonus card Now I do want to say This is insane I Did I was hoping that do videos on it but it’s been about a month, so I I? Have to address it somehow and this is the way I’m going to address it I’m going to keep doing this until we can definitely say it is fixed And that’s really the only way I can say every set has its problem every set is searchable and every card game Not even card games sports cards every set has its issues if you know what to [look] for All they all have their issues, but this issue Means that anyone can do it and that’s why it’s scary Anyone can easily do this again all the informations out there I’m not going to say anything bad about anyone who did put the information out there, I understand Why you know I’m also going to give props people who didn’t put the information out there, but it’s fine This is not fine people making videos [on] it. Don’t care This is a huge problem Four weeks out and We’re still dealing with this mess willing to watch it in the video bars. Go ahead and click right [here] You [want] to see a [pokemon] booster box open every single day then check out our second channel right here? Give a bunch of bulk Pokemon cards just sitting around think about trading them in their online store for a field Booster box and as always be awesome click that subscribe button

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    Other than that, awesome video as usual! You're close to 200K subscribers, you definitely deserve it, thanks for making this video!

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