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Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

Hey guys, Paul from
here and today we’re asking the question, “are testosterone boosters safe?” And of course,
we’re talking about the legal testostrone boosters you see all over the place, not anabolic
steroids. I’ll have the answer for you
in just a couple of seconds, stick around, don’t you dare go anywhere! Alright, welcome back thanks for sticking
around. OK, so “are testosterone boosters safe?” Well, to answer to that question we need to
define exactly what it is that we asking here. Are we asking whether the ingredients themselves – that are in these products –
are safe and free of side effects, or are we asking whether the effects that these
ingredients – or these products – have on our body’s natural hormonal balance is safe? To make life simple, I’m going to answer both
questions. Let’s start with the ingredients themselves. The herbal derivatives and plant based ingredients
that you normally find in natural testosterone boosters
are all pretty safe compounds with relatively few side effects. Some examples of common ingredients include
Testofen and Testosurge – both of which are derived from the Fenugreek plant. Tribulus terrestris, another commmon
ingredient, is an annual plant, and Tongkat Ali, also known as longjack or Eurycoma longifolia
is a flowering plant. KSM-66, a fairly new ingredient making its
way into natural test bosters is derived from a herb known as Ashwagandha. Now obviously, there are other ingredients
in these type of products, like zinc monomethionine and various vitamins,
but the herbal ones I mentioned are pretty standard. And they’re pretty safe compounds – not really anything to worry about. Now let’s get to the second part of this question. When discussing the safety of these supplements
many guys are worried that a) taking a natural testosterone booster might
impact their body’s hormonal levels to the point where they have to worry about taking
an estrogen blocker… Or… b) that their body’s ability to manufacture
testosterone on its own may be compromised after completing a cycle with a natural test booster. Here’s the good news; you don’t have to worry
about either of these issues with a natural testosterone boosting supplement. Why? Well, For the few herbal supplements that
actually have some supporting clinical evidence to show that they elevate testosterone
levels, they don’t elevate it very much – and certainly not to the super-physiological levels
that anabolic steroids do. In other words, natural test boosters might
boost your test levels a few points here and there, but they’ll still be
very much within the normal range. So these “issues” are not anything you have to worry
about. If there is an issue with safety with testosterone
boosters, it’s the same one all consumers face when they buy any
nutritional supplement – and that is… is what’s on the label, actually what’s in the
bottle? Did you know, for example, that over half
of the major drug recalls in the U.S. were for dietary supplements that
contained illegal drugs? Want to take a guess at the three most popular
supplement types likely to be contaminated? Sexual enhancement aids, weight-loss products,
and you guessed it… body-building supplements. So if there’s a danger with these products, it’s one you can’t do much about… contamination. And contamination doesn’t necessarily have
to be limited to drugs. As an example, a lawsuit was recently filed
against the makers of KSM-66 ashwaganhda – a supplement I’ve mentioned in this video already – because it contains undeclared milk allergens,
potentially posing a serious public health risk. The best advice I can give you here is buy
brand name products where at least you have some recourse should contamination
be an issue. You also may want to check out web sites like They check to see if what’s on what’s
on the label is what’s in the bottle. OK, guys that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this video – if you did a
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