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Are YOU a Karate Nerd™?

Are YOU a Karate Nerd™?

“Karate sucks” “Karate is boring” “Karate would never work on the street” These are just a few of the things you will
hear when you tell people you practice Karate. But what most people don’t know is that there are two kinds of Karate practitioners in this world: Those who suck at Karate… and those
who ROCK at Karate. That last group is called Karate Nerds™. You should become one. Get the FREE 7-Day Karate Nerd™ E-mail Guide, from, to learn the lost secrets of becoming awesome at Karate. Take your Karate to the next level. Become a Karate Nerd™. Visit – today. …or keep sucking forever.

15 thoughts on “Are YOU a Karate Nerd™?”

  1. This video is so persuasive… that I've already downloaded the Karate Nerd™ guide 15 days before you published it!

  2. I have heard those insults at the beginning whenever I tell someone I train karate and it is SO IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sir
    The pre 1930s 漢字 or kanji for Karate 唐(Kara/Tang) and 手(Te/Hand) and the post 1930s kanji for Karate was 空(Kara/Empty) and 手(Te/Hand) I have an ok understanding of that. When was the 漢字(kanji) Japanized from the 琉球口(Uchinnaguchi) or Ryukyuan language from 唐(To/Tang) and 手(Ti and or Di/Hand) into 唐手(Kara Te)? Thank you for your time. Osu

  4. I am in Karate and attend a real dojo. My belt for now is blue and I am ascending in rank at my dojo. Karate is cool for me.

  5. I practice karate under WKF rules. While I really enjoy it I also realize that it is a fact that WKF style karate can hardly work in MMA (and you just prove it by yourself don't you?). Lyoto Machida achieves a great success in UFC but he is the one and only example, sadly.

    Don't get me wrong, I love karate and I admire your contributions and achievements in karate, Jesse. But I'm just a highly skeptical person who put doubts on everything.

  6. It's weird…

    I write tons of Karate articles and books, publish rare videos, share knowledge and teach kick-ass seminars around the world.

    Yet – many people think my simple 7-Day "Karate Nerd" E-mail Guide is my BEST work!

    Have you read it? It's free. 🙂

    Check it out:

  7. Sweet video intro and definitely, I want to take my Karate to the next level and be a Karate nerd…Coming from a Kyokushin practitioner.

  8. It's funny that my name is Jesse and I do karate buuut I'm only a red belt and I'm a bit young (not even a teenager yet)

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