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Arenas and Falcons and Sand, OH MY! – S2E5 – The Now United Show

Arenas and Falcons and Sand, OH MY! – S2E5 – The Now United Show

[Music] [Applause] [Music] and out ways to make all my now United members I just arrived and look this just arrived in Abu Dhabi so we just landed [Music] didn’t see each other for a year did they put one week guys hi we are about to go down [Applause] [Music] as you might know we’re here and that all especially big and right now we’re going to the stadium because tomorrow we’re gonna perform in the opening ceremony [Music] okay we’re about to walk in on the stage to do our first soundcheck rehearsal and everything’s it’s so big and it’s the first timer before me as an arena dude this is incredible Oh speechless I just want to run can we rack we’re in that Olympic Stadium right now we’re seeing how many chairs there are here and I’m a little bit overwhelmed completely bro are you serious look at that this is so big the stadium is you I’ve always wanted to like perform in this stadium I can’t believe we’re actually it’s such a it’s such a big place I was doing those [Applause] right now we are currently going over all day in the city a little too much but yep I can’t put too much oh you guys should be inside I think inside yeah so you guys need to just spread it a bit we just finished rehearsals by the way Josh totally killed it he was our captain today and he whupped us in the shape and it’s exactly what we needed so MVP of the day thank you very much I don’t know how to count still I see it six seven hey the finish my muscles we work really hard it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be great tomorrow it’s going down baby it’s going down I moved up [Music] hey guys so this is a very special moment right now we’re getting to the chef’s side grandma’s in Abu Dhabi guys honestly that was so special and blessing and now we’re done for leading back to the hotel [Music] we’re getting our makeup and hair done this is the Z knot technique and one day everyone is gonna do is do not technique because it’s just the best way to do your makeup let’s get dressed so what I’m about to go on stage I never got nervous but I’m really excited for this one because there’s gonna be people all around the world watching us forecast for today is sunny no clouds at all oh we’re moving hey hi guys we’re backstage right now we getting hooked up to the packs ready to go on stage I do it my way [Music] thank you guys so much for having us thank you [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi nighters today we’re about to prank Siobhan because she’s the writing so let’s go [Music] as you all know that I just arrived so we gonna go and try some traditional Arabic food you know this is how I take our friendship okay what do you think is the most important thing when it comes to traveling either like honestly is the best thing about this is how is he gonna wash our hands cuz we’re gonna eat with our hands [Music] Wow it’s been such an honor to be here at the Special Olympics it is so inspiring to watch the Champions do what they love at the Special Olympics the amount of hard work and passion that they put into what they do is incredible [Music] good morning everyone I hope you’re good wherever you are in the world our last three days in Abu Dhabi have been amazing that’s so true like every time I lay my head in the pillow I can’t stop thinking about all of the amazing United Smith met yesterday yeah true I just wanted to hug every single one of them write something [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are currently at the Warner Bros studios in Abu Dhabi [Music] I was like making it funny that she actually is cool am i over it though no your honor it this this looks so much creepy and I’m so anxious to see what hey guys were in Paris just kidding we’re in Abu Dhabi but there are two Louvre in this world one in Paris one in Abu Dhabi this was built two years ago and we’re about to go in [Music] [Applause] this is amazing I don’t want to be it’s so insane that there’s stuff that is actually real like people thousands of years ago had it and we get to just see it right now [Music] [Music] I’m noticing anything so beautiful in my entire life this every little detail to the architecture I can’t talk so – be I so beautiful in here – endless beautiful day we’re gonna watch the light show the vibe is already perfect I’ve been to three [Music] someone told me that this place open like four days ago for the public before that no one could go in so we’re like one of the first people that can that actually went inside how lucky am i I just saw last the timing everything is just perfect right now today was so unreal it feels so blessed and thankful your gratitude and love important stuff in life if you guys are watching good now [Laughter] anyways don’t forget to be feeling like gratitude yes [Music] [Applause] hey guys it’s a Sandra sahi here and I have the huge honor to show these beautiful people around in my hometown which is Dubai I thought it would be really cute to you know show them around first thing in Dubai we found a hole it’s a slide that’s it’s like I’m taking the stairs we’re gonna be the cool cats yeah later [Music] [Music] we just are having the bite and our first stop is Burj Khalifa it’s so we found Empire State Building yeah but I know like this yeah guess we just have to see yeah well guys look behind us you can see a big hand this is a special hand sign that people use here in UAE and it Lintz win victory and love today now united is getting split by two there’s one group that’s going to Dubai Mall and there’s the other group is going to LCS let’s do it we just arrived at the heritage building I’ll sleep and it looks like Aladin it’s like over one of those places in the movies by today’s as mysterious and I wear robes and the GU magic we just found a super cool place it’s like it’s like old I like rich and culture do you see that that’s a falcon you guys didn’t know the fastest animal on this planet is the peregrine falcon so fun facts of Josh I heard that here Falcons are more common than dogs like everyone has that a pet I want a pet Falcon Linda she’s out Jeremy’s long-lost cousin while the others represent the village we came to the biggest mall in the middle list it’s called the diamond so much like I’m like we’re done at the mall and now we’re gonna meet the others and go to the boat [Music] what better way than exploring to buy and admiring the most beautiful views than to be on a boat so I arranged a little surprise for the whole now and I would see him and here we are now on the bow hey guys it’s been a long day here in Dubai and this is our last activity we’re here with Khalid I’m about to play a big match I’m gonna be a cheerleader I’m gonna be the cheer captain are you ready to support the now United team [Applause] [Music] [Music] cheerleaders have to be really quiet but I am afraid of pyramid [Laughter] [Music] I’m captain D and I have a squad with me and we put together a wonderful piece for the now United team for the halftime show we just played the game we finished 66 and now it’s time for the pennant you out right okay so my tactic is probably still look in one direction and then shoot the opposite let’s go right now we’re in sudden death okay so we finish the game and then we went to sudden death no one won it was a draw all right so all the fans have been telling us if you come to the United Arab Emirates like so we decided we’re just gonna spontaneously throw the desert it’s been an anger and we are doing that right now right now we are on our way to the desert and that’s how we are traveling [Music] it was fun in the beginning but then everyone fell asleep okay guys right now I’m literally stuck in about we just arrived up the desert and the door is stuck Cina guys [Music] our way casually to the rooms I love riding this board unfortunately we couldn’t see the sunset because we arrived a little too late to the desert but we gotta wake up early tomorrow to see the sunrise I’ve been so good night good night hi everybody we kind of just woke up and we realized that we missed the sunset yesterday so we decided to wake up super early today and see the sunrise we’re going to the top I feel like the sand is pushing me down have you been no really I mean senator yeah but it’s not like this it’s not like a huge desert okay and I never seen a sunrise from the desert you never think it’s gonna be pretty amazing so last night we were supposed to sleep really early but the sky was so free Amiens you know it’s like out in the balcony oh one thing I realize it’s so quiet because it’s so empty and I love that you can literally hear someone talking all the way there and you can’t never do that in the city I’ve been to desert before in India but I’ve never seen the sunset or sunrise I can’t wait to see the sunrise I think it’s going to be my food so yesterday one person told I was like there were like spiders and snakes and actually a little bit scared do you think like there’s gonna be like a lot of God I think so right now it’s 6 a.m. wow I feel like I’m in Assassin’s Creed and we’re about to find out the secret secret of Cleopatra hey hey okay so we’re in the desert right now we’re about to walk up to the top [Music] [Music] we made it to the top so right now we can watch the Sun face the Sun has just risen up and everyone is just taking in this beautiful landscape because it’s not every day we get to see something as beautiful my thoughts on this place are every single four seconds I want to do a lot of backflips off of all of these sand dunes and just toss it should I try it I’m gonna roll down sand dune [Music] [Music] hey guys it’s been a few minutes think they’ve given up I’m just gonna stay here all right what a wonderful way to start off the day at a great time now honestly this is this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I’m happy I get to share now we’re gonna get some breakfast and see what the rest of the day has in store for us me and Josh were arguing last night because we had three beds but one was like a pullout bed I was like dibs on the bed he’s like all right if you get the bags I get to wrap for my head is it called a Gupta I love it it’s so cool it’s there like take your head from the Sun in the heat of the desert I feel super Arabian we are on our way to animals and I’m so excited it’s gonna be the best part of this whole trip [Music] [Applause] they are so nice I can just have a love it for size okay so officially I love candles they are so nice and so pretty yeah so right now we are going to see baby candles I honestly can’t wait so can we just go please like honestly I have so many happy feelings I can’t even express this like I wanna oh my god I’m so happy there’s so many Maltesers on the floor this is good mama baby it’s just leaning on me can I be part of this family of camels so I’m so scared right now like this is so cool but I’m so spoiled that yeah cuz he’s looking at me like I’m gonna kill you 360 80 kilometres per hour Falken can guide yeah I wanna be Falcon look at the talons in this thing [Music] you’re gonna meet some dogs efendi we’re about to go Sam boarding it’s gonna be super late but to surf down these dunes there’s no snow here is that he’s about to go down and I found this extreme angle I don’t want to do this but I’m skin I’m gonna die so if I do it you guys better than freakin liked this video and subscribe if you’re not subscribed the craziest sans snowboard video ever flied I just know I love you blog oh thank you guys understand how hard it is to hike up a mountain you got this it’s the Seavey’s Hill I’ve ever had you live back in Abu Dhabi and this is our last day yeah we made some unforgettable memories here and I’m so excited to have our last performance in this amazing Stadium at the Special Olympic World Games thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to Like subscribe coming see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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