Argentina’s Youth trains in Karate for the YOG 2018 | Youth Olympic Games

Karate is a unique sport, It’s very different from others because it is a sport that requires
a lot of discipline, respect, team spirit and other very important values. The competitor, the karate athlete,
is a sportsperson, a human, a youth who invests a lot of their energy
in trying to control themselves all the time. They need, no matter what, to be able
to bring out the power from within them, to use maximum energy and maximum control all the time. Because of the way karate is scored,
it is better to be agile than strong, because if you’re more agile
you are faster than the others when scoring. Intelligence is one of the most important aspects of karate. During the fight, we have to think
a lot about what the opponent will do. If he is going to attack you,
you have to defend yourself and counterattack, if the opponent is waiting for you,
you have to find a way to attack without him being able to block the point. They must be a emotionally motivated athlete, they must control their instinct
and their personality all the time to be able to achieve successful contact
and be a measured and controlled athlete. The group of athletes that we have is a very young group and they are training to compete in these Olympic Games, but these Olympic Games are
the beginning of their sports career. When I realized the Youth Olympic Games
were going to take place in Argentina I didn’t feel the pressure, but instead
I felt calm, relaxed and proud that I could represent
my own country here, in my city. As we approach the Youth Olympic Games we are focusing on being more precise, and to polish the techniques we do against our opponents. The 2018 Youth Olympic Games, for me,
is a goal I need to achieve. I wake up everyday thinking about that and I train a lot so that I can achieve it.

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