Arizona Volleyball 3, Sacramento State 1

no Arizona football this weekend the Wildcats enjoying the second of their three bye weeks this season so with that the ladies took center stage on campus today let’s start over at McHale Center is that a volleyball enter their match against Sacramento State riding a seven match win streak a win streak which they had 121 consecutive sets does that even mean anything in the non-conference season well apparently not to Sacramento State final non-conference affair overall for Arizona the Hornets came in and stole the first set 32:28 sheriff fault with our roof this was a final test for sure the Wildcats they didn’t lose Paige Whipple killed it from the back row in this match she had 19 not off in the back but plenty cats started another set winning streak winning the final three in this one to take the match 3-1 but really 21 straight sets is that even a big deal well win in these games a non-conference obviously has a huge impact on our postseason and our chances of getting to postseason so winning those straight sets has obviously heightened and helped our position into getting into postseason but I think it also just gives us confidence there were moments through the last three weeks that we really played well we we have to get better I mean I’m not particularly pleased with how we played this week especially heading into the conference and on Thursday we got a lot of things to work on alright pac-12 conference play starts on the road for Arizona as it always seems to in Tempe on Thursday night against the Sun Devils it’ll be the first territorial Cup Series match of this new athletic year

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