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Artificial Intelligence Expert Critiques Sci Fi Movies

Artificial Intelligence Expert Critiques Sci Fi Movies

17 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Expert Critiques Sci Fi Movies”

  1. To make a human like AI, you would need to pre programme indefinite possibilities and give the AI all the tools to figure out the "correct" decision. An AI cannot learn to become a person, it can really only learn to do what task it has been told. It comes down to decisions and a computer cannot, at this time, make a complex decision like a human. And even if one could come up with it, the AI would need to grow like a human and make decisions based on based experiences and those experiences may effect unrelated decisions.

  2. She should have defined intelligence, too. After all, intelligence and consciousness aren't the same thing—surely insects are conscious, meaning that they are aware of their environs and aware of their awareness of their environs; but they aren't very intelligent. Perhaps she might have said that we have a type of self-awareness of the way others' self-awareness is a part of our own: I am aware of the fact that you are reading my words and am also aware of my awareness, just as I am aware of your awareness of my awareness. We are also beings who have capacities of memory, abstraction, imagination, speech, emotions, habits, and the like, that are far more complex than simply carrying out a task.

  3. The in-joke in the 2001 movie was the name of the Computer, HAL. By moving forward one letter for each of H A L you get I B M, the world's leading computer manufacturer at the time.

  4. I would love to hear her thoughts on the movie “I am Mother” about the robot who raised the small girl but ended up being evil.

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