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Asian Cheer Exchange 2018 | NOVA All Stars Singapore x ALTAS Perpsquad Philippines (ENG SUB)

Asian Cheer Exchange 2018 | NOVA All Stars Singapore x ALTAS Perpsquad Philippines (ENG SUB)

So there guys, I have just dropped them off Actually, it’s just Er Kee (on my last video) and now they are currently on training while I am on my way to work and I tried to buy some foods in the Hidden Canteen I should’ve bought my favorite burger when I was in college I actually planned to vlog that but I’m alone Timidity arises when you are vlogging alone in the Philippines So I just bought a Chicken Skin meal They have a branch inside the school’s hidden canteen I guess that’s a franchise or whatever, I dunno Next time I will do the #UniversityFoodHuntSeries in UPHSD Promise. I’m just not sure when can I shoot that because I need to file a leave from work so I dunno when exactly it’ll happen I’ll feature the top food picks in University of Perpetual Help So for now let’s go back to work, see you again later We’re having a night-out I’ll prolly attend the cheer training on Sunday because I need to be in the proper condition first and that’s it for today, see you later.. bye Hi guys I’m back and today is already Sunday we haven’t pushed through the night-out last Friday since everybody was tired so there, yesterday they have been to the Cheer Exchange in De La Salle Zobel together with the ALTAS Perpsquad and DLSZ Animo Squad today is the last day of the Cheer Exchange I’m wearing the NOVA shirt. T’was given to me last year when I visited their training in Singapore so now let’s see what’s happening there now, I might run-outta words (English) again for sure so let’s go guys! woah, I really missed this feeling cheer training day again after a while let’s see what stunt can I pull-off today because I’m afraid that I can’t do it anymore Though I’m sure that I can stunt, but maybe not as perfect as before I’m not in the same condition as before I’m not even sure about my weight Time check it’s 10:30am and we’re now here at the training this is actually the last day of the Cheer Exchange it’s DAY 3 and I’m with the Assistant Captain, Liza so how’s your training from the first day? you know, I actually ran-out of English, I’m not prepared it’s really hard the language barrier is one of the struggles how about now? I’m just sitting here thinking about what to say that’s why I’m here with you, I experienced the same last friday but seriously, they are doing great we’re you here during our first Cheer Exchange? yes 2014 Liza joined the team in 2014, during the first Cheer Exchange so she witnessed how strong is NOVA All Stars even before and now they are stronger as expected later, I’ll show you some of the stunts that they are doing right now, they are doing a pyramid so I just did some stunts after a while and they are really big and tall even though I feel I was heavy, it doesn’t matter to them I’m really happy! from Thursday to Sunday, I have lack of sleep but it’s fine because the training is worth it, it was very productive super productive! I’ll go back to work after this so guys, our training was really productive and I’m sure that everybody enjoyed it all throughout! we are really lucky because ALTAS Perpsquad gave us a chance for this training Cheer Exhange like this was a great help for the team because we are able to learn new techniques and approach to stunts and skills that we might use on our next competitions Thank you, Perps! until next time! How does it feel to be the only Filipino in the group? it’s good. I coped instantly because they are so much welcoming In Singapore, they are exposed to different cultures that’s why they haven’t had a hard time accepting me so it’s okay

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