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Athlete Brand Education for Sports Organisations

Athlete Brand Education for Sports Organisations

– [Narrator] All athletes
have an athlete brand but most don’t know what their brand looks like or how to identify it. Many of them feel like
they need to be famous or have a large online
following or have something exciting to sell to the world
in order to have a brand. They get caught up in self-doubt and confusion and never build their brand. But it doesn’t need to be like this. Athletes of all levels and in all sports all around the world have powerful brands. When athletes identify,
communicate and leverage their brand, they are able to act on the opportunities they
have always wanted to. There are many benefits to having athletes with strong brands in your organization. Through building their brand,
athletes are able to be better representatives of their
sport and their organization. They are able to grow the
profile of their club or sport, increasing both participation
and reputation levels. They can contribute to your social media and marketing activities, as well as those of your sponsors and partners. They can carry messages. They will be better equipped to become financially secure and independent, allowing them to focus
more on their sport, resulting in greater retention and better performance results. They are more skilled,
confident and capable athletes, preparing them for a better
journey through their sport and their transition out of sport. They are more visible,
improving the public perception of your sports organization. So, here’s how we can help. The Athlete Brand Builder is
a simple three step process, based on the three fundamental
building blocks of brand. Our online modules will teach
your athlete how to identify, communicate and leverage their brand. Your athletes will learn
how to make sure everything they do is congruent with
their values and vision and that of your sports organization. Each step has video and written tutorials, worksheets, templates and
examples from athletes who have successfully built
their brand in this way. We offer seminars, webinars
and full or half day group workshops for your athletes. Group workshops are designed
to help your athletes build their brand with
the support of our team of athlete brand experts in the room. In our holistic approach
to athlete brand education, we also offer additional
online group modules. These tailored module topics, such as social media, public
speaking and networking can be used to help your
athletes learn how to leverage and communicate their brand,
in line with their needs and the needs of your organization. We work globally and
if you choose to share your journey with us,
you’re in good company. Here are just a few of
our wonderful clients. Let’s talk about how we can work together to support your athletes to create valuable, meaningful
and sustainable brands. (upbeat music)

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