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Athletes Trust USANA: Sam Effah | USANA Video

Athletes Trust USANA: Sam Effah | USANA Video

– I feel like I’m a very unique athlete. I didn’t start as a kid. You know, I come from
a family of four boys and a younger sister, and
I was the youngest boy. So, it was like, my brothers,
they did all the sports. And, you know, my time to shine was when I went to university. So, I played football. I was too small. You know, I wanted to play basketball. I was too short. So, naturally, I was
like, let me try track. I loved having my own lane,
and it was like my own destiny. So, my first year of university, you know, I won a couple medals, nothing special. But my second year at university, I broke the Canadian national
record for university. So, to be the fastest
man in university history was a big deal, and I said to myself, if I can do that within just universities, let’s take it to the next level. Let’s push the Olympics. Let’s see what I can do. As a high performing
athlete, you get tested. So, it’s super important
for me to have product that can guarantee, you
know, me being clean. Because if you’re not
consistent in your nutrition, you’re going to be missing out. I have full control over what I can do. I wanna see how far I can go. So that’s my passion,
I’m just like, every day, I’m pushing it in the gym and I’m like, how far am I gonna go? You know, how fast am I gonna run? You know, how heavy am I gonna lift today? (soft music)

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