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Chris P: Nobody pull a hamstring! – Warm your buttcheeks up, warm up your buttcheeks! – Hot damn! Black Widow: Copy that! Thor: Yeah, come here you cob, yaaaargh Iron Man: Gah, I broke it. Thor: Ooh. (giggles) Scarlet Witch: (squeaks) – No, no, Pratt you had it there!
– Agh! Ant-Man: The thing about time travel – Chris E: Can’t believe I made a whole movie with this thing on. I just (laughs) Cap Marvel: Yeah, does this look cool? Doesn’t feel cool but if it looks cool that’s what matters. Thor: Do you have any idea what’s coursing through my veins right now? War Machine: Funyuns? (Crew laughing)
– Yes. Ancient One: Orange soda? Iron Man: We are getting the whole team, aren’t we? (bleeping) (Crew laughing as he struggles) (Hawkeye stares while BW loses it) Black Widow: See what I have to deal with here? 10 years of this shit. Rocket: All clear, which way? (noise of disgust) Thor: You say something?
– I said I wanted to claw my eyes out, – But unfortunately it wouldn’t do anything because I already saw the awfulness. – Will you focus?
Thor: I am focused. Rocket: This pretty place is about to get uglified real quick by a bunch of frickin’ elves. Thor: Do you know – I mean – I saw all these people die? So this – this is a little bit difficult for me. – So I want you to reach down deep inside and try and find a small ounce of humanity. R: Just give me the thingy.
T: (mimicking) Just give me the thingy. I didn’t even wanna come here. T: Remembering all these repressed memories.
R: God, get it together. – You’re embarrassing. All right, which way? R: You don’t know? You used to frickin’ live here!
– 1500 years, not forever. T: Think, yeah. Maybe.
R: We are dead. We are so so dead. Hayley Atwell: Peggy has a career and she a lot of self-respect. And she’s pretty sick and tired of lots of men kind of not taking her seriously in the army and you know playing around with her. (groan of pain) I think Peggy relates to Someone really fighting for they believe in and really having to struggle all the time to prove themselves and she being the only woman in This environment knows exactly what that feels like. It’s not just the normal everyday love story. There’s something else. Endgame Writers: In the same way that we love Steve, because he exhibits some sort of determination and selflessness. That’s the same thing that attracts her to him. Russos: Steve learned a lot from Peggy Carter to go back and look the first avenger That is the essential relationship that I think turned him into who he is today. Turn him into Captain America, her sense of integrity, Her call to action are all qualities that have been ingrained and Steve and are his best qualities and they come from example from Peggy and so I think it was critical that her character embody those essential qualities because it wouldn’t be who he is without them. Steve: We’re gonna need a rain check on that dance.
Peggy: week next Saturday at the Stork Club.
– You got it. Peggy: Eight o’clock on the dot don’t you dare be late. S. Johansson: I actually think that in some Weird and it is a very emotional thing but some weird twisted up Fateful way this character who you know has searched her whole life for a purpose actually Finds her purpose and it’s like this amazing super emotional beautiful thing. Hawkeye: You know what I’ve become. Black Widow: I don’t judge people on their worst mistakes. Hawkeye: Maybe you should.
BW: You didn’t. S. Jo: I feel very fortunate It’s been an incredible gift as an actor to be able to come back to a character that is complex as Natasha I think there’s a kind of a lot to explore there and that is so exciting. Jon Favreau: Robert has a whole career of great work behind him and he was at a point in his life in his career where he was Ready to break out and do something really big and exciting. Casting dir.: Jon was in love with the idea of Downey playing the part and we all felt so sure about him on a creative level Because he wasn’t instantly a slam-dunk approval. I suggested we have screen tests. I remember walking in with Robert Downey Jr. the day of the tests He was laughing and in great spirits and completely at ease and he got in front of the camera and started saying the lines Iron Man: I assure you the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace – I’ll happily transistor manufacturing bricks and beams for baby hospitals making hemp pants and the like but until that time, – Can I get you a drink? RDJ: I don’t wanna call it an out-of-body experience, – But it was one of those rushes that I’m sure like somebody would feel if they’re about to play a big sporting arena Playing for the ring or something like that – It’s just like “am I gonna pass out or am I gonna nail this?” Marvel’s co-president: On the day that Robert screen-tested, It was clear that there was no one else who can play that part Casting dir.: It was magic. It was exactly the feeling as a casting director With Kevin, with Jon, with everyone – that that we all wanted to have that feeling like we have it This is it. This is Iron Man. Chris H: Being able to do this new version of Thor it’s hugely liberating and – and fun. We had a big set of fat suit, which I think was at a 60 or 70 pounds. Chris: I’m gonna move.
Crew: That’s the shimmy. Chris: It was the hottest I’ve ever been. (laughs) Crew: How does that feel?
Chris: I mean, amazing. (laughs) And we had, obviously, the beard, the hair And had these things that go in the mouth that kind of plump out my cheeks a bit which sort of had a little effect On the voice as well, but probably in a good way. I mean, it was a different Thor. Thor: My name’s Thor, I’m 20 years old, Live on Asgard and I like sugar. 🙂 Paul Rudd: We’re shooting a super-hero film and here’s one of the most recognizable super-heroes But he’s just turned into a new character. What Chris does with that character and how it just kind of has this shift? His excitement was really palpable.
– (Chris laughs) Tessa Thompson: He’d been playing the character for a while and really wanted to find something new he has such dexterity as a talent He’s incredibly funny. He’s just really lovely energy. BW: Is he asleep?
War Machine: No, no, I’m pretty sure he’s dead. S-M: I don’t know how you’re gonna get through all that.
Scarlet Witch: Don’t worry, Okoye: She’s got help. Danai Gurira: It was really beautiful to feel this sort of Marvel sisterhood, you know, and we’re all coming from so many different films that we all came together Letitia Wright: It’s kind of like I see what you do. I know your powers, okay, Show me what you got and then we just clicked and we would just like cheer each other on Elizabeth Olsen: Everyone just kind of taking their turns moving around trying to help each other out is so fun. Crew: You share just – this connection.
Hayley Lovitt: Exactly. So there’s this connection without ever having met. It’s cool. It’s a really cool thing about the whole battle. Karen Gillan: That day was – insane – we were all in it together and it felt electric it was really really cool Gwyneth Paltrow: You know, I normally don’t watch a play back on the monitor but I wanted to see that reveal of all the women of Marvel and I thought it was really powerful and really exhilarating and I was thinking of all of the young girls in the audience who will probably feel really inspired by that in one way or another. So it was a really nice thing to be a part of. Stan Lee: It is indescribable. To work with creative people, especially people who make movies… It is such a thrill. It’s… Overwhelming when I think about it. And I keep saying to myself – “I can’t believe this is me. I can’t believe I lucked out this way.” Crew: Give it up for Stan Lee, guys! Woohoo! Yeah!
Stan Lee: Five lousy words they gave me to say! – Thank you so much. You’re a great director. Stan Lee: Something you never forget And thank you for all of this and I hope that I didn’t set interviewing back a few decades. (laughing) I’ll see you later. Thank you. I remember every cameo I’ve done since the first one. I Think I’m very lucky, I… Bruce Hulk: Four years, I’ve been treating the Hulk like he’s some kind of disease something to get rid of But then I started looking at him as the cure. 18 months in a gamma lab I put the brains and the brawn together and now look at me. Best of both worlds. – Excuse me, Mr. Hulk? Can we get a photo? Hulk: Yes, 100% little person. C’mon, step up. Ant-Man: Oh, okay.
Hulk: Thanks. Hulk: Say “green!”
– “Green!”
H: Did you get that? Ant-Man: That’s good. Do you wanna get one with me? I’m Ant-Man. Your whole fans like, they don’t know about Ant-Man. Nobody does, nobody does.
– He wants you wants to take a picture. He’s even saying no, he doesn’t! I get it. I don’t want a picture with him.
– They said they’ll do it. Hulk: (Stammers) But he’s gonna feel bad. You’ll feel bad. – Thank you, Mr. Hulk, thank you.
Hulk: Thank you very much. Hulk Out! Rocket: What the.. (Sniffs) Hoo, something died in here. Hello? Thor?
– You hear about the cable? Thor: Cinemax went out two weeks ago. The sports rope got kinda fuzzy (grunts) Thor: (yell of surprise) Oh my god, it’s so good to see you! Come here you cuddly little rascal,
– I’m good, I’m good! That’s not necessary! Hulk you know, you know my friends – Meek, Korg, right?
Korg: Hey, boys!
Hulk: Hey, long time no see. – Feel free to log into the Wi-Fi. No password, obviously Iron Man: Clearly, you weren’t actually born here.
Cap: The great idea of me was. Iron Man: Right. Well, imagine your shield running a quasi mystic intelligence organization, Where do you hide it?
Cap: In plain sight. Iron Man:Good luck on your mission, Captain.
Cap: Good luck on your project, doctor. – You’re new here? Cap: Not exactly. – You’ve never seen these two men before?
– Oh, I better hide the destitute and look efficient.
– Can you describe them? – Well, one of them had a hippie beard.
– Hippie like Bee Gees or Mungo Jerry?
– Definitely Mungo Jerry. – Yeah, this is Chesler I need every available unit in either sublevel six, we’ve- Iron Man: I thought my dad was tough on me and now looking back on I just remember the good stuff. You know, he did drop the out pearl.
Howard Stark: Oh, yeah, like what? Iron Man: No amount of money ever bought a second of time. – Smart guy.
– Did his best. – Say, that kid’s not even here yet and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Howard Stark: Good to meet you, Potts. Iron Man: Yeah. Howard, everything’s gonna be alright. Thank you. For everything. Damn to this country. Howard: Jarvis. You ever met that guy? Jarvis: You meet a lot of people, sir. Howard: Seems very familiar. Weird beard. (grunts and groans of pain) Thor: I knew it. (UPROARIOUS YELLING) Cap: Avengers! Assemble. (MORE UPROARIOUS YELLING) Thor: Give me that. You have the little one. Falcon: What the hell is this?
Iron Man: FRIDAY, what are they firing at?
– Something just entered the upper atmosphere. Rocket: Oh yeah! Cap: Danvers, we need an assist here. Spider-Man: Hi, I’m Peter Parker.
Cap Marvel: Hey, Peter Parker, you got something for me? Spider-Man: How are you gonna get through all that? Scarlet Witch: Don’t worry, Okoye: She’s got help. I am… In heaven. And I am Iron Man.

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  2. Breaks my heart that Nat couldn’t be there when all the other women came together in that huge scene and it was all I could think about😭😭😭💔💔💔she deserved so much better

  3. Its crazy how music can do so much for a movie and your emotions. Like the song 'Even for You' makes me cry just listening to it. I have an unhealthy obsession with Marvel I know don't judge me (but considering the fact that you are here on this video, you probably have one too 😉)

  4. for a while in the avenger girls scene I was wondering where is natasha and then I realized
    oh! she is dead

  5. i cried so badly on that moment Tony Stark meet his father in the past and both of them gives each other advices on how to raise a kid.
    the most beautiful scene ever

  6. "after all these years this woman finally finds her purpose" …yeh so your "purpose" was to commit suicide? yehhhhhh sorry mcmarvel but i'm not buying it.

  7. ⠀ ⠀
    ⠀ ⠀⣄⠀⣄⠀⡄⣤⣤⡄
    ⠀⡀⢾⡇⡇. ⡇⡇. ⡇⡇. ⡇


  8. True fun fact: Downey gets all the goggles for himself after every movie he does with Marvel, just because he stole one from the set in the first Iron Man movie. Notice when he is speaking in front of the camera, he is wearing the Edith goggles.

  9. When I went to see end game, everyone in the cinema room went crazy when cap held the hammer


  10. half of it is just normal, not blooper, not deleted, not bonus, all in movie .. great first 10 minutes though

  11. @1:06 Scarlett is such a wimp! The public can withstand the silly Avengers crap another 20 years easily, they are accustomed to eat shit without a grimace of disgust in their face.

  12. Don't know why the poster considers these deleted scenes. They were All in the movie. At least the version i saw anyways.

  13. I grow up watching all these superhero movies so I cried when we lose them (Black Widow and Iron Man). Luckily we still can see Black Widow in her standalone movie. I hope RDJ will be featured in cameo/special appearance in future marvel movies.

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