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Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

When people ask me to describe
my executive producer Andy, one word comes to mind,
really just one word, and that’s “average.” [LAUGHTER] And it’s why I love
sending him out into the world to
learn how to do things from his highly
trained professionals that he hooks up with. And this year, the LA Rams
are allowing male cheerleaders for the first time ever. So I said, well,
Andy, you should perform with them on the field. Go learn the thing. And so please enjoy. [MUSIC PLAYING] He’s an executive producer
on the Ellen show. He works hard every day. [LAUGHTER] He’s super duper
awesome at what he does. But he’s average
in every other way. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re the Los Angeles
Rams cheerleaders. [LAUGHTER] And I’m Andy. [LAUGHTER] Good? [MUSIC PLAYING] And 7 and 8 and 1, 2,
3, 4, move to the beat. I have to do all this? Now, everyone, face front, good. You’re now getting pumped. Hi, I’m Andy. Andy, I’m John. How do you do? How are you? Please help me. I’m going to help you. [LAUGHS] All right, everyone,
four lines, quick, quick. 1, 2, then you’re going
to start your lawnmower. And 3, 4. 2, hit, 3 and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now, we walk. So here’s where we’re at. I’m feeling very nervous. I would say I’m uncomfortable
with everything that requires movement to be honest with you. 6, roll your neck,
it’s gonna hurt. Whip it, 1, 2, 3, and watch
the wave, 5 and 6 and 7 and 8. No matter what– I feel like the cheerleaders
are in better shape than me. I feel like they work
out more than I do. I feel like they’re more fit. I feel like I’m out of
place in so many ways. How long’s the whole bit? What is this one, a minute-10? Oh, OK. This one’s a short one,
minute-5, minute-10. OK, OK, yeah, I’m like in the
minute, minute-10 range usually too. OK, good. [LAUGHTER] You got me feeling hella good. So let’s just keep on dancing. 3, 4, good, Andy. That was good. [CLAPPING] Lot of clapping. Turn to the front, 5 and 6. [CLAPPING] All right. You know what Ellen never does? What’s it? Give me this kind
of encouragement. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you think it’ll fill up? Because I’d be a
lot happier if this was pretty much the turnout. [LAUGHS] So this is my emotional
support daughter Erin who came with me today. I begged her. All day yesterday I said we
have to rehearse the dance. She was waiting. She made no plans the whole day. And I just kept pushing
it off out of nerves. And I never ended up rehearsing. She knows the entire dance. Yeah. 4, turn around and clap on 8. 5, 6, jingle bells
and a T, clap, get your knee, walk around, 1. You guys, he’s
literally so nervous. [MUSIC PLAYING] What? You’re gonna go get changed. What, I guess it’s all in here. It’s all in there. All right. Hi. Yeah, no, I feel
great about myself. [LAUGHS] How unflattering is it? [LAUGHS] Oh my god, you can
like, see stuff. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know how
to– what to do. I don’t either. [LAUGHTER] How do you hide it? [LAUGHTER] Oh god, this is all I have to
worry about now is my wiener. [LAUGHTER] It is a gorgeous
Sunday afternoon in Southern California. The 3, 2, and 1, Packers rolling
in to take on the LA Rams. [CHEERING] Oh god. I’m nervous and I’m
in a straight-up panic because it turns out people
come to football games. [LAUGHS] I haven’t danced
since my bar mitzvah. Help me. Remind me something. Tell me something good. We’re behind by 7. We need this. OK, got it. The Rams needs you. They need me. They need you. OK. And that should be the final
play of the opening quarter. Be ready. Oh my god, the quarter’s over. I know. This is now? It’s now Go, go, go, go. Oh god. [LAUGHS] Oh god, help me. Come on, Andy. Yeah, Andy. All right, here we go. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – JOAN JETT
& THE BLACKHEARTS, “I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL”] Andy, go. Come on, Andy. I love rock and roll. So put another dime
in the jukebox, baby. I love rock and roll. So come and take your
time and dance with me. [CHEERING] I love rock and roll. So put another dime
in the jukebox, baby. I love rock and roll. So come and take your
time and dance with me. [LAUGHS] [CHEERING] Singing I love rock and roll. So put another dime
in the jukebox, baby. I love rock and roll. So come and take your
time and dance with me. [APPLAUSE] The Los Angeles
Rams cheerleaders. [CHEERING] All right, thank you. Oh my god. What happened? What just happened? Bye! I feel so encouraged. All right, I think we’re going
to turn the game around now with that. For the LA Rams, 29-27 win. Andy! Andy! Andy! You hear that? Ellen, Ellen? Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy! He’s average in every other way. [APPLAUSE] All right, Andy, you did
really, really, really average. Thanks to Andy. Thank you to the LA
Rams cheerleaders for taking such good care
of my little tiny dancer. [LAUGHTER] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like “ball peen hammer” and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]

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  1. I was drinking sparkling water and when andy said "omg, I see stuff" IT WENT UP MY NOSE AND I SPIT IT OUT.

  2. Andy can do better than me and I’m trying out right for cheer / drill 😂 and I’m so sore LETS GO ANDY

  3. i’d really like to see ellen being supportive and affectionate to him because he doesn’t seem like the most confident guy.

  4. Anything that involves Andy is my favorite hahah Ps. They should do like three haunted houses with him because those videos are the best lol

  5. I truly love this guy. His willingness to do whatever he’s asked simply amazes me. Of course, he’s paid VERY WELL and I’m sure that helps A LOT!!! 😀

  6. Omg he actually did freaking amazing!!! I'm so proud im like a proud mama! I'm still a kid tho 😂😂😂

  7. The Rams are the best football team on this planet thank you so so much for letting him do something with the rams!!

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