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**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Locker Room | Omeleto

**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Locker Room | Omeleto

Chloe! Meg! Yeah, back here Meg! Chloe! yup, back here! (floor squeaking) Bye guys Bye See ya Yeah Connor! Good job! Keep it up, keep it up Cheers colour (Laughing) Hurry up or I’m coming in! Yeah, one sec (Boys talking and laughing) Ah! Hello! Hi Um, after you Maybe not What’s so funny? Ah, nothin’. How was training? Pretty standard. Right, I’m hungry, so we’re going to yours for food And he’s hungry and she’s hungry; let’s go To mine? Yeah, to yours. Come on, let’s go Dude, I’ve got stuff to do! Aw, do it later! You have the principles memorised? Respect, responsibility Reasonableness -But you got it in? -Yeah, yeah, Dad made sure of that I dunno dude, I dunno if I can just, be bothered! Yeah, who has to get it though? Me! I actually heard Bridget from camp said she applied last week I can’t imagine anything worse than Fridget as school captain Now I hope I do get in She could get biased though Gosh Connie, you smell like egg! -Nope, no, no -It’s ok Connie I mean I try to use as much deodorant as I can Woah! Mrs Wilson’s had a busy day! Is that lace I see? Oh dude, that’s hot Uh oh, you left something there, buddy Where? – On the bed – Oh, there. Right You can pick it up for me instead of being a flop Dude, like what is that? Do you have something to tell us? Like do you sleep with him? Like on your chest or something? Shirt off, with Ms. Squiggles right here (Laughing) I’ll be back (water running) Hi Hi sorry (laptop slams shut) that was quick Yeah What’s up? Nothin’ Nah – Dinner’s ready Yeah, meatballs! She’s sleeping, Shhhhh (Whispering) Come here, watch this – I was just… -Just left my phone That.. that video wow! yeah. It, it’s not like we’re gonna spread it around or anything Just with the rest of the team? It’s just Mac being a dick. You know what he’s like I dunno..I didn’t think you’d… No.. No, you’re right I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have.. looked at I’m sorry It’s fine Right? Are you hungry or something? Yeah, dinner I found this page.. online when I was at my friend’s house the other day and… I found this group chat of the, um.. the boys on the football team and they were… sharing photos of girls from my year but mainly from the years below and they were… rating them and saying things about them, that were… not right and laughing about it and then I found this video… fuck I’m talented talented as shit (whistle blows) bring it in boys Carls! Carla! Carla, hey! Hey, what’s up? Um, what you and I had spoken about right, like you didn’t tell anybody anything did you? hang on, hang on, hang on I’m just kinda freaking out right now, you didn’t tell anybody what you and I had spoken about, right? – Hey! You told her? No, no! No, no, no, I didn’t tell her I told you she wouldn’t get it -No, no I didn’t tell her, she found it on my laptop – what the fuck does that mean? -I know I shouldn’t have seen it – No, wait Carla, I don’t understand; you told me it was fine Yeah, but I guess.. I just felt kinda gross about it afterward Fucking hell Carla, what is your problem? What is your problem? -No, hang on, hang on – Oh shit, Carla, I don’t know We might just get suspended for this because of you. Because you don’t have a fucking sense of humour! Well I’m sorry I didn’t find it as funny as you! ( angry shouting) Well fuck you I didn’t want to get you in any trouble, I just… Ugly fucking bitch Fuck you Mack! -Fuck me? Fuck you! -Woah, woah, woah, wait! Shush! Carla! I think.. you should leave now Finn! Let’s go! Finn! Come on! Carla?

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Locker Room | Omeleto”

  1. Ohhhhhhh! Big big trouble them boys are in now! What they did was sick and wrong, but I really don’t think the girl should have told on them though, at least not to a teacher. She shld have gone to her BF’s parents so they cld deal with it “out of school”. Or maybe she shld have threatened to tell if they didn’t stop it. This cld phuck those boys up for life and it was just stupidity.

  2. Beautiful (cinematography-wise) and thought-provoking short. Also, thanks for adding subtitles. They're very useful for non-native English speakers, as well as people who are hard of hearing or can't hear at all.

  3. There locker rooms are different then mine in mine girls are twerking and seeing who's ass is bigger 🤣 it's hilarious one time this boy put an axe bomb in the girls bathroom and I laughed bc all the girls were like WTF WHO PUT AN AXE BOMB IN HERE 🤣🤣🤣

  4. For everyone saying that the boys shouldn’t of got in trouble for rating girls. It could make any gender want to keep lol themselves. They were even a sing them to rate which is illegal. So suck on my pp

  5. Ok but why does this go hard??? Like??? The acting is so good and it’s so realistic??? Why am I in love with it????

  6. Everyone; boys and girls can relate to being self conscious. And some boys can totally relate to being not having proper education about how you socially, morally treat girls and just everybody in general.
    The best part for me is the end when carla chooses to side with the right thing to do and somehow she helped those girls because SOMEONE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. and when a girl is suddenly there to support and i just look at it like girls supporting girls in wholesome and nothings more awesome done supporting each other and its for the purposes that will helped each one of us in a good way.
    Gosh this really made me do that👆

  7. that video of the unconsious girl was absolutley disguisting. How dare these men! its so heartbreaking how people think thats okay. how many women ( and some men who are victims ) are affected by this. Absolutley heartbreaking.

    i hate how some men talk and act this way. we are not their objects. where have all the good true men gone. its so hard to find them anymore

  8. For everybody that is confused, a few boys on the football team made a group chat where they rate girls for their attractiveness. The video was of a girl who was sleeping /unconscious and the boys were lifting up her skirt and recording it.

  9. I’m crying that is so sad. It hit me in the heart. I have been through something similar, where I wasn’t fearful of being sexually assaulted, I was sexually assaulted. And it was by girls (I’m a girl too) It has been going on for about a year or two and I didn’t even know it was assault because it had happened to others and so often too, I though it was girls being girls and playing and just making a little extra dirty jokes. I don’t want to give you all the details and what happened, but I told the principal and so far things are getting better. That is just a fraction of the train wreck of a school life I have though. And I don’t want to lead into any other stories or affect anyone who believe that my beliefs are wrong in the other stories. But this was just so sad 😭

  10. Isn't this about the stereotypes. The standard each society sets for what and how something is perceived. I found the girl's rectitude and conception of beauty hindered by those around her.

  11. When you're in highschool, your friends are as important as your grades ( at least for me it was). So for Carla to tell on her friends was such a brave act. In the end, highschool is only a small part of her life but her integrity and self-worth will forever be a part of her.

  12. This was so sad and disturbing. Unfortunately this seems to be the Norm with many of today's society. I'm so thankful my daughter didnt

  13. I confessed all my sins to my wife before I asked her to marry me. She forgave and said yes. But big chance she would not if she would be confronted with my sins like here. We all sin. Why don't we stop with God's help and have happy life's?

  14. I don't tolerate bullying and I do hope people who do wrong to others watch and learn what they have done to others

  15. Well – she did the right thing after all they were taking pictures of this girl in removing her clothes and positioning her for their amusement is WRONG! Anyone that thinks differently is a damn pervert and how would they like if it was their sister someone did this to? huh? So glad she told the teacher!!

  16. Comments say ending should have been better.
    I say that's a perfect ending like how life is. No one helps in fighting our battles. You are actually left all alone in the field of life how she was left alone. Facing our own battles alone. Just a friend to hug that's all. Thats reality.
    Good one Omeleto.

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  18. I honestly would have tried to talk with the three of them before exposing them, but… she definitely did the right thing. You deserve better friends, Carla.

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