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BABY FEVER – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S2 E5

BABY FEVER – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S2 E5

[Music] [Music] hi hi I can hide it like later huh hi Daddy do it hi Wow kids are amazing yeah they really are I mean they can be a pain in the ass people what because I’m high they’re so open beautiful yeah it’s very sweet so you have kids oh no not yet I’m maybe Sunday I’m I’m not ready yeah well I mean you’re never ready to mess somebody up for their entire life but you just have to do it just take the plunge yeah have a good one bye the weirdest thing just happened to me I was at the park and I saw this little girl she was just laughing and playing and I was kind of laughing with her and then her mom came out of nowhere and just like shielded her from me it made me feel terrible like it was some kind of freak or something are you okay what’s going on I thought we were just switching bodies but I think we’re actually experiencing each other’s hormonal instincts like for the first time today I felt this insane love for children this overwhelming desire to be a parent I totally understand how the beautiful would be to create a child with you wait what am I saying am i setting this or you did you feel that what’s happening I have no idea okay I feel so weird going on [Music] Oh [Music] thanks everybody for watching the switching bodies episode 5 stay tuned to the cleanse because next week we have a very special surprise for you and after next week is the last five episodes of season 2 of switching bodies watch some brand new weird clean shit you haven’t seen before clicking right here and we’re the other two guys the Clunes thanks for maintenance have a great day

66 thoughts on “BABY FEVER – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S2 E5”

  1. i feel like the ending should be that lauren and mitch stay in eachother's body. Because they really like being eachother

  2. Gotta love the sexist "man interacting with infant = child molester" stereotype. smh. unfortunately very true.

  3. 1:50 When you don't wanna show the brand because Apple isn't gonna pay you to and you don't wanna give them free advertising… XD

  4. I'm kind of confused about the voices; do other people hear the characters as their birth body's voice?

    Or are the voices just swapped to keep the audience from getting confused?

  5. but if they have a child and then switch bodies with the child will they STEAL ITS YOUTH, CONTINUALLY HARVESTING NEW CHILDREN TO ACHIEVE IMMORTALITY?! 😱

    best series, cute adults AND babies; 10/10 ♥️♥️♥️

  6. WOW! that came out of no where!! Brilliant! Mitch got Lauren's material instinct & Lauren – seems to be gettingitno it as well. Not sure what happened at the end. Did they swap back>Or did they get more of ech other's emotional make up? Cant eait to find out. Bravo!

  7. I've been that *male creep.. smiling at a kid thinking: Aww I want one. Then from all corners, I can sense mothers and other females arming themselves for the hunt.
    / congratz Evil, you even managed to overpower the possibility of Good.

  8. Mitch ,are you Kenneth who always has a pen?! ( hallmark )
    Oh this ending though! Can't wait for episode 6 🙂

  9. I like that this is one of the few body swap series that doesn't have the predictable "man is sexist, swaps body with woman, realizes how hard being a woman is and repents" shtick. It's refreshing to show that yes, there is discrimination in society against men that many women are ignorant of.

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