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Baby Scared ! Toys and Dolls Fun Playing with LOL Surprise Babies at the Playmobil Amusement Park

Baby Scared ! Toys and Dolls Fun Playing with LOL Surprise Babies at the Playmobil Amusement Park

(carnival music) Crystal Queen: Oh, I’m so glad this thing
stopped! I was dying!! BABY: Again!! Again!! Let’s go on again!! Crystal Queen: Uh…no… Let’s go on another one! Dancer: No, let’s go on this one again! It was super fun!! BABY: Yes! Let’s go! The last one there is a rotten egg!! Crystal Queen: Oh no…not again. BABY: Woo-hoo!! Dancer: Woo-hoo!! BABY: Yay!!! (music) Crystal Queen: Oh no… Oh, it finally stopped. I really hope they don’t want to go on this
again. BABY: Now let’s go on the swings!! Dancer: Yes! Yes! Let’s go!! Crystal Queen: The swings…? BABY: Let’s go!! Before the ride starts again!! How are the swings? Basketball: Oh, they’re great! They loved them so much that they’re going to go on again! But we want to go try the spinning space ships! BABY: Oh yes! We just came from the spinning space ships, and they’re just great!!! Crystal Queen: Oh no, it’s about to start! I’m so scared!! (music) My stomach really hurts. BABY: And now the pirate ship! Dancer: Yes! Let’s go! Crystal Queen: Oh no! What a terrifying ride! BABY: It stopped! Let’s go on!! Crystal Queen: *crying* BABY: What’s wrong? Crystal Queen: I’m not having fun!!! *crying* I’m not having fun! Dancer: Oh no! Why not?? Crystal Queen: Because I don’t like these
rides! I get dizzy *crying* and they scare me! *crying* BABY: Oh! You should have told us. Crystal Queen: No, because then you guys would have thought that I’m a scaredy cat. Or that you were wasting your trip *crying* BABY: None of that! We’re your friends, and we don’t want
you to feel bad! How about if we go get an ice cream, rest
a bit, and after, we go on a ride that all of us like? Crystal Queen: Really? Dancer: Of course! Let’s go! Storieswithdolls: Hi boys and girls!! Today we were playing with these amusement park Playmobil toys, and guys, I have some bad news. We didn’t get to 3,000 likes. But, the good news is I still got more LOL dolls for those of you who did like the video! And, we can always get there with this video, don’t you think? Come on guys, hit that like button! But, let’s start by opening these playmobil toys that are honestly just amazing. Let’s start with this ride, it comes with
some spaceships, but since we have a lot to look at today, we’re going to build this
super super quickly! Oh wow! The background changed and everything!! Well this is even better, I think it looks
nicer this way. And here we have them, it came with these
three little people. And I’m going to put them here, one on each cart. And their hands come specially made so
it looks like they’re actually grabbing the handle bars. These Playmobil toys are always super amazing and super realistic. Here we have these lights, and even though
they don’t really turn on, they still look super realistic. And I have good news!! This ball here in the middle really does light
up!! So let’s check it out. Ooh, and with this stick here we can
make the ground spin and it makes it look like an actual ride in an amusement park! It has some very galactic decorations, there in the background we can see space, planets, stars. Here on the floor we can see even more stars, and the spaceships. Oh my gosh, they’re just amazing. The next ride is this pair of pirate ships. Friends, I thought it would be fun to mention that this is actually my favorite ride when I go to fairs. And in the comments, I’d love for you all
to tell me what your favorite ride to go on is when you go to the fair. Let’s open it. And again, just like last time, we’re going
to build it super quickly! Oh yay!! This one also changed the background. Let’s look at my favorite ride: the pirate
ship! And my favorite part is actually when it goes all the way up like this and then goes back down. This set also comes with three little people,
that can also grab on to the bars. It looks like the adult can grab on with both
hands, and this little girl here can’t reach all the way to the other one. And with this knob here on top, we can make the pirate ship swing. And over here on the other side we also have another little knob. Both at the same time… Woohoo!! How fun! This made me want to go to the fair now! And here we have this other ride, that are
like swings. And I don’t know about you guys, but this
ride kind of scares me. And we’re going to build this one really
quickly too! And the swings are ready!! And this set comes with four little people. And the swings come with this button up here to turn on these lights. And just like the other sets, these dolls
can really grab on to the handlebar. And with this crank here we can start the
ride. The faster we do it, the higher the swings
fly. What a fun fair!! And here I’ve dimmed the lights so we can
appreciate the toys’ lights more. And now we’re going to open more LOL dolls! Friends, I’m super excited because the store let me keep the box! And look at what a beautiful box!! Here it shows us all the seven layers that
the doll has. And friends, even though I’ve done other
videos on these dolls and I know you guys know what each layer is, let’s go through
them really quick just in case someone is new and has never seen these before. The first layer is going to be a secret message that tells us about the doll’s personality. The second layer is stickers of things that
the doll can do. She can either cry, spit, pee, or change color. The third layer is her bottle. The fourth layer is her shoes. The fifth layer is a dress, the sixth layer
is an accessory, and the final seventh layer is the doll. And since I’m hoping that today we’re
going to get new dolls, I already have my ice water, which is what we need to see if
they can change colors. And let’s start with the first ball! Actually, I’m going to pick a ball that
we’re going to open last, and that’s going to be our good luck ball. So let’s start with…. Mmm let’s see, let’s see… This one! First layer! Secret message that says Best Friends. Second layer, stickers of what the doll can
do. Surprises. Here we’re going to open three layers at
once. The water bottle, the shoes, and the outfit. And as I look at this outfit, I can tell that
this baby is a duplicate! We already have her! And I’m going to look for her here in this
box of LOL dolls that we already have. So I’m just going to put her away for when
I want to customize these dolls to make them look like other characters. I did that for Miraculous Ladybug, and if
you haven’t seen that video, I’ll leave the link here! Another ball! Let’s get this one that’s right in front
and easy to grab. So it looks like this doll is a lucky devil. Stickers of what they do. Boys and girls, I like to open the accessories first, because that way I know whether the doll is a duplicate or not. And in case she’s a duplicate we don’t
want to waste any time. If she’s a duplicate, I can just show you
the doll I already have. And this one is a duplicate. This is the doll that comes in the ball. Friends, really quickly, I’m just going
to show you this flyer again with all the dolls so that we can remember which ones I’m looking for. And it’s mainly just this one, Teacher’s
Pet, and the Rocker. But I would also like to get this one, because we don’t have this one yet, and from the ones here on top we’re still missing Cosmic
Queen. So those four are the ones that I hope we
can get today. Are they here or not?? We’ll only find out if we keep opening the
balls! And this tells us that this LOL doll is kind
of grumpy. What they do. Her bottle, her shoes, let’s open three at once! Ohhh I think we got a duplicate. And it’s the surfer! And we still have some here, let’s mix them
around! Let’s see… which one has the one I want? Hmm…this one! Haha she likes to party! Here they tell us what they do. And now the moment of truth! I think by just opening the outfit we’ll
know whether it’s a duplicate or not. And it’s a duplicate! It’s this cute little girl here who roller
skates! Let’s play around a bit with the balls. Ah! The box broke! And this one is very fancy. What they do. Dun-da-da-dun!! Aaaand we already have her. It’s this cute little dancer that I
have here. But we still have a good chance of getting
the ones that I want! And let’s not forget about the good luck
ball that I took out in the beginning! We have a smart one!! Drum roll please! Are we going to get the one with the glasses? Teacher’s Pet? I don’t know! But this secret message could be telling us
that we will be!! Let’s take out the outfit. Aaand we already have her. Here she is. I’m going to grab the one aaaall the way
in the back. And she’s super cool. And now for the moment of truth! Aww, it’s a duplicate of the duplicate haha. Because I already showed you guys that I have her. The good news is that this one is one of my favorites, I love her dress and I love her pink hair. This doll that we have in here is a bit shy. Haha we already have her. I can’t find her!! So I’m going to put this one together for
those of you that don’t know her. She comes with this bottle, this bow as an
accessory. Friends, something I really like about these
dolls is that they’re clothes are really easy to put on. Let’s put on her boots, and want to see
what she does? Ka-plume!! She changes colors, and also, let’s see
if she pees or spits or cries. I think she spits, let’s see. Haha yeah, she spits. And for those of you who might not know these dolls, I want to show you that she comes with this little seat where the doll can sit,
this becomes a table so the baby can eat. And there’s like a little cup holder where
her bottle goes. And another thing this ball does is it acts
like a stand. And it also comes with a handle, so we can
take the doll wherever we go! Lucky devil. Friends, I would be really sad if they started
releasing series 2 and we still hadn’t found the ones we’re missing! Aww this one is a duplicate too. And as an accessory she comes with some black sunglasses. Now instead of being twins, they’re going
to be triplets haha. But we still have three chances of getting
one that we don’t have, plus the lucky one! She’s a hot shot. And it’s the second duplicate of a duplicate. We have another shy one. Let’s see who we got now. It’s the cat! Ok, we only have two left and I have to be very lucky if I want one to be the rocker and the other one to be the teacher’s pet. This one likes to party. But anything can happen! As long as we still have balls, then we still
have hope! Stickers. Friends, there’s something I want to tell
you. I’ve been super happy because you guys have been giving me so many likes and leaving me so many wonderful comments, and that makes me just so so happy! I also want to make all of you happy, and
I know sometimes I get mean comments, but most of you guys leave me just the sweetest comments, and you make me so happy when I read those! So please keep leaving them, I love to read
them, and it really gives me motivation to keep on making videos that make you guys happy too! And we have another roller skater for us to
convert into a different character! And here we have the last one. Ahhh boys and girls, look into her eyes and
tell me who this doll is going to be! In the comments, don’t forget to tell me
who you guys think it is! And she’s a bit grumpy. Our last chance!! Let’s see who it– *sigh* duplicate. The cat! Friends, I’ve opened about 60 of these balls
now, all from different stores, during different days of the week, I can say very confidently
that even though these say they’re popular, teacher’s pet, rocker, and the one that looks like Marilyn Monroe, are the ones that are the real ultra rare ones. But one of you guys told me that the ones
that I want are going to be coming out during Easter. Maybe that means that I should buy more after it comes. That way I have a better chance of getting

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