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Balayage KARATE des 2 jambes – Ashi Barai

Balayage KARATE des 2 jambes – Ashi Barai

Hello and welcome on this new karate video. Today we continue with Ashi Barai, but this time I sweep his 2 legs. The last time we swept the front leg. Sweeping only 1 leg. It happens in combat, and believe me, I have done it many times in competition whether in traditional karate or jutsu,
is to sweep both legs. I attack Maite and then Gyaku Zuki, and then I go inside to catch the 2 legs. The movement must be done in 1 action. If one decomposes it too much, which I do afterwards, by decomposing it one loses speed, one loses movement, one must remain in action. There must be no stop to make it work. Use the speed to sweep both legs. I do not hit him, I sweep. I just sweep the two legs. I sweep the legs. Let’s move closer. It is very important, if you stay too far,
you will do a Low-Kick That’s fine, it works very well and it falls because it hurts, but it’s not exercise. I get close, the important thing is that my hip comes super close to him and I push like this. Let’s get back closer. I come in very close and look at my foot, he stands behind. I come to push with my arm,
in the opposite direction of my leg. It’s like a chisel, it’s crossed. The ideal is when he backs off on my attack. He goes back, because I am closer. You see in this situation, it is useless to sweep the front leg, because it has no more support. It is therefore necessary to recover the second leg. 1, 2 and I go in deeply. The important thing is to properly place my hips, to wrap around and to be close to him. Second thing is to go DOWN. Your center of gravity must be lower than his. I am taller, therefore my center of gravity is higher. So my center of gravity must be lower than his. I have to go down more. If you are smaller than your partner, this is an advantage, your center of gravity is lower. On the other hand, if you are taller,
you will have to go lower. In 1 action: 123. Let’s do it another time. Your turn. And if you liked the video, leave me a comment, like it and share it with your friends. Thanks for watching.

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