Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading Safety Tips

Hi! I’m Megan with the MedStar Health Digital Team and I’m at the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading Tryouts to find out how MedStar Sports Medicine takes care of Baltimore’s cheerleaders. MedStar’s unique relationship with Ravens is that we’re the only team in the NFL that has a co-ed stunt team as well as a dance team. We’re the only team that performs these acrobatic elements one after the other on game days, at practice, at appearances. And it’s extremely important that we partner with MedStar because they provide the best quality care in our situation. And because of that, it allows us to do a lot more on the field and off the field. Hi! I’m Kim Bosley I’m the Director of Athletic Training Services for MedStar Sports Medicine. I’m also the Head Athletic Trainer to the Baltimore Ravens Cheer and Dance Team. Tips to keep cheerleaders safe: I think appropriate warm up is the biggest thing. The way that they are straining their bodies, you need to make sure that you’re appropriately warmed up and appropriately stretched out. Things that they do are very difficult When we’re training a new skill make sure you have a spot. You always need an extra set of hands to make sure that the person who is going in the air, or even the person that is supporting that person, has a back-up. We always work technique first We work technique on the ground before we actually do all these acrobatic elements in the air. And I’m always telling my kids that it’s not just running and it’s not just staying fit from a cardiovascular or strength standpoint, you need to get enough sleep, you need to make sure you’re hydrating, and you need to make sure, like, you’re taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

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