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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Advanced Cheer Stunts from a Prep Position

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Advanced Cheer Stunts from a Prep Position

Our next stunt is a prep, followed by an extension,
back to a prep and then into a pop cradle for a dismount. As with any stunting, be careful,
safety is very important. Always use mats when you first start out, and make sure you
have someone to spot you when you’re beginning. Ready, five six seven eight. One two three
four five six seven eight, one two. Extension, ready, one two, down up. Down, ready, one
two down. Pop cradle, ready, one two.
This stunt is a prep followed by an extension, followed by a sweep, now everybody needs to
know we must be careful when you do this. Safety is important. Always use a mat and
make sure you practice with proper spots. Five six seven eight. One two three four five
six seven eight, one two. Extension, ready one two. Sweep, ready, one two.

100 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Advanced Cheer Stunts from a Prep Position”

  1. i used to be a flyer (now i switched to middle school cheer and we're not allowed to do "big stunts like these" its stupid) but now im a base and when I was a flyer before I could never do my extension liberty. I dont know why, i could do EVERYTHING else just not the extension liberty!!!

  2. ya, haha. i thought it was funny about the hoops. lol you cant wear jewlry when stunting…haha. that's the first thing i noticed.

  3. um…. yeah i coach cheerleading and fifth grades that have no try outs can do soo much more than this….and your uniforms um…are wicked discusting

  4. This should not be considered instructional…. terrible technique all around, and no one has done a sweep cradle since the 80's YUCK

  5. thats not advanced ….wtf thats like beginner! and that wasnt even good i no 4 year olds that can do that way better then u! they can do 360s 2 the top! haha

  6. usually people just go into extention and twist down or just pop from there not go up go higher go back to prep and come down

  7. that was the first thing i did when i started at that age of 8 and i could probably do it better what was that at the end the flyer just jumped the bases didn't even throw her

  8. @lilionkilian stop acting like you are the best cheerleader on the planet, you were a biginer once to and those cradels were fine she could have ridden them better and snapped harder and at the end they do a sweep not a cradel so they are not trying to push her up very much and no lots of people would disagree with you!

  9. @lilionkilian ummm good 4 u but 4 girls who cheer @ lik ymcas or 4 middle or elementary schools it advanced 2 them so how bout u stfu and myob!

  10. @BlondieYamie2010 I know you wanna show off that your squad is good and all, but you have to give them a hand for just doing this. Most people find this advanced. If you don't, just don't watch the video.

  11. 1st.high V needs to be WAY tighter.2nd. that is in no way advanced ive practiced stunts w/ bein a flyer about 10 times n I learned mor than that n I also learned the right way.The flyer needs to be alot tighter.3rd. ACTUALLY its very important she does it RIGHT or else little kids will get the wrong idea on how to do what she was doing.LASt I watched this video thinking it was gonna be actually worth something therefore I cant tell the future and dont know if I like it until I WATCH it.THANKYOU

  12. to a middle school or youth rec. cheering tea this may be advanceed – but the flyer needs to stay wayyy tighter… and when they cradle its not very high – it may not be very advanced but to some younger teams it is.

  13. Not advanced. did this in middle school. and if you're concerned about safety you should take out your earrings and put your hair all the way up. =] I do love doing extensions though

  14. these are a bit messy. just sayin. the prep needs to be elevated more & bases need to use their legs more! flyer should slap down sharper on the cradle. 🙂 & why is the lady wearing earrings?! no jewelry while stunting! :p very dangerous haha.

  15. was not advanced at all and i hope noone used this to learn how to do that because you will have yer flyer on the ground if you do not use yer legs like those girls.

  16. It's not called advanced. It is called basic for a reason so shutup you dumbos! my team can do better too but maybe they just made the video to show ppl gosh!


  18. in my cheerleading group i am a flyer at the back and i do an elevator not extension but at the end we do single bases changing into an elevator which is quite tricky for the base in the single base stunt !!!!

  19. the bases should use their legs more and over extend and then settle at a prep! seems like they're muscling it up to a prep. and the flyer should slap down tighter/harder on the cradle. but it looks pretty clean overall!

  20. @hobocreep streght!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a base and have more flexiblity than my flyer and dont balance yourself let your bases take care of it

  21. Pop Cradle Ready 1 2 down up Extension ready 1 2 down up who actually sayswe just say ready 1 2 and cradle 1 2… like wth

  22. I was cracking up when i see this how old are they lmaooooooo this is soo funny i did more advanced stuff on my middle school cheer team! This is easier than easy

  23. I've been cheering for almost a year now and I learned this the very first time I stunted. I'm a backspot and I'm also a guy:) what u call a "prep" we call a half. and an "extension" is a full. They honestly sound like jv cheerleaders.

  24. ok i know nothing about cheerleading but that isnt advanced so change your title and i know its not advanced because u went to cheer leading practice with my friend one time to watch

  25. okay so the hoes in this video aren't using their legs at all to pop to an extension, they llook like they are barely getting up, and during the extension they are arching their backs which can cause lots of back problems.

  26. I can do a step up extintion and I'm in 7th grade this is easy the only thing I've not heard of is the sweep but that can go terabytes wrong by the looks of it cradles are better

  27. When they went up for the extension I was watching their hands and the flyers feet and I panicked because her foot was uneven on the side base side and that's how my flyer fell because her footing was uneven and the force was greater on one side

  28. Guys they’re just showing an example stop hating on them for showing beginner cheerleaders what it should look like

  29. In the extension the bases have to be touching each other and there not AND the flyers feet weren't even together Wich will cause the flyer to collapse so TECHNICALLY that's called improper stunting it's not the right way to stunt

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