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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting Techniques: The Prep & Cradle

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting Techniques: The Prep & Cradle

In this clip, the girls are going to perform
a prep followed by a dismount of a pop cradle. Now the prep is one of the most common stunting
techniques. It’s one of the first ones that you learn. The important thing about a prep
is that the bases really push straight up. We want everybody to go straight up, not sideways.
Another important thing about a prep is that the flier really gets herself up in the air
by pushing straight down on the shoulders of her bases. The back spot needs to help
by pushing up from the waist, not forward because we don’t want to throw the flier forward
and not pulling her back. Ready, five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven
eight, one two. Pop cradle, ready, one two, down up.

39 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting Techniques: The Prep & Cradle”

  1. You know what guys, this video is designed to teach not show off. The stunt is solid, there is no wobbling or shifting, just solid which is how every teams preps should be before they go on to harder stunts. I do agree that she didn't ride it. She should not have brought her arms down until she felt herself starting to come back down. She could have gotten more height if she did ride it, but they were teaching the tecnhique. Thanks expertvillage for the videos

  2. I know you guys are experienced ( really applaud you ) But what our team does if finish the count out until we clean idk why but oh well i still loved that this vid was organized and had a very clean half and cradle GREAT WORK GIRLS!! UR AWSOME CHEERLEADERS

  3. Last night at practice we were doing shift backspots and shift frontspots. Our second backspot had her hips and threw her forward. She fell splat on the ground. :L

  4. Can someone give me adivice because I just started cheering for not even 2 months and I'm base. My other base always looks at me and says why can't u cradle and god why can't u do it right. My esteem is crushed as well as my spirt. Also because I'm the base that bounces once, how can I get my flyer to go higher for cradle?

  5. i find it much easier for when i am popping to slap my legs (thighs) it helps lock them together an remediable out of anything else…

  6. did you call cradle? coz if you didnt they wouldntve known you was cradling. but if they werent looking it means theyre terrible bases ALWAYS WATCH THE FLYER

  7. if you are nine you dont need to be on youtube you should be playing with your barbies or eating candy or something

  8. Y'all did good, but it was just a little messy, don't forget to point you're toes.& keep you're legs straight.

  9. ive been trying to learn how to cradle for like a week, and i still can't get it πŸ™ and im the flyer :((

  10. + Angelyn Escalona I'm flyer here are some tips lock your legs.. look at somthing while your in a prep and while your cradling lock your legs hope this helps!β™‘

  11. I mess my cradle up as soon as my bases dip. :/ theyre either uneven or im just not getting prepared enough πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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