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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting: The Flatback

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting: The Flatback

In this stunt the girls are going to perform
a flatback, then they’re going to move into a prep, then from the prep the dismount will
be a walk off. The important thing about a flatback is that the flier’s back is very
straight and flat, and also that when you dismount from the flatback is that the bases
all push very hard to spring her forward. I’d like to point out a couple of things that
are important about this stunt. When the flier comes out of the flatback, you’ll notice that
her foot is still in the lead base’s hand. You’ll also notice that she has to catch her
own weight on the base’s shoulders, and it’s also very important that she double bounces
to get back up to really give herself some momentum. Five six seven eight. One two three
four five six seven eight, one two three four five six seven eight, one two three four five.
Walk down, ready.

31 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheer Stunting: The Flatback”

  1. omg, you girls are all so juvenile, have you seen the film mean girls, im a cheerleader in england and ive just started the first squad in spain, none of my girls behave like that. shocking

  2. depends on the sizes of ur team mates
    i just finished my 1st year of high school and hs cheer
    im 5/5 and 113 pounds
    i was a flyer,back,main base,secondary base and a front
    i was everything but u could get moved around quite a lot like i did
    but i did all star b4 so i knew what i was doing
    ull be fine=]

  3. I KNOW! I had to lift a short girl today (I'm a back) And she went up like a bag of cement. The tall girl always goes up so easy. I'd rather have an experienced on then a not. The short girl is not experienced at all!

  4. i am eleven years old and i am on a level 3 team and i just learnes how to do a full down and a toe touch basket toss it is more fun than it looks.

  5. that was very simple well maybe for me because im a cheerleader but i can do that right off the bat with my team mates.

  6. It doesn't take skill that's basic stuff! And te flyer drops her butt in the squish, and in her high-v her thumbs are sticking out! Sorry to say but I'm a beginning flyer and I can already do a sponge to flatback and back up to a lib in a pyramid and i'm 14….

  7. okay, i love how everyone has to pick out these people's flaws. we dont care if you can do this, some people find this really helpfull, maybe because they have to do it for there tryouts and need some tips. really? we dont care how you do it differently. i could pick out a milion flaws from this vid but im smart enough to keep my comment to myself because most people wouldn't even really care. and you should be thankful that they took the time to make this video. kaay(: bye.

  8. im a cheerleader and flying is horrible and scarey when they craddle u but baseing the flyer u can get hurt very easy because u can sprain ur wrist or anything

  9. well that sucked, i'm 13 my group for this is 10x better. that dead man that she did was horrible, and when my group does it she doesn't go back down and its a whole sequence with that and before that do a standing arch.

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