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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheerleading Stunts: Pop Cradle & Extensions

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheerleading Stunts: Pop Cradle & Extensions

In this stunt, we will be doing a prep followed
by a dismount of a pop cradle. As with all stunts, make sure that safety comes first.
Always use a mat when you’re first trying out a new stunt, and make sure you have people
to spot you. These girls are very experienced and they practice a lot. Make sure you do
too. Ready. Five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven eight, one two.
Pop cradle, ready, one two, down up. In this stunt, we will go from a prep to an extension,
back to a prep with a walk off dismount. It’s important to remember that when you do a walk
off dismount that we do not use gloves, that we use mittens. That means your thumbs are
pointing back for the people who are basing. As is always important, safety first. Make
sure you use mats when you’re first starting out and you have proper spotting techniques.
Ready, five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven eight, one two. Extension,
ready, one two, down up. Down, ready, one two. Walk off, one two.

82 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Cheerleading Stunts: Pop Cradle & Extensions”

  1. Gosh! i just started toping and im usually a base and i top better then that!
    and there walk off was really badd! yall need way more practice !!!!!

  2. They do an ok job at showing how to do it but what about safety. The flyer wasn't tight, and the have earings and hair down. I am a freshman cheerleader and i'm a base and flyer and im not trying to be concieted but i can do better

  3. What happened to the front? I haven't done alot of cheerleading but I thought that they where important…

  4. why do they have earrings in and why is the flyer's hair down? i never put in one foot at a time either. maybe for a lib, but not a prep.

  5. when the flyer came down from the extension, it just looked messy and unorganized. just do a bump down! it looks a lot cleaner. and why did she put one foot in at a time for a prep? jw.

  6. straight up extensions rather than press up from a prep are always easier to me, but maybe that's just me, anyone else think that?

  7. not to be mean but.. the bases ekpt breaking 90 and they should have picked bases that were closer to the same hieght when in an extension the flyer was soo uneven i feel srry for her but she stayed tight that was good!

  8. i just started out and im a flyer and i did cradle on the first lesson i was abit shakey but im good at the walk off

  9. To everyone saying they've done this, doesn't this say for basic? That means beginning, don't watch it if you can already do it, or don't complain that you've done this before. They put it up as a video to help people, stop criticizing, go watch something else if you have a problem.

  10. the flyer looks too shaky. I mean she's older than me, and I'm a 13 yr old 8th grade cheerleader, and I never shake on my preps (or elevators, whatever you wanna call them)

  11. did anyone else see the blonde bases foot when the did the mitten dismount thing its like turned?! Why didn't she fix her foot!!??

  12. "make sure u hv ppl 2 spot u"
    Noo duh!
    Ya I'm jus gonna fly in the air all by myself!
    Ohhh another quote by expertvillage

  13. im so scared in cheerleading tommarow they want to cradle me!! but i trust my team a 100% but i am scared!! wish me luck

  14. make a heart with hand say your crushes name kiss your fake heart put it to your real one post on 2 other vids tomorrow will be ur best day ever

  15. Why isn't the backspot holding the ankles in the extension. Holding the wrists isn't very supportive to the flyer

  16. I'm sorry but in the extension why did they pop with their arms? LEGS LADIES LEGS!!!! SHE'S MORE HEAVY WITH YOU NOT POPPING HER WITH YOUR LEGS!!! And backspot needs to hold her ankles. Jeez

  17. Sometimes when the backs are too short it's actually better for them to grab the wrists. It's more supportive to the flyer as she's not being pulled because the back is too short. It happens to me all the time.

  18. its illegal for the back spot to hold under the flyers feet in a extension your supposed to hold the ankles

  19. I started today. I now im not advanced but I think that the flyer should lock her knees a bit more and the landing should be less wobbly

  20. Omg this was soo bad my team is level 0 (its a trainingteam so we dont compeat) we can do that sooooo much better

  21. i’m sorry but that was literally the worst way to get the flyer down from the prep after extension. if you’re gonna get her down like that, have a front spot do that instead of the bases LETTING GO of the foot

  22. their pop could be higher, flights needs to close her legs and bases need to be at an even level and be closer. Also to make it worse during the press up extension it was all arms and no legs, that's why she was wobbling a little, because the bases didn't have enough power from their legs. also in the elevator they could of gone much higher, before resting it on their chest, sorry but her feet didn't even go above their eyes. I'm sorry i feel as if there are a lot of things they could improve upon

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