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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Moves & Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Moves & Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting

In this stunt, the girls will perform a double
base thigh stand into a hitch at which time they will go back into a double base thigh
stand and then the dismount will be a walk off. It’s important to remember that you can
do this with or without a back base. But if you’re going to do it without a back base
you need to be experienced and use mats. Alright for a double base thigh stand what we’re going
to do are the bases are going to step in, me being with the right foot in, her being
with her left foot in, and our feet are going to be directly like this, OK? We’re going
to squat and we want to create a good pocket for the flier to step into. So go ahead and
step in. We’re going to grab around, hold the ankle, go ahead and step up, grab around
hold the ankle. She’s going to hit a high V. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
grab her foot. She’s going to put all of her weight into that base, and we’re going to
hitch. Ready one two, hitch. At which time I turn face forward. Coming down and walk
off. Mittens and step, clean.

10 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Moves & Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting”

  1. That's called a thigh stad!Not double base! Double base is Like a Prep with a difforent name… U know Under the chin. were are u getting double base from?? And were are u getting back base from?? Lol… We call it a Third…Nice job tho.

  2. ok, dear everyone saying this is soo easy and you learned this when you were way younger, then why are yu watching a HOW TO video ?!?!

  3. U have to admit it does look pretty easy but even though it may look that way, it still can be complicated and you still can get hurt…just sayin

  4. @smileymiley130 never heard of any of those either but a calling someone a back or back base is suuuper common, in fact, i've never heard anyone call them a third..

  5. ok well dont say this is easy because its not,….im basically 11 years old.. and im in my schools cheerleading squad….with a saracens coach, ive been a flyer and its harder than it looks.. plus you have to keep tight so you easier 2 carry, ive been a base and it is hard 2 carry someone on your thigh!!, back is the easiest job in this but if your flyer falls then you will need 2 step up as a back!! yes it looks easy but things arent always what they look like

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