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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Positions for Cheer Stunting

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Positions for Cheer Stunting

In this video we’re going to discuss base
positions for stunting in cheerleading. It’s really important that all of the bases know
their positions and all of the fliers know exactly what they’re expected to do for safety.
We’re going to go over the base positions for a prep, an extension and a thigh stand.
And it’s also important to remember that the bases have eye contact with one another and
always have good communication. In most stunting you have three positions. We have a back spot,
or base, a flier, and either one base or two bases. And sometimes you can even have a front
spot. What we’re going to show you first is how the back spot will hold the flier. They’re
going to want to grab her at her waist and hold tight. Your job is to really lift her
up, OK? For the flier, what your job is to hold your weight. You want to shrug, pinch
a penny, anything you can. Hold your own weight up. For the bases, we’re going to go ahead
a show you a single base thigh stand first. Base will go ahead and make a nice large lunge,
back leg straight, front leg bent, OK? Once again, you want to create that nice good pocket
for the flier to step into. Fliergo ahead and put your foot in, OK? The spot is holding
on, nice and tight, never letting go. Fliers hands are on the shoulders ready to push up.
That’s very important. OK, ready? So let’s go ahead and stand up. Ready, one two down
up. OK, come on down. OK, now we’re going to go ahead and do the elevator. What this
means is we’re going to have two bases. We’re going to have a back spot and a flier. What
the bases are going to do is we’re going to squat with our legs. Have good sturdy position
to really get her up there, OK? Bases really need to have good eye contact. It’s important
to also have about the same height. If you don’t have the same height, the taller person’s
going to have to have their legs a little further apart or the shoulder more together,
because you really want to be about the same level. One way to check this out is to put
your arms up to see where they are to know how far your feet should be apart. OK, what
we’re going to do is we’re going to clap on one two, we’re going to go down on three four,
I’m going to get the foot, and then we’re going to do a double bounce, then the flier’s
going to put the foot in the other base’s hand we’re going to bounce, absorb, or sponge
if you call it and then come up to a prep, OK? So we’re going to go ahead and try that.
Five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven eight. Good. Let’s go ahead and
walk off, do the mittens and step off. OK. Next we’re going to talk about the extension.
The extension can start from ground up where you start from here and bring it all the way
up to the top, or you can start from a prep and just go up. What we’re going to do here,
is you’re going to have the bases already in the prep, we’re going to start with that
position. Our eyes are connected here, we’re going to look at each other, make sure we’re
in good communication, we know that the flier is ready, the back spot’s ready. We’re going
to go ready, one two, down up. OK? Sometimes you can do it faster, sometimes you can do
it slower, depending on you and your partner’s speed. OK? Once you’re up there, you have
a choice of either popping or sweeping. For a sweep what you’re going to do is on the
count, ready one two you’re going to push the feet forward which is kind of scary, but
don’t worry, make sure you catch her, we’re going to catch and release. For a pop what
we’re going to do, is we’re going to be up here, and you’re going to bend your knees
slightly and really push. You really, it’s really really important to use your legs.
Here we go, ready, pop, one two down up catch release and same thing from prep, pop cradle
ready. One two down up, catch release. It’s really important to really explode any time
you pop.

17 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Positions for Cheer Stunting”

  1. How come obese people are cheerleaders in this video? Well one of them is not so obese but it seems as if this video were trying to send a meesage to the audience…

  2. i know whatcha saying
    i was a sidebase and a flyer b4
    my flyer twisted on 2 my face and i was the only 1 2 catch her but she landed on top of me on the ground
    i now have a herniated disc in my thoracic spine and cant do any cheer

  3. OMG take this down! This is NOT good cheerleading instruction!! So much poor technique, especially that sweep…. it went out in the 80's when ppl realized how dangerous it was!

  4. haha same here except im not 13 im 16 lol and ive done all those positions at least once tooo but i think im gonna stick with flying now:))

  5. The sweep is way to dangerous. Why would they even teach something on a beginer video that was not even legal in any level that I am aware of. Also, if this is going to be beginner, you should start with pop downs. Its bad for the top girls knees but that is not as bad as other possible injuries. Start with the basics! Level 1!

  6. I love cheerleading! I'm 13 and I weight 83.6 pounds! tats why i'm the flyer…… I wanted to try out as a backspot and base, but my friends juz give me a weird look and they say i'm too small. but size does not matter for bases, right??

  7. I think this video would be much more interesting if these young ladies were all wearing string bikinis instead of tiresome cheer outfits.

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