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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting

Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting

In this stunt, the girls will perform a double
base thigh stand. With a double base thigh stand, it’s important that both of the bases
have their feet together and that they have a good pocket for the flier to step into.
It’s also really important for the flier to have strong arms and strong legs and straighten
up so that they hold their own weight up and help the bases. This is really one of the
first stunts that any young flier and any young bases will ever perform. OK, for a double
base thigh stand, we are going to have the bases interlock their feet just like so, I’m
bringing my right foot in, she’s bringing her left foot in. We’re going to squat and
make a good pocket for our flier to put her foot in. Let’s go ahead and put our foot in
one, you’re going to grab at the toe, hold at the knee, OK? Push up. Same thing on that
side, grab at the toe. She has straight legs, she’s holding her weight, she’s shrugging
up with her shoulders. Go ahead and hit a high V. To walk down we’re going to dismount
with our mittens, mittens and step off catching under the armpits. Here we go.

10 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Thigh Stands in Cheer Stunting”

  1. wow thats gay we do way harder stunts then that and you don't need a backspot for a thigh stand i agree with "spoilmetinkerbell"

  2. Arent u supposed to put ur hands more above the knee cuz if its on the knee then the kneecap could pop out if bases fall and grab the flyers need it has happened before so watch out for that!!!

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