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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Basic Cheerleading Positions

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Basic Cheerleading Positions

Another core factor to cheerleading are hitting
your motions and angles perfectly. That is where you’re going to get all of your cheers
down and get all of your team started. We’re going to start out by teaching you that by
hitting a high V. A high V is when your arms are straight up. You have little cinnamon
rolls, which when you put your hands in fists you get a little cinnamon roll like that.
That’s what we call it. High Vs go right here in front of you like that. Low Vs dropping
right back down beside you. Same thing right in front of you. Next, we’re going to do a
goal post, which is straight up right by your ears. You want to keep it super tight. All
of these are great motions that are going to help you to get where you need to be. Next,
we’re going to do a T. T goes straight in front of you like that. Arms are always locked
out and super straight. Next, we’re going to do broken T. Broken T comes right back
in front of your chest just like that. Little cinnamon rolls now. That’s what we call. It’s
when you turn your hand hand from that big cinnamon roll back down to your little cinnamon
roll. Next is called water buckets. Water buckets go straight out in front of you, palms
down facing the ground, and just wrists. You always want to keep those arms locked down
and tight. The next thing is called daggers. Daggers go right here near your chin kind
of. You want to keep it super tight. When you do these motions, you’re going to feel
all of your arm muscles tightened because you’re going to want to keep it super tight
to your body. Now we’re doing our left and right Ks. For the left K, your left hand is
going to go right up in the big cinnamon roll position. Your right arm is going to go straight
down in front of you like this with your little cinnamon roll facing that way. Right K is
the same thing as the left except for your arms are switched. The right arm goes straight
up with the big cinnamon roll and your left arm goes right down into the little cinnamon
roll. Now we’ll do our right and left Ls. Your left L, your right arm is punched straight
up next to your ear, and your left arm is out like your T that you did already. It’s
going to be super tight so when you push there’s no movement. For your left T, you switch it
around. Your left arm goes straight up and your right arm is now at that T. Same thing,
keep those arms super tight and all of this will help you become a perfect cheerleader.

32 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Basic Cheerleading Positions”

  1. OH MY GOD !!! Stop showing people how to do the wrong things. The girl talking is doing the motions wrong! She is pulling up in her shoulders! Her daggers are to close together… wrong wrong wrong!! And it is called a fist! Not cinnamon rolls. She shouldn't be talking about cinnamon rolls!

  2. our team uses: little tootsie rolls and big tootsie rolls
    golalpost: touchdown
    our buckets are like a goal post but they straight down,and there called bucket handels

  3. This is so super helpful! I've been asked to run a 2-week cheer camp for 5- 8 year olds and I'm not a cheerleader! Thanks, girls. 🙂

  4. the only thing idontlike about that video was that she said knowing those make the perfect cheerleader but honestly a perfect cheerleader is charasmatic, energetic, unique, with good jumps, clean and put together, a good represenative and leader, and a cheerleader with confidence and the love for cheering…. not just knowing the basic of basic in cheer will make you perfect.

  5. I memeoied it Like a Song= High v, low v, broken t, t ,goal post dagger And That's how you be! Hope this helps you remember the basics

  6. Yes!!! Even though I'm in eigth grade i've been in dance and gymnastics since 4 and cheer since 6th. If this is your first time don't I REPEAT DON'T take if to hard just try!! DON'T TENSE UP!!!!! stay calm and dont think to much about it!!!

  7. Do a high V and Low V i will kind of tell you the chant this is all i remember high v low v hole t half t touch down yeh

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